Request Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Heraldry here, II

Anyone have any good high-ish resolution maps of the years 1260 or 1270 AD?

Focus on Europe, North Africa, and the Near and Middle East are fine. I need to know the borders and such, and having a single convenient map would be really nice.
Hello! I would appreciate it if someone could make me a flag of a fascist and a socialist Portugal --I just want to see how it would look. I can give a monetary incentive for anyone willing.

The fascist flag should be similar to this flag shown, but with the symbols replaced with more appropriate fascistic Portuguese symbols and possibly the Cross of the Order of Christ as well.
The socialist flag should have the current Republican flag as a base for it, with all it's symbols removed, except for the armillary sphere. The colours can be used at your discretion, but green and red are the foundation.
Any suggestions for what to do here? Or anyone able to offer an alternate, more aesthetically pleasing design that somehow merges with the general ideas?
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