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This is currently the map of the world in 2004.
Small suggestion: I think you should include a bold border color around the members of Union of Eurasian State to make the geopolitics on the map a bit clearer.
All of this is going to worry the West quite a bit, though for the time being it can just introduce OTL upgrades sooner. Maybe M1A3 actually goes ahead?

The French and British both had concepts of 5th generation fighters. If the Russian project's for the same never stopped here I'd put it as highly probable to see France developing a Rafale follow-on, probably one engined like Dassault FACE TTL, along even more radical upgrades on Rafale than the current F4. And the current European and Japanese 6th generation projects should be ahead by at least 5-10 years in their development.
I feel like Sudan might get sanctions lifted TTL soon and see real economic growth given agricultural wealth and resource wealth with help from Russian firms.
Though the TTL Russian government uses Rhine capitalism, because a Technocratic nature also, the government reminds me of Singapore in a way, I could see Grigory Yavlinsky having a similar legacy with Lee Kuan Yew when bringing their relatively mediocre economies into a economic powerhouse, but this a much larger scale.

Similarly technocratic and soft power focused, with a much “softer” authoritarianism compared with Putinism.

Both also were pro welfare too and had popular support from that, improving living standards.

A similar cultural policy could help given both Russia and Singapore are diverse.
Chapter 24: Politics and Military Hardware
Chapter 24: Politics and Military Hardware


The Euro News

PASOK wins Greek Legislative Elections. George Papendreou becomes Prime Minister

April 7th, 2004

In a major upset for the New Democracy Liberal Conservative political party led by Kostas Karamanlis, the Pan Hellenic Socialist Movement has retained its position as the forerunner in Greek politics as George Papendreou has managed to retain the power of the party in Greek politics. He ran on a platform of new social security and allow the Greek economy to grow further. Karamanlis has stated that in opposition, he would do everything in his power to make sure that power is not abused by the continuous PASOK rule over Greece.


Greek Parliamentary seats:-

PASOK: 165 seats (green)

New Democracy (blue): 117

Communist Party of Greece (red): 12

Syriza (pink): 6

George Papendreou has promised a new era of Greek culture, economics and geopolitics which he has assured will be one that will be extremely fruitful for Greece.


The Military Journal:

Russia unveils new generation tank development and the first squadron of the SM-Boggrom commissioned!

August 12th, 2004

The Czardom of Russia has now unveiled a new kind of main battle tank that it calls will herald a new era of tank warfare, calling it a middle ground between the current tank generation and the future. The Black Eagle Main Battle Tank has been unveiled by the Russian Ministry of Defense in a Defense Review and Concert in St. Petersburg.

According to the Russian statement regarding the Black Eagle Tank, it is a mixture of the a developed Object 187 Tank, and a new design in of itself. Russian and Soviet tanks, despite being capable and strong, have a notorious history of having their hull designs being weak and subject to destruction from enemy fire. In order to fix this, the Black Eagle tank is going to be fitted with composite armor for the hull front, and turret and RHA armor makes up the rest of the tank, giving the tank a massive bonus in defense against enemy fire and weapons. The passive armor is supplemented by Kontakt and Malakhit explosive reactive armor, and also uses the Shtora electronic protective system to give it a strong defensive and offensive system for electronic warfare as well. It also has a CBRN protection system to aid its defense. Maximum physical thickness of the passive armor was up to 950 mm. It consisted of specific items such as high velocity ceramics and highly dense uranium alloys as well.


Black Eagle Tank.

It’s main armament is a powerful 24A6 gun, which depending on the tank, can be 125 mm or 152 mm. It’s secondary equipment and armament consisted of 7.62 mm PKT machine gun, controlled by electronic harbors inside the crew area of the tank. It also contained a 12.7 mm Kord Anti-air gun.

However it is it’s engine that makes the Black Eagle a beast in battle as well. The information issued by the Russian government paints a very strong feature to the tank. It combines angular suspension technology to give off a mediocre weight and it utilizes 12N360 X Diesel engine, and the A-85-3, which in total can give around a horsepower of between 1500 to 1650 horsepower.

Regarding our secondary news, the Soviet Union had the right track on stealth technology before its collapse and was even ahead in development that America or Britain or France in this regards to military aviation. They began the Sukhoi PAK project and the MiG 1.42/44 program with stealth fifth generation fighters capable of dominating the skies in mind when they started this program. However the fall of the Soviet Union put a dent on these programs. Russia inherited the programs, and nonetheless achingly slowly continued the stealth fighter program. In 1996, MiG and Sukhoi were consolidated into SM Aeronautics and with extra funding from the government and economical prosperity and riches in Russia growing, the program accelerated in Russia, and after 2 decades of intensive research and failures and prototypes, the first fifth generation plane is up in the air, as the first squadron of the SM-Boggrom took part in the Russian Aerospace Program yesterday in Volgograd.


The SM-Boggrom, the first 5th gen stealth fighter of the world, developed from 1983-2004.

With its heavy firepower, maneuverability and its stealth technology it is said that this beast of the skies will be able to crunch any opposition currently in service. In response, the American government has stated that they shall be accelerating the F-22 Thunder fifth generation program and the British and French governments have jointly announced that they shall be creating a joint fifth generation plan together pooling their aerial technology and minds together. The only information given of the Franco-British fifth generation plan currently are its French and British names. In Britain, the name is apparently BAE Tempest, and in France it’s name is apparently Dassault Aeronautica.

The only crunch that military observers state could harm Russia is the economical costs of maintaining such a large fleet of SM-Boggroms, however the Russian Ministry of Defense has remained modest and has stated that they wish for only 15 squadrons of the SM-Boggrom to be in service in the Russian Air Force by the end of 2010, which gives Russia a lot of time, a headstart and strategic initiative and mobility as well. The Russian ministry of defense has also stated that the Black Eagle MBT would come into service with the Russian Armed Forces by the early to mid-2010. The current plan unveiled by Russia makes its military exponentially powerful and modern and is a concern for many anti-russians and the currently fractious tensions between America and Russia.

The Chinese government has shown interest in both of these projects and have stated they would be willing to commit to license production of these hardwares, however Russia has stated that the Black Eagle would be up for export and license production, but the SM-Boggrom would not. Nonetheless, Russia has stated that China and Russia have reached a common deal which allows for at least 200 professional Russian supervisors and engineers to become involved with the Chinese Fifth Generation Stealth Fighter Program.


The Diplomat:

Russia announces widespread reforms into the Federal Health Service of Russia (FHSR)

October 11th

The Russian government has announced a new set of reforms for the Russian Health Service, which has transformed the nation into a social welfare nation. The government has announced the closure of the first tenure of the FHSR and has announced the following reforms for the Federal Health Service.

  • The Creation of an Emergency Health Corps for emergency health services for extreme injuries and pandemics throughout the nation.
  • The creation of a pandemic team for emergency pandemic scenarios and for the early detection of pandemics
  • The creation of a medical pharmaceutical corps for the proper tally of medical supplies
  • The creation of a Medical Economics Branch and to allow for proper budgeting of the FHSR. This branch to become fully autonomous from the Ministry of Economics, but still subservient to it.
  • The creation of a FHSR Medical School for the training of professional health corps.
  • The implementation of limited health care subjects into the Russian education curriculum to provide for better Russian healthcare. Things like First Aid, symptoms, and disease learning to be incorporated.
The Russian government has announced that these reforms would be able to consolidate Russia’s status as a welfare state in a few years. Some assistance has been asked from the World Health Organization to aid the Russian government to implement these reforms, which the WHO has been very receptive towards.


FHSR servicemen and service women in Russia.


2004 American Elections: Senator John Kerry Wins Elections! Bush voted out of office!

November 10th, 2004

Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts has won the 2004 American Elections in a competitive victory over incumbent President George W. Bush. Kerry and his running mate of John Edwards campaigned on the motto of more inwards looking America and for America to withdraw it’s military adventures from Iraq and stabilize the region without the use of military force. The ongoing Iraqi insurgency aided Kerry as it allowed the man’s words come true, as around 1900 American troops have already died from the Insurgency. He has also campaigned on a platform for economic cooperation between the United States of America and the Czardom of Russia, whom he calls for a cooling down on the current tensions stating that America cannot return to the Cold War.


John Kerry, the 44th President of United States of America.


John Edwards, the new Vice President of America.

Kerry and Edwards will be inaugurated into the White House a few months later next year.

  • Nominee: George W. Bush
  • Party: Republican
  • Home State: Texas
  • Running Mate: Dick Chenney
  • Electoral Vote: 251
  • States carried: 19
  • Popular vote: 59 million
  • Percentage: 48.3%

  • Nominee: John Kerry
  • Party: Democratic
  • Home States: Massachusetts
  • Running Mate: John Edwards
  • Electoral Votes: 286
  • States Carried: 31 + DC
  • Popular Vote: 62 million
  • Percentage: 50.7%

Euro News:

Viktor Yanukovych wins Ukrainian Presidential Elections!

December 19th, 2004

Viktor Yanukovych of the Party of Regions has managed to bag the elections for the position of president in Ukraine. He has campaigned on a platform for further Russo-Ukrainian relations, further involvement into the CSTO, and minority language rights within the Republic of Ukraine. This has endeared him to the large Russian, Polish, Hungarian and Romanian minority of Ukraine who have in majority voted for Yanukovych. He defeated Viktor Yushchenko who is more leaned towards isolationism of Ukraine and more of a russo-sceptic in Ukrainian politics. Nonetheless, despite this he too campaigned on a pro-russian electorate, however his stance was considerably more weak, and Viktor Yanukovych has won the Ukrainian Presidential Elections.


Viktor Yanukovych, the new president of ukraine.


End of 2004 Russian Data:-

Population: 154,000,000

GDP (nominal): 1.51 Trillion Dollars

GDP per capita: $9805 dollars

Inflation: 6%

Reserves: $80 Billion Dollars

Debt: 15% of GDP

Pension: RUB 7500

Average Wage: RUB 16500.



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Well while the man in Ukraine is still a bastard TTL the same conditions leading to Euromaiden likely wont occur.

Kerry’s good for Russia.

The bear and dragon get closer...

What do you think of my Lee Kuan Yew Grigory Yavlinsky comparison?
Well while the man in Ukraine is still a bastard TTL the same conditions leading to Euromaiden likely wont occur.

Kerry’s good for Russia.

The bear and dragon get closer...

What do you think of my Lee Kuan Yew Grigory Yavlinsky comparison?
yeah Euromaidan is going to take a lot to come by ITTL
Pretty astute comparison.