Q: Would the CP have considered an eventual attempt of invasion of the UK if France would have quickly fallen in 1914?


The thing I think that is being missed is that with a very quick conclusion to WW1 for France you are not going to get the harsh treaty that the west forced on Germany. Yes France will have restrictions for a while on military and yes they may lose a bit more territory. But it is not like Germany is be running France as a puppet state or. Occupying it for decades.
And Germany will want to minimize the effort it has to put it to occupy France as it needs these troops to go after Russia. Because contrary to belief here just winning against France does nothing to help AH against Russia. You need to free up troops to send east. And a hard peace that requires Germany to occupy it and to potentially defend it against GB is not going to help in any way with the war against Russia.
So Germany will give France a hard rap on the knuckles and takes its troops off to defeat Russia and take from a defeated Russia whatever it really wants. Germany was smart enough to know that trying to drastically change France was a bad idea. Also with the situation the way it was Germany was better off taking territory to the east. You had either terrifies that were not well developed or had cultures much closer to German or derived from German and it had the stuff Germany wanted, In France you had a well developed area with an Anti German culture and history. A/L was close to Germany in many ways and had been a bit of a disputed area for a while so it was easy to integrate (relatively) into Germany. Paris would be infinitely harder.
So you will see a treaty that basically leaves France mostly alone. But limits its military and limits its ability to sign treaties that would be detrimental to Germany. You may get a Germany Navy base and the boarder may shift a bit but not a lot. This leaves a defeated France in a relatively good place that it can live with and allows Germany to concentrate on the war it is still fighting with Russia.
So it is not like the whole German Army is sitting in France just needing some row boats to invade with.
And by the time the rest of the war ends Germany will have no ability or interest in invading Grandmas country.

And don't forget the Royal Navy is still in the way. But if France falls early then GB will have to pull its troops off the continent no matter what it may want to do. And GB is not going yo be in a good place to try and invade. So as long as Germany give France a reasonable treaty and as long as it give Belgium a reasonable deal the GBs days in the war are over. At a relatively cheep cost compared to the real wars costs.

So i don’t think there is a y reason to invade GB. I don’t think the had a chance to invade (the troops are needed elsewhere) and the didnt have the ability to as they didn’t have way to transfer the troops across the big ditch and they could have dealt with the Royal Navy.

And I think France will get a much easier treaty then Germany ultimately got,