Realistic best case Scenario for International Communism after 1945

What is the best case scenario for communism with a POD after 1945? By that I mean, how many nations could realistically adopt marxism-leninism or at least some other form of socialism after 1945? Is a red US in the cards? Which european nations are?

This is not really a "Soviets win the Cold War" scenario perse, for the USSR doesn't have to be the worlds most powerfull (socialist) nation. It's more of a "What if Socialism won the Cold War".

How would culture develope in this world? What would the border be? How would the remaining capitalist nations react?

Bonus points if the USSR remains a powerfull and influential nation militarily and economically (doesn't have to be the top dog), and remains the "honoured homeland of the revolution".

Double bonus points if it's a positive scenario
(and it could definetly be one. I'm reffering to my post in the "North Korea is best Korea" scenario And if I can make North Korea best Korea, you can certainly make this happen :) ).
Stalin dies or has a personality transplant. Poland 'Finlandized'. Possibly No West Berlin.

In OTL Czechosolvakia voted in legitimate elections for Communists. And in the context of the defeat of the Nazis Communists and the Soviet Union had potentially HUGE soft power.
A successful 1968 year of revolutions (maybe even an earlier one) brings communist, or at least left-wing governments, to power in Europe. While not necessarily aligned with the Soviets, they don't see any use to continuing the Cold War. NATO is dissolved. The European communism model, more liberal than the Soviet one, becomes prestigious around the world, and left wing movements resurge in the US.

It isn't as ASB as one might think. France has flirted with the left many times. Of course I'm not as well informed on the details of European politics in the cold war.
Launch an attack into Europe in 1946 or 1947, and thereafter fight the Anglo-Americans to a peace of exhaustion that is favorable to the Soviets (but not one so favorable as to force a nuclear conclusion to the war by the U.S.). That's honestly about it, for the most part.
Different more liberal Soviet leadership. Stalin's Note plan for Germany goes through, though. USSR doesn't abstain from Korea vote so Korean War is a no go, DPRK unifies the peninsula.
USSR doesn't abstain from Korea vote so Korean War is a no go, DPRK unifies the peninsula.

I believe Truman committed American troops to the peninsula before the UN vote.