Russian descent president?

U.S. presidents throughout the history had a lot of influence from their foreign born parents. lot of them were second-generation immigrants and were shown by their surnames. But how possible could the U.S. have a Russian descent president? I'm not talking about like person that has very far relatives that were legit immigrants but like as I said a child of immigrant parents like people who were in political scenes such as Barrack Obama, Paul Tsongas, Mike Dukakis, etc. I know that second-generation Russian-American would have to come from an immigrant metropolitan area probably like NYC or Chicago and that it would be more possible post-1945 since the migration from Russia pretty much became big after 1900. How would this culturally impact the U.S.? What would it look like in Cold War era or Post Cold War era to have a Russian descent head of state?
It makes a big difference here whether you are referring only to ethnic Russians or include Russian Jews. Many well-known American politicians have been of Russian Jewish descent (although very often from parts of the Russian Empire that are now in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, or Poland).
Probably the criterion could be someone who, if asked his ethnicity and assuming he wasn't trying to "pass" in Christian society, would answer that he was Russian.

Nick P

Somebody whose parents or grandparents left the Soviet Union on the grounds of political differences. White Russians, Ukrainians, Cossacks etc.
Or maybe they were definitely non-Communist and had no place in that society but did very well in US City or State politics. Their children could follow in those footsteps and go further, like the Kennedy tribe.

Think about Igor Sikorsky - he openly admitted to being of Russian/Ukraine heritage yet his aircraft firm is still going strong in the US today.
Senator and Defense Secretary William Cohen seems to be the most prominent recent US politician with notable Russian lineage. But he rejected any real ethnic tradition and embraced general American northeastern values, converting from Judaism for example. Most other major candidates have similar situations, where they identify as American-Jewish over specifically Russian - Sanders, Feingold, and Ben Cardin, for example. Given OTL immigration patterns, there are far more Russian Jewish descendants than Russian Orthodox, so they often find greater community in Judaism than Russian groups. Orthodox Russians are more recent on average, with the post Cold War migration wave, which means their native born children aren’t old enough to be President.

So, avoid the Cold War is a bigger change likely needed for real opportunities.