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Chapter 11: The Russian Intervention


September 5th 2002


Day 1 – September 5


Admiral of the Fleet, Vladimir Masorin,

Head command has ordered the Black Sea Fleet operating in Sevastopol and regional waters to stop all current operations and to start an economic naval blockade of the ports of Georgia.

As the motherland becomes embroiled in war with the rebels and government in Georgia, it is imperative that we control the regional waters of Georgia to control the flow of weapons into the nation. This is something that head command will not compromise upon.

It is you objective to:-

  • Destroy all enemy warships operating in the Black Sea
  • Protect Russian shipping lanes in the Black Sea
  • Blockade the ports of Georgia for contraband.
  • Note that Contraband will not include civilian wares and foodstuffs. It is absolutely necessary that anything relating to civilian welfare will not be considered contraband.
Sevastopol Naval Command.


Admiral of the Black Sea Fleet; Vladimir Masorin


BBC News Headlines tonight, September 5th, 2002


“Welcome back BBC breaking news! Tonight we have a serious news coming in from Eastern Europe and the Caucasian mountains. When Civil War broke out in Georgia, many of its neighboring states agitated for intervention, however it is finally now Russia who has pulled the trigger. According to the statement issued by the Russian government and the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian 58th Army totaling 70,000 men has crossed the border into Georgian lands to ‘restore order’ in Georgia. News are coming in of Russian troops and Russian tanks advancing on the main roads at the border and the Russian Air Force has already begun bombing raids and close support roles to aid the Russian 58th Army on the ground.” The newsman reported as he filed up the papers. He turned to right extending his hand and looked at the man sitting on the desk next to him and asked “Mr. Cooper, you are our foremost expert on foreign affairs. What do you think about the Russian intervention in the Georgian Civil War?”

“Well, it is quite the disconcerting intervention if I say so myself.” Cooper replied. “Almost all of the time, interventions in civil wars means that the great power intervenes on one side, supporting them. However it seems that Russia supports neither of the two regimes vying for power in Georgia and is intent on restoring a stable southern border. President Yavlinsky seems to have hinted upon a military solution to the crisis in Georgia months ago, however it seems that the Russian mobilization largely went unnoticed due to the large Russian military presence in the North Caucasus, and it is my understanding that our western allies and our satellites believed that it was another Russian drill and movement.”

“Indeed.” The newsman nodded. “What can be said of the forces of both sides Mr. Cooper?”

“I am afraid I do not believe that any Georgian Regime has any chance of surviving at all. The Russians have a huge advantage in sea, air and ground, on to so high levels, it isn’t even funny. It’s as if comparing an ant to an elephant. The Russian conventional forces in my opinion will be able to move across the Georgian nation with large and unrestricted ease.”

“What is the stance of NATO in all of this?”

“NATO General Secretary George Robertson, Baron Robertson of Port Ellen is slated to have an announcement conference this evening.” Cooper replied. “However in my opinion I believe much of the world sympathy will be on Russia’s side, despite old russophobia about a Russian invasion creeping into the minds of a few fanatics.”

“Why so?”

“The Georgian Civil War has already created a refugee crisis in Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Ukraine and Bulgaria, and many countries are sympathizing with the deaths of Russian civilians which were attacked by the loyalists of the old regime. Since Russia is not backing any side in the Civil War, it is very likely that Russia will not face any international condemnation, as long as it follows a pure conventional war in the Caucasian mountains.”

“Thank you Mr. Cooper. That is an interesting insight into the state of matters.” The newsman thanked. He turned back to the screen. “It seems likely that the Russians will probably not be opposed in their invasion. We will go over to the Russian press conference live as soon as it convenes.... !”


September 5th


The Russian 19th Motor Rifle Division is given the order to advance on Highway S-10 and to advance towards the capital of the Georgian Capital, Tbilisi. The 19th Motor Rifle Division will be aided by the 141st Tank Battalion and the 135th Rifle Regiment.

These three portions of the 58th Army is given the name ‘Army Corps I’ and their objective to secure S-10 highway, take control of the city of Gori and then advance onto Tbilisi and secure the Georgian Capital.

The ‘Army Corps II’ is given command of 429th Motor Rifle Division, 503rd Motor Rifle Regiment, and the 693rd Motor Rifle Division. The II Corps is given the task to secure the Kutaisi-Alpana-Mamisoni pass and the city of Kutaisi itself. Then after securing Kutaisi, their second objective was to advance towards the port city of Poti.


The Kutaisi-Alpana-Mamisoni Pass.

The Russian Marines based at Sukhumi numbering around 8,000 will launch an amphibious invasion into Batumi and secure Highway-1 and the Mtirala Mountain Valley aided by aircover.

On the border, small firefights take place. The Georgians and Russians take part in the first major battle of the conflict, known as the Battle of Tirdznisi as the 135th Rifle Regiment begins to fight for the city of Tirdznisi with the Georgian 34th Foot Regiment.

On 12:32 PM, the Russian 693rd captures the town of Shovi clearing the initial path for the Kutaisi-Mamisoni pass. The Georgians retreat to the interior of the Pass with fortifications and defensive positions being made to halt the Russians.

In the sea, the Russian Black Sea Fleet engaged the Georgian Coastal Guard and the Georgian ships started to fire at the Russian ships. The Russian destroyer Smettivy and the Russian cruiser Moskva started to return fire, and seeing the full might of the Russian Navy at its shores, the Georgian Coastal Guard which had assumed they were fighting a small breakaway quickly backtracked away from the fight, losing 3 torpedo boats and 49 men in the Battle of the Coast of Sukhumi.


Russian Cruiser Moskva.

On 3 PM, the 4th Russian Marine Regiment is given the green light to start amphibious assaults on Batumi, and escorted by the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the 4th lands in Batumi on 4:46 PM with heavy firefights taking place in the city as the Russian marines take control of the city one block at a time, as even civilians start attacking the Russian troops. The Russian high command had given the order to disarm and isolate attacking civilians and to not kill them or injure them until under the direst of situations. The Battle of Batumi rages on till the night as the Russians continued to fight in the night as the port city bore the brunt of the fighting as the Russian Air Force conducted close air support roles.

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British news readers do not use the word 'folks' in that context.

“Thank you Mr. Cooper. That is an interesting insight into the state of matters.” The newsman thanked. He turned back to the screen. “There you have it folks, it seems that the Russians will probably not be opposed in their invasion. What happens in the press conference and the subsequent military operations, well stay tuned for that!”

More like:

“Thank you Mr. Cooper. That is an interesting insight into the state of afairs in Georgia.” The newsman thanked. He turned back to the screen. “It seems likely that the Russians will probably not be opposed in their invasion. We will go over to the Russian press conference live as soon as it convenes...."
British news readers do not use the word 'folks' in that context.

More like:

“Thank you Mr. Cooper. That is an interesting insight into the state of afairs in Georgia.” The newsman thanked. He turned back to the screen. “It seems likely that the Russians will probably not be opposed in their invasion. We will go over to the Russian press conference live as soon as it convenes...."
Righto will change.
The End of War and Aftermath
Chapter 12: The End of War and Aftermath.


September 7th, 2002, Georgia



“Welcome, I’m Zulab Abuladze, the local BBC correspondent in Georgia.” The tall Georgian stated as he flinched slightly as the massive noise of the people behind him interdicted his voice somewhat. He forced himself to look at the camera and remain calm. “The Russian Armed Forces have made tremendous progress in the Georgian nation, and the old loyalist regime has virtually collapsed as news leaked out that Russian Spetznaz Brigades operating from their military bases in Armenia managed to kill the top local Cabinets of the old loyalist regime. The forces are in anarchy from all recent reports.”

Zulab then turned towards the large masses of Georgians lining up in the eastern sector of the city and he started to speak again. “As you can see there are a mass of Georgian civilians in Tbilisi lining up to leave the city towards the east, where the Russians have established total dominance. The city of Tbilisi is totally surrounded and the Russian military has halted its advance, with a public message being sent to evacuate all civilians within 2 days. An ultimatum of surrender to President Mikhail Saakashvili has also been sent according to the United Nations and the Russian Ministry of Defense, however there is no confirming this in large part. People are protesting in the streets as well demanding the resignation of Saakashvili and return to peace with new elections. However again, there is no news from the government. Some rioters actually made their way into the government building, however they were forced to return after security officials found them trying to break in and listen to the decisions being made. They are currently being detained to see if they heard any sensitive information.”

“The situation here in Tbilisi is quite apocalyptic if I may express my views. Russia and Georgia has never had the most amiable of relations, however full out war was something that no one contemplated, and it seems that the incompetence of both regimes vying for power which plunged the country into civil war led to the Russian intervention. The non-intervention stance taken by NATO has also sent things into a spin here in Georgia. In fact the very notion that some NATO candidate countries like Bulgaria and Romania supporting the Russian intervention is seen as something crazy and ludicrous here in Georgia. However the storm of war is something that is hitting everyone hard. People scrounge to find food. Electricity is scarce, and everyone knows someone who is dead. The Russian airforce dominates the skies, as you can see above you.”

The cameraman turned his camera towards the skies to sow multiple Russian warplane squadrons in the skies watching the Georgian capital dangerously. They were upholding the 2 day time limit given to make sure civilians made it out of the city, however they were looking to make sure that the Georgians would not take advantage of the ceasefire for military purposes.

“Some radicals here have even raised the notion of keeping the civilians here to force the Russian’s hands, however such a move would destroy the credibility of Georgia on the international stage. However from reports that we have managed to gain, it seems that around 20% of the entire population has managed to escape the city by now. The Russians have set up a refugee camp outside far from the frontlines.”

Zulab turned back to the camera fully and stated, “And this is the situation on the ground. I am also going to be leaving the capital and will be moving to the Russian camps within the next hour or so. Back to you now, Mike.”


Saakashvili Accepts Russian Ultimatum! Georgia Surrenders! Russian Troops in Tbilisi, Capital of Georgia

Sunday, September 8th, 2002.

Tom Hopper

When Russian troops managed to encircle the capital of Georgia on September 6th, they issued two directives. One was an ultimatum for President Saakashvili to surrender Georgia and hand over interim control to the cabinet, and the second one was the directive for Civilians to evacuate the city of Tbilisi. Today morning, President Saakashvili made an announcement in radio and television announcing that for the protection of Georgian lives, he would follow the Russian ultimatum.

According to sources, he had been vehemently opposed by members of the military, however the current military situation is extremely tenuous, the city of Kutaisi surrendered without even a fight and the entire coastline has been captured by Russia, with Russian marines advancing inward with air support and armored support.

Russian troops have already begun entering the capital of Georgia and the General of the 58th Army, Major General Marat Kulakmetov has stated that after the region was stabilized Russian troops would leave the country in its full entirety. The Commander-in-Chief of Russian Ground Forces, Alexey Maslov has stated that this will include a new political elections overseen by the Russians, with third parties from Turkey and Armenia to overlook the elections as well. A referendum has also been proposed for the breakaway states of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.


Russian troops in Tbilisi.


2002 Georgian General Elections, October 25th, 2002:-


Georgian Parliament:-

Alliance of Georgian Patriots (yellow) – 81 seats (David Tarkhan-Mouravi)

Conservative Party of Georgia (green) – 26 seats (Zviad Dzidziguri)

State of the People’s Party (brown) – 17 seats (Nika Machutadze)

European Georgia (pink) – 5 seats (Davit Bakhradze)

Independents (grey) – 21 seats


Pro-Russian Tarkhan-Mouravi elected President of the Republic of Georgia!

The Times, Reporter David Hope, October 27th, 2002

In the interim Georgian General Election, the new Georgian political party named the Alliance of the Georgian Patriots won the elections in a landslide victory. A member of the old Georgian aristocracy, David Tarkhan-Mouravi is the leader of this party and has been elected President of the Republic of Georgia and his party holds majority in the Georgian Parliament.

He has been vocal in his support for rapprochement with Russia. Due to the fact that Russia intervened to restore order, many Georgians are willing to support this line of thought. Under the civil war, the Georgians were unable to have proper food, and electricity supply with the constant threat of death. However the Russian intervention has introduced much needed stability which has been very beneficial for the Georgian populace as the Russians have started a proper food distribution program in the country.

His economic proposals are definitely impressive and in line of thought with the economists of Georgia and the bondage plan that he has been proposing is an ambitious one. He is also advocating for Georgia to join the CSTO Common Area and Free Market system which is going to be implemented next year, though doubts over this remain. On the issue of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the government and Russia are currently in talks.


Abkhazian Independence Referendum, November 3rd, 2002

  • Are you willing to remain in the Republic of Georgia with all the autonomous benefits of the Abkhazian Autonomous Socialist Republic (AASR) being restored? : 52%
  • Do you wish for the Abkhazian nation to become a fully independent nation? : 41%
  • Invalid Votes : 9%
  • Electoral Turnout: 89%

South Ossetian Independence Referendum, November 3rd, 2002.

  • Are you willing to remain in the Republic of Georgia with all autonomous benefits of the South Ossetian Autonomous Socialist Republic (SOASR) being restored? : 34%
  • Do you wish for the South Ossetian Nation to become a fully independent nation? : 62%
  • Invalid Votes: 4%
  • Total Electoral Turnout : 91%


Flag of South Ossetia.

The Diplomat

The Republic of South Ossetia Declares Independence from Georgia!

Abkhazia votes to remain as autonomous region!


Russian State Duma:-


Yabloko (yellow) - 267 seats
Communist Party of Russia (red) - 148 seats
National Center Party (green) - 30
Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (blue) - 15 seats
Independents (grey) - 40

Was Russia was very happy for international observers to be there watching their Forces do their thing as it shows they did this fairly and legally?