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(Ovchinnikov in a sparring match)
Name: Alexander Yevgenievich Ovchinnikov
Nationality: Russian
Ethnicity: Russian 75%, Ukrainian 20%, Other 5%
Brief Physical Description: 6'1", 208lbs, (1.85m and 94.3kg respectively). 28 with Dark Blonde hair and light blue eyes.
Brief Bio: (Born; 23-6-2005) Born in Izhevsk, As a youth, got a job at a factory, joined the VDV at 19 (2024-2030), and attended a technical school in manufacturing in Kazan. A Russian nationalist, he votes United Russia party-line. He got into activism during his twenties, becoming a party member of United Eurasia.
Main Goal: To see Russia become the premier world power again.
Secondary Goals:
  • See the Russian army involved in more foreign operations
  • See relations with America normalised
  • Chinese Communism destroyed
  • Russian industry turning
  • Functioning Space program again (for the betterment of Russia and just for national pride.
Stances: A Nationalist who wants to see Russia loom over Europe again, he has many "Right Wing" stances on social issues, but is heavily left (but not a communist). He hates monarchy/monarchs, but seeing that they have relatively little power soothed his temper. He supports the death penalty, but only for 'heinous crimes' as he calls them (rape, murder, pedophilia). He does not support abortion of any kind, believing that Russians need to have children to 'outbreed' the Europeans.

Slight edit: Changed the date of leaving VDV from (20230->2030) because Ovchinnikov has not spent 20,000 years in the army.
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Name: Luca Bastoni
Nationality: Italy
Ethnicity: 50% Italian, 50% Greek
Brief Physical Description: 6 ft 1 inches tall, 83 kg
Brief Bio:
Born on the 14th May of the 1971, Luca Bastoni was raised was in Vasto and is half Greek on his mother's side. Despite being born into a family of Republicans, Bastoni would from an early age ironically would find a fascinating interest in the former Italian Monarchy though was often mocked by many for such impossible views. These views would be put on the back burner following his marriage to his teenage sweetheart, Isobelle Meret, in 1999. However following the purple wave across Europe, his dreams of seeing a restored Italian monarchy were brought to life and he would join the small Monarchist Alliance party with the hope of rising to the top and use what is left of the purple wave to bring out what many would say is an impossible dream.
Main Goal: To restore the Italian Monarchy as a Constitutional Monarchy.
Secondary Goals:
  • To start up Monarchist feelings in Italy.
  • Make the Monarchist Alliance a larger party in Italian politics.
  • To try and reduce the infamous North/South divide in Italy.
  • Hope's to see Italy's economy grow and become a country with a larger say on the world.
Stances: Despite his Monarchist views, he does hold onto a lot of his parents' liberal views such as parliament still having most of the power, Pro LGBTQ and for everyone in Italy to have an equal degree of opportunity that he feels with the latter that many of the main Italian parties fail to do this.
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Name: Matt Vesey
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: 50% English 25% Swedish 25% Polish
Brief Physical Description: Of medium height (about 5'8"), about 165 lbs. Brown hair, brown eyes, large eyebrows. Wears contacts.
Brief Bio: Born 12/12/2003, in Hartford, Connecticut. He became involved in local activism during the 2020s while at Dartmouth, and was particularly concerned about climate change. He was elected to the city council in the late 2020s, and to Congress from his home district in the early 2030s, winning due to his promises of "new ideas" and tireless door-to-door campaigning.
Main Goal: Fighting climate change
Secondary Goals:
1. Ensuring American primacy abroad
2. Healthcare access for all Americans
3. Ensuring voting rights for all Americans
4. Comprehensive infrastructure and redevelopment programs to ease the transition away from a manufacturing-based economy.
Stances: Congressman Vesey is a center-left Democrat, and one of the 'rising stars' of the party. He is socially liberal, supporting LGBTQ+ rights, women's rights, civil rights, criminal justice reform, and the like, and fiscally moderate, supporting welfare, healthcare, fighting climate change, and government spending. He is known as something of a hawk in the House, viewing Russia as a primarily destabilizing force, and is generally supportive of France and Israel. He is also well-regarded for his speeches and his ability to get along with the Republicans, though he's also known for a sharp temper.
I hope this isn't too specific. I can change it if it is.
Picture: N/A

Name: Aaron Tanudjaja

Nationality: Australian

Ethnicity: Chinese-Indonesian

Brief Physical Description: Wears glasses.

Brief Bio: Born on April Fools, 1999 in Melbourne, Australia. He’s currently serving in the Australian Army as an M1A1 Abrams tank crewman.

Main Goal: Get promoted to squadron tank commander.

Secondary Goals: To ensure Australian hegemony in the Oceania region. To balance the Australian-American relationship. To develop the Australian economy and industry to become less dependent on outsourcing for manufacturing.

He’s a center-right, but center-left on certain issues. He’s ambivalent towards the Australian Monarchism v. Republicanism debate. He fully supports Australian military assistance for the Commonwealth invasion of Zimbabwe but opposes Australian military assistance for the American invasion of Iraq. He fully supports LGBT Rights. He fully supports the development of renewable energy to make Australia less dependent on non-renewable energy. He supports Australian industry using Australian factories and Australian workers. In certain circumstances, he supports abortion rights. And in certain circumstances, he supports the reinstatement of the death sentence.

(Karen Gillan)
Name: Emma Borisovna Trifonova
Nationality: Russian
Ethnicity: Russian
Brief Physical Description: Emma is a tall girl around 5'10 to 5'11 in height with medium-long red hair and a somewhat muscular build. She also has light-brown eyes.
Brief Bio: Emma Borisovna Trifonova was born to an upper-middle class family (her parents were mid-level bureaucrats turned senior managers for a private company) on March 5, 1992. From a young age, Emma would be someone who displayed great intelligence and a love of the sciences and humanities. In addition, she would also be someone who would excel at athletics at school. However, despite this, Emma would feel empty inside due to the pressure that her parents put her through and would seek solace in reading heavily on politics to give her purpose in the world and afterwards, became a supporter of the Eurasian Unioninist Party, being part of the youth wing of the party as she becomes a college student in 2010.
Main Goal: To achieve her dream of shaping the world (and making Russia great) either in politics or in business, if not both.
Secondary Goals:
  1. See herself qualify for the Olympics and possibly win a medal.
  2. Graduate from college.
  3. Support the development of science and technology in Russia along with modernization of Russia's economy
  4. Become a major leader of the Eurasianist Union Party.
  5. See a Russian-led Eurasian bloc become the greatest power in the world.
  6. Assist the most disadvantaged peoples of Russia through social welfare, increasing opportunities for them to advance in society, and providing them with equal rights.
  7. Tackle climate change.
  8. See ties between the members of the Eurasian Union State strengthened.
Stances: Emma Trifonova is a passionate Eurasianist and thus joined the youth wing of Lebed's Eurasianist Union Party. As such, she believes that Russia should become the leader of what she sees as the "Eurasian world". However, despite her Eurasianism and belief Russia is the greatest nation in the world, has liberal, even progressive, stances on social issues, believing in strengthening federalism and championing the rights of the disadvantaged. When it comes to the economic sphere, she believes that Russia must become a leader in high technology and that there should be some state direction of the economy but that the free market should be left alone as long as competition or workers' rights aren't violated. Also loves big megaprojects as well.
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Name: Perevalova Innokentievna (formerly Yuri Innokentiev, I don't know the capacity in which trans people can formally change their names in TTL Russia)
Nationality: Russian
Ethnicity: Russian father, Kazakh mother
Brief Physical Description: 170cm, slight build, black shag cut hair, brown eyes, prosthetic right leg, has been on HRT for two years as of 2008
Brief Bio: Born 5th August 1980 in Volgograd. As a child, had membership in the Little Octobrists, and later in school took interest in Russian literature and in philosophy. Her father shot himself in 1994 after losing his metalworking job in the Yeltsin years and developing an alcohol addiction. Spent a few years working at a warehouse for All-Russia Black Sea Port company, then joined the army and participated in the 2002 Georgia war, being honourably discharged after having her lower right leg destroyed by a grenade she knelt on to protect her squad. She then went to Russian State University for the Humanities to do a degree on political philosophy, writing her paper on the Russian constitutional reforms since 1991. It was here that she began to more openly explore her gender identity, leading to her coming out as a trans woman in 2005, losing many of her friends from childhood and the army in the process, but her mother gradually came to accept her. She also started entering politics, joining the campaign for the official casualty toll for the Chernobyl disaster to be revised and compensation distributed. This has expanded to work protesting perceived overreaches of domestic security policy and of the government/constitutions anti-democratic elements, raising awareness of peoples political and economic rights, and assisting with a public pressure campaign in the vote to adopt the Declaration of Indigenous People's Rights. As of 2008 she runs a political blog that is rapidly gaining in traffic, with videos she made during the 2008 US election cycle about President Guliani's time as Mayor of New York and the American political response to 9/11, and of the history of LGBT rights in Lenin's and Stalin's Soviet Union, both going viral in both Russia and the West. People who know her tend to agree that with her war hero status, political record, and her personal charisma and empathy to regular people she meets, she has the potential to reach the Duma if she commits to a political career, if she could overcome or sidestep the nation's overall lukewarm-to-hostile feelings toward trans people. She might join the ranks of an existing party, but the major ones vaguely compatible with her have issues (she's spent her career criticising Yabloko figures, the Communists are too statist and seem a sinking ship, and EUP are just too centrist on domestic policy). She might join the Greens and become within it a relatively strong figure for foreign policy, matters on the constitution and security law to help it grow out of its niche as an environmentalist party, or she might co-found a new, progressive Eurasianist party with likeminded allies to cater to a reaction against overt religiosity and the anti-market sentiment of the post-financial crash world, while accepting moderate monarchism.

Main Goal: For Russia to continue to socially liberalise and have its democracy strengthened.
Secondary Goals:
1. Increase support for a cooperative-based economy and reduce wealth inequality, moving the Russian economic leftwing away from its statist past.
2. Have Russia continue improving links with Europe, to both reduce Russia's defence commitment in the West and import West Europes values of strong human rights.
3. Shift the focus of national policy to maintain demographics away from a reliance on restricting abortion and towards inviting immigration and a France-style programme of natal care that compensates and assists women for having children. Have the government take a role in the Egypt refugee crisis as part of this goal.
4. Support the reforming and liberalising of the Middle East, ideally by diplomatic and economic means rather than attempting to do so by military force, particularly helping reformist and human rights groups in Iran.
5. Promote secular/humanist thought, combat religious fundamentalism and extremism. Stop and ideally reverse Russia's growing religiosity.
6. That Eurasia, Europe, and the new Middle East form a "progressive triangle" alliance to counter the US and the growing China.
7. Have Russia detach itself from the alliance with China as it solidifies these other alliances. Look to Africa for trade and investment opportunities to replace China's economic role with Russia and to counter Chinese influence there (forming a pact in this regard with Britain and maybe France if possible/necessary).

Stances: Pro-democracy, and pro-social liberty. Rights for women, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ, and disabled and mental health victims. In private she is sympathetic to market socialism, but watching the fall in popularity of the Communist party she, for now, projects a more moderate position. She hates neoliberalism, considering its outcomes the thing that destroyed her father, and is by extension prejudiced against the US political class for submitting Russia and others to 'shock therapy'. She isn't against wars that would combat reactionism and advance progressivism, but she has admitted to friends in private that in the situation where a political cause she joins in the future adopts an anti-war position, she'll probably accept defending that position even if she disagreed with it, in order to protect that causes reputability as a movement patriotic to Russia (it's harder to argue when the war hero says a war will be bad). She sees China's rise to become a rival to the US as inevitable, and wants to avoid the world being divided between the capitalist, conservative Christian America and the autocratic party-state of China, so that, in addition to her mixed background, makes her sympathetic to Eurasianism. While her political instincts ward her off from taking a confrontational and abrasive stance against people being religious in general, she is dedicated to minimising religions role in politics as much as she can, and wishes to consign it to an increasingly private role. She also has no emotional investment in the monarchy, but accepts it as a harmless status quo and perceives it as useful in reducing, in a small way, the allure of highest-level politics to narcissists.
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We can make our own OCs? That's pretty neat but...I'll turn it down if only because, while I have many an OC over my 10+ years as a Forum RPer, I don't think I can come up with someone for a modern setting.
Chapter 58 - April 2009
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Perevalova Innokentievna's Blogpost!

April 30, Kazan, Czardom of Russia

- I am glad to announce that I have finally joined a political alliance and party! I have been in contact with the Green Party of Russia and the leader of the party, Alexey Lushnikov, and we have come to an agreement regarding my ascension to the party. I am happy to announce that I will also be standing up in the 2012 Russian Legislative Elections and I hope to gain a seat in the Duma in the resulting elections. I have great hopes for the Green party and I hope I can fulfill the expectations made of me in the Green Party and the political spectrum of Russia.

Of course, as a part of the Green Party, I will be conducting a lot of awareness programs regarding Climate Change. The Greens and I am in agreement that we need to sponsor and continue the former government's environmental policies. Despite my.....less than stellar relation with the Yabloko Party, I agree on the ground level in regards to their environmental policies. As a LGBT, as well, this is a great and momentous day for me and the entire Russian political world and realm. I intend to end the political ambivalence that we have in Russia in regards to LGBT people and communities and instead render our country pro-LGBT. As a part of the modern world, I believe this is necessary for the betterment of Russia and its people.

Of course old viewers and readers of this blog will know my political stances, however as a part of a new political party, I believe it is time for me review them and write them down again.

First and foremost my main goal and my main objective is to strengthen the growing democratic culture in Russia. Our autonomous governments need to have their power refined, and our government needs to be even more democratic. Direct elections in Okrugs are still an iffy position today and I hope to counter that.

Of course other than that I have a wide-ranging variety of political opinions so to speak. In regards to the Monarchy, I am ambivalent towards the whole institution. I do not have any emotional investment in it, however as it serves as a unifying force for the nation's multi-ethnic society and as it continues to remain one of Russia's most identifying features in the international arena, I tentatively support the continuation of the monarchy. (WHEW! I know my monarchist allies are sighing breathes of relief right now reading this! I am looking at you Ivan!).

In regards to our demographics, the current stimulus we have in the population will not last forever. And whilst population has grown, it is already slowing down somewhat, in regards to the baby boom. What we need is for more immigration reform. The French model has grown to become extremely successful, at least in France, and I hope to recreate that in Russia. Russian language quotas, Natal reform etc to lead the demographic path of Russia into the future.

Talking about this, I must enter foreign policy. I support the ongoing friendly relations with Europe. I also believe that America, and the rising dragon of China should not be trusted. Both are growing enemies of the state, even if we do not realize so in regards to the latter. We have the Eurasian Union, working together, and growing closer everyday. And we have our own allies in the Middle East and Africa. We can carve out a new bloc, free of American ideals and Chinese ideals, and instead showing a new 'Eurasian' ideal, so to speak. And if becoming closer to Europe can make Europe more independent of the USA, then that is also something we must do. Who knows? Maybe we can get an ally in mainland Europe in the future?

All in all, I am very hopeful for the future, and I hope that you guys, who have been with me since the start of my blogging days, can be here to help me through it!

- Perevalova 🇷🇺


as a sidenote and small gift to my TL's viewers:-



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Thank you for using my OC! Though if it's alright, might I provide some feedback on how I would've imagined her making this post?

Of course, as a part of the Green Party, I will be conducting a lot of awareness programs regarding Climate Change. The Greens and I am in agreement that we need to sponsor and continue the former government's environmental policies. Despite my.....less than stellar relation with the Yabloko Party, I agree on the ground level in regards to their environmental policies.
I expect that much of the purpose of the Green Party is in pushing the government to act more radically on climate change than it otherwise would, I don't see it as a good sign in her admission to the party for her to imply that her stance on climate change is that Yabloko's policies are good enough. Climate policy is really at the margins of her interests, I don't see her having a reason to not mostly adopt the party line. Perhaps instead she can say she hopes to build upon the work that the Greens have already helped to make possible?
As a LGBT, as well, this is a great and momentous day for me and the entire Russian political world and realm. I intend to end the political ambivalence that we have in Russia in regards to LGBT people and communities and instead render our country pro-LGBT.
First off, I don't imagine anybody saying "As a LGBT", if pressed on her gender identity she would probably refer to herself as a trans woman. Secondly, and I probably should have gone into it in her stances section, but I think in her context, now that she's trying to get elected, she wouldn't try to bring direct attention to the fact she's trans. For all she knows, she might be sent out to try and get elected to a single-member district seat which doesn't happen to be dominated by liberal, pro-LGBT urban areas. The sad fact is that she would undoubtedly be criticised for "playing identity politics" and be stereotyped as only caring about that one thing if she at all emphasised that part of herself (I wouldn't doubt that some of her opponents would try to go that no matter what). I see her being professional but unashamed about her identity when asked about it by the media or anybody else, but always insisting that she's more interested in serving her constituents rather than in breaking any ceilings. If her opponents obsess over it, then they're the ones playing identity politics rather than offering solutions to the people they're be representing, and by that she might yet conquer. She would try to mention the cause of LGBT rights only in the wider context of social justice, saying it in the same breath as ethnic minority rights, women's rights, disabled rights, and so on.
First and foremost my main goal and my main objective is to strengthen the growing democratic culture in Russia. Our autonomous governments need to have their power refined, and our government needs to be even more democratic. Direct elections in Okrugs are still an iffy position today and I hope to counter that.
This doesn't really say much, and people would expect more from somebody who literally studied the constitution. She makes something of a criticism of the current system, but then doesn't offer anything to replace it with. I'm sorry if I've forgotten it being specified before, but how exactly does the electoral system work as of 2008? In any case, this would be good to mention a proposed reform which becomes a larger issue later on in the timeline; perhaps an introduction of more proportional representation if Russia's election system doesn't have it already, or maybe, as a big bugbear for Perevalova, reform of the FSB (with an eventual, perhaps privately-held, end goal of reducing it down to a role similar to that of Germany's Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, a small and controllable security agency that is dedicated to the defence of democracy against extremists). It also helps if she could mention other Greens that share the said proposal, so it doesn't look like she's getting too big for her boots as a party newbie.
Talking about this, I must enter foreign policy. I support the ongoing friendly relations with Europe. I also believe that America, and the rising dragon of China should not be trusted. Both are growing enemies of the state, even if we do not realize so in regards to the latter.
I don't know what the Green Party's official line is regarding foreign policy, but whatever it is I'm betting that this is too extreme a statement for a member, particularly a brand new one with no elected office, to be making if she wants to remain in the good books of the party leadership. Yes, she wants Russia independent of reliance on China eventually, but she knows that right now China is a significant military and economic ally, and she would be criticised as a softheaded lunatic who wants to tear up Russia's security on these comments alone. She can make her point about her priorities by saying something like "Our environmental projects in Eurasia has proven our shared potential with the continuing growth of our union with our neighbours. Europe is a bastion of environmentalism and of individual liberties, and our differences should not get in the way of our shared goals. Finally, our allies in the Middle East and in Africa have shown great progress in their economic and social development, and Russia's mission should be to build a peaceful and prosperous world with them." No mention of China, no mention of America, the relatively few people paying that much attention would understand her implication, but won't be able to criticise her in the way they could if she was overtly confrontational.