Return of Horrible Educational Maps

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Turkish Textbook map. Featuring:

The Cities of Ukraine and Banat, Belgrade in like Doboj or something, Venice in Istria, Bosnia is now Dalmatia, Belgium and a half-unified Italy existing at the same time as both Poland and the Ottoman Empire, funky Germany, odd Poland, D U M M Y T H I C C Ottoman empire, that weird Austrian panhandle in Galicia-Lodomeria as an international border, and last, but not least: TRABLUSGARP*.

*I know that it's just Tripolitania in Turkish. Doesn't make it any less funny.

I'm sure I missed something that they got wrong. This map is just so fucking far beyond cursed. It's bedeviled.
Isn't "Erdel" Hungary? I assume all Hungarians would be banished to East Galicia... and, judging by the colours, it looks like Estonia will provide a Turkish port on the Baltic... gahhh it makes the head hurt but I can't look away from it! :p
To its defense this is only a map from a game (so there is no intention to be educational)

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(cue some snarky comments about EAgames)
I especially like the giant island that snakes almost from the Yucatan to the Guianas... and that the Azores (or is it the Canaries?) have merged into a good-sized island, and seem to have drifted a bit to the northeast... Hopefully by now they've built a canal across the Isthmus of Tunisia :p