romans win the Battle of the Iron Bridge

So yarmourk has been done to death , and damascus has been done but iron bridge has not , so this army consisted of the survivors of the syrian campaings reunited in the iron brige modern day Demirköprü this was in essence the last ditch attempt detials are not know but khalid and his mobile guards did pay their part , so we kill khalid and assume a collapse happends so Antioch is saved the third or second bloodiest battle of the syrian campaing is averted and the byzantines hold the line in 637.

victory here means that Latakia, Jablah and Tartus are not captured in 637 basicly the taurus mountians do not become the frontier in 638 , do you think this would make the invasion of egypt less likely? what would the caliphate do ? would Heraclius still belive a counter attack is possible and how would the plague in 638/ 639 affect syria now?

i have my thoughts so let me hear yours