Request Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Heraldry here, II

Can anybody design (and make) an alternate modern Bosnian CoA combining the Serbian, Croatian, and Bosniak symbols?

About the Bosnian CoA i requested, can anyone draw it in Inkscape or a similar program? Thanks in advance.

Parted per pall. Bosniak emblem on the top left, Serb emblem on the top right, Croat emblem on the bottom. All divisions are roughly the same size. Suggested by @Višeslav
Well, I would say definitely use the Kotromanić Fleurs De Lis. If it is quartered or is parted per pall, I would put them in the first (top left from the viewer's perspective) position, as that arms represents Bosnia itself as well as Bosniaks as an ethnicity. I suggest quartering it or making the bottom third larger, and I will explain why soon. I would put a Serb symbol in the second division. There kind of isn't an alternative other than the cross adn firesteels/4 S'. I say put them in the second one, because second largest group and all that, and this is where either quartering or making the bottom third larger comes in. If the Croats are represented in an equally sized division BELOW the others, it may be taken as a slight. If it's quartered, the lower Dexter and upper Sinister points are roughly equal in terms of prestige, so the Croats could not within reason argue that they are being put in an inferior position to the Serbs on the coat of arms. If it is quartered, the final (bottom Sinister) field should contain some universal Bosnian symbol that is not specific to any one group. Maybe a symbol from a Stećak or something, ideally on a blue background to balance the blue and red.
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Would anyone be willing to make this worlda map I made a while ago look proper and correct / with better coastlines and natural stuff?


Can I have a flag with the following colour scheme, except with the eagle replaced with a bull's head with a DNA double helix clamped in its jaws, surrounded by twelve stars?