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Looks like Rumsfeld and Hatch could split the delegates at the Republican convention. What'd Robertson say in the interview?


Pat Robertson (pictured) withdrew from the race

On October 7, 1987, Pat Robertson withdrew from the race, ending a campaign that lasted about six and a half months. Donald Rumsfeld, the only Republican candidate to comment on Robertson's exit condemned his comments about Jewish Americans. Geraldine Ferraro went as far to call Robertson a bigot. New national polling for Republicans have been released without Pat Robertson in the race.

Republican Primary Poll (Nationwide)
Fmr. Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld | 26%
Senator Orrin Hatch | 18% (+6%)
Governor John Ashcroft | 15% (+2%)
Senator Bob Dole | 14% (-4%)
Fmr. Senator Paul Laxalt | 8%
Congressman Jack Kemp | 3%
Fmr. Sec. of State Alex Haig* | 2%
Undecided/None of the Above | 14% (+4%)
* denotes those not yet an official candidate

With Robertson's exit from the campaign it marks a point in the race where the "men are separated from the boys". Furthermore it looks like Bob Dole may soon exit the race if he continually loses ground. Since the last poll he's lost 9 points between them, more than any campaign handle. Hatch is continuing to steal votes from Dole and Ashcroft is getting his votes from the undecideds out there. Robertson's exit shows the grueling effects of when candidates lose their sleep...and ability to pay attention to the little details like the color of a light on top of a camera. More interesting then the nationwide numbers are the new state-by-state polls since Robertson's exit:


The state-by-state numbers reveal the problem that lies for Rumsfeld: delegates. He's not winning the bigger states, or enough states for that matter, to take the convention. With so many moderately strong candidates in this race it prevents a clear path for one of them to make it to the finish line, without at a battle at the convention. At the final Republican debate before the first primaries Donald Rumsfeld will HAVE to stand out over Hatch and John Ashcroft so that he can take a definitive lead in the polls and ensure his front runner status. Speaking of the debates the DEMOCRATIC DEBATE WILL BE HELD BY THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN'S VOTERS AND SHOWN ON CNN, CBS, AND NBC ON OCTOBER 19TH the Republicans will have their debate on OCTOBER 24TH and it will be shown on the same networks. These debates are expected to bring in MORE viewers than the previous debates because of their importance. Three debates in a primary campaign is absolutely unheard of, but it show's how unique the 1988 has turned out been. When it comes to the Democrats and their debate Geraldine Ferraro just has to stay on message. As long as she doesn't run off the stage crying she's not going to see large negative results. Dale Bumpers and Al Gore will HAVE to stand out and Jesse Jackson is going to have to defend his record. Surprisingly Ted Kennedy has declined the invitation for the debate so has Bob Dole on the Republican side. Many people see this as a sign of defeat. Americans are on the edge of their seats, wondering what will become of the candidates.



The people who attended the Michigan debate got more than they paid for and the 45.9 million viewers at home got to watch a spectacle earlier tonight from 8 to 9:30 as the Democrats fought for the biggest bump out of 'em all and with Ted Kennedy announcing his withdrawal from the campaign at 8:00 in the morning, 12 hours before the debate, Senator Dale Bumpers felt the pressure mounting on his back, and performed beautifully. Ferraro excelled as she continued to press Jesse Jackson on his anti-Jewish American comments that have haunted his campaign and weighed his chances of becoming president down. Former Congresswoman Ferraro refused to let Jesse Jackson come up for air, hounding him with comment after comment. Eventually the arguments reached a climax:

Congresswoman Ferraro: ", after reading my fifth comment to the people here, Jesse, why don't you just say it: you don't support Jewish Americans!" (the crowd exploded in applause)
Reverend Jesse Jackson: "That was out of line, Congresswoman, but if you feel you need to know I'm a minority myself..."
Congresswoman Ferraro: "That's good to know, but do you support Jewish Americans and their rights?!"
Moderator Nickie Wallace: "Congresswoman! Congresswoman! Candidates are not allowed to offer questions to each other!"
Reverend Jesse Jackson: "I'll answer it Nickie because there are people who refuse to listen to press statements: I support the Equal Right Amendment. I support equal rights among..."
Congresswoman Ferraro: "And let the record reflect the ERA is equality among sexes not religions."
Reverend Jesse Jackson: "I support equality among Jewish-Americans and every American."
Congresswoman Ferraro: "Of course that's why you said you were sick of hearing about the Holocaust. That's why you've continued to bash the Jewish community in this nation. Well I won't stand for it! I DEMAND THAT YOU APOLOGIZE, REVEREND, BECAUSE WE MUST PROTECT EQUAL RIGHTS!" (the audience gave Ferraro a standing ovation to show her their support)

As Ferraro hounded Jackson and refused to let him make any headway, Senator Dale Bumpers distanced himself announcing a detailed and well-prepared proposal to end the budget deficit. "And so, by the end of my first term, we'll have a balanced budget," Bumpers concluded. When it came time for other candidates to announce their plans on the budget only Ferraro and Gore were able to come up with semi-intelligent proposals, but none matched Senator Bumpers and his approach. The approach included spending cuts, social security reform, welfare reform, and tax increases on those making over $750,000 a year. When those in the audience were asked who they thought won the debate 43% said Bumpers, 40% said Ferraro, 11% said Gore, 5% said Jackson, and 1% were undecided. A poll of 15,000 viewers are home showed fairly similar results: 40% said Bumpers, 39% said Ferraro, 11% said Gore, 9% said Jackson, and 1% were undecided Polls will soon be released and when they are it looks like Bumpers could possibly have moved forward in the fight to bring down Ferraro.



Donald Rumsfeld took a few pointers from Dale Bumpers. The voters looked for policy and he delivered. When asked several questions on foreign policy, Rumsfeld was clear and concise, careful to avoid attacking his opponents. His answers were practiced, specific, and staid above talking points. Rumsfeld blew the competition away leaving his main rival, Senator Orrin Hatch looking for answers to questions concerning foreign policy, but when questions turned to the economy Hatch took command, and while Rumsfeld still had answers they looked weak compared to his foreign policy proposals. "I have an impressive resume if you ask me. It takes a lot of work, commitment, and skill to be White House Chief of Staff and Secretary of Defense. I work hard, I stay focused, and above all: I get results," said Rumsfeld in his closing statement. There were 40 million Americans watching at home and Rumsfeld looked, acted, and was presidential. It is obvious that the 1988 Campaign has generated a lot of interest, especially in women and younger Americans. New national polling for the Democrats was recently released:

Democratic Primary Poll (Nationwide)
Fmr. Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro | 27% (+4%)
Senator Dale Bumpers | 23% (+4%)
Senator Al Gore | 21% (+1%)
Reverend Jesse Jackson | 19%
Undecided/None of the Above | 10% (+2%)

Ferraro has commanding leads even when you go state-by-state:


However you can't ignore Dale Bumpers's impressive gains. He's made a lot of headway and is looking like a threat to Ferraro. Perhaps he gain momentum and push Ferraro's lead to look smaller and smaller. He'll need several high profile endorsements however because Ferraro has Mondale, O'Neil, and Cuomo out campaigning full speed with her daughters and husband fighting for her campaign as well. Ferraro is "determined to win," as her campaign spokeswoman puts it. Furthermore, to keep her lead in tact, Ferraro released a series of television advertisements in states that were undecided that Bumpers now leads in.


Paul Laxalt received the endorsement of President Ronald Reagan

"It is so vital that we put an end to the liberal politics that have continued to haunt the American political system and all levels of American government. If we want to move forward we need leadership. That is why I officially endorse Paul Laxalt to be the next President of the United States. Former Senator Laxalt is going to win, he's going to win because Americans want common sense approaches to easy to understand issues!" exclaimed President Reagan as he announced his endorsement of Paul Laxalt an event in Simi Valley, California. Reagan looked on as Laxalt addressed the crowd of 24,000 people -- the largest crowd of the entire campaign. NBC's Tom Ritchie commented on the endorsement by President Reagan, "It's too little too late really. First of all, a Reagan/Bush endorsement isn't as big as it used to. Unemployment is slowly, but surely, ticking up and a lot of people are starting to question Reaganomics. As a result President Reagan's approval, which sat at 61% on January 1987, is presently at 51%, a ten percent fall in ten months, a steady decline that could prove fatal." The Reagan endorsement could give Laxalt a fighting chance, but he's so far behind that many experts feel the President should've just stayed out of the race altogether. Political Analyst Roger Hark also talked about Reagan's endorsement, "Like Tom said: too little too late. Laxalt has no shot, this was to set him up for Vice best!"

In other news Bob Dole attempted a political comeback by appearing in Des Moines, Iowa yesterday declaring he wouldn't back down to political pressure. When reporters hounded him about not appearing for the debate the other day Dole replied, "The debate's play to the front runners, not to every candidate equally." He kept a consistent message. The event in Des Moines is the kick off a series of events throughout the state of Iowa. Dole's campaign imploded as his poorly organized campaign staff left him and the senator went broke. In fact his wife Liddy Dole was listed as his campaign manager for a few weeks. "We're going to win, believe me," Dole said to a crowd of a mere 950 people. "I promised results, and I'll get them!" he announced. However Dole's aggressive push came as Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig announced his support of Dole at a campaign event in Manchester, New Hampshire yesterday. "We're excited about the prospect of victory," Elizabeth Dole told reporter. "Bob can and will manage to win, we're confident in him...our family and the entire nation really." Dole's push seems, like Reagan's endorsement, too little too late. However he'll be in Iowa until it's caucuses, hoping to pull off an upset win in the state and use that to prove his legitimacy. Dole drove another hour and a half with the former Secretary of State Alex Haig to meet with voters at a local picnic of twenty-four people and then moved on to a speech in the next town over in the backyard of some longtime Republican voters. Dole's vote-by-vote strategy has paid off in Iowa before, it's a matter of time to see if Dole will be able to upset John Ashcroft and Donald Rumsfeld.



"Reaganomics failed us," says Senator Al Gore

Al Gore led Democrats in attacking President Ronald Reagan for the continuously failing economy that's begun to hurt Republican chances at the White House for another four years. Al Gore (D-TN) held a very patriotic campaign event where he constantly attacked the Reagan/Bush Administration for their failed economic policies. "If it's morning in America why is unemployment going up? Why is Reaganomics, a plan we were PROMISED would work, raising unemployment? It's because Ronald Reagan lied and our jobs died! We cannot trust Republicans with another four years! We just cannot afford it!" Gore exclaimed. Gore was joined by Geraldine Ferraro who said, "This is why, when I ran three years ago, I told everyone that Reaganomics did not work. Join me, and we'll get rid of Reaganomics and rising unemployment!" Ferraro and Gore were joined by the other candidates, Dale Bumpers and Jesse Jackson. Republicans also joined in on attacking the Reagan/Bush agenda, well one Republican. John Ashcroft said, "It's true. I've been explaining the failed philosophy of Reaganomics and the people have listened, now the truth has been shown." Ashcroft went on to attack the Reagan/Bush agenda, even if not by name.

Bob Dole made a last minute attempt to save his campaign from destruction has apparently paid off, a little. Bob Dole won the, very late, Iowa Straw Poll. With the instability of Bush's announcement coupled with disorganization involving the Iowa State Republican Party. The last ditch efforts won Dole the Ames, Iowa Straw Poll by a mere 24 votes, barely beating Donald Rumsfeld in a surprising upset. Dole's hard work has paid off, for now.
I'm with the people who thought Reagan endorsed Laxsalt too late. Looks like Dole's gonna have to back out of the race.

I'm ready to enter the primaries, just about everything is mapped out, but I'm unsure how to calculate the delegate numbers by state... :/


While former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (left) leads the Republicans, former Congresswoman Gerry Ferraro (right) is locked in a battle against Senator Bumpers

Geraldine Ferraro is still the front runner for the Democratic Nomination, but recently Senator Dale Bumpers has begun picking up momentum after receiving the endorsement of former candidate Ted Kennedy. Former Congresswoman Ferraro did manage to claim the endorsement of Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis who, in a speech in Boston, declared that Ferraro was the only candidate who'd represent mainstream America. As the first primaries and caucuses stand just about two months away all four Democratic campaigns are in full swing in what appears to be a fight that few candidates have been able to survive. Bill Clinton and Joe Biden as well as Dukakis himself were scared off before the race even began as Gary Hart saw an affair ruin his campaign and marriage (Hart's wife filed for divorce on December 2nd). Ted Kennedy also saw his candidacy ruined by a series of stumbles that led up to his departure from the race. In what has turned out be a "survival of the fittest" Geraldine Ferraro has come out on top, until now when Senator Dale Bumpers seems to be threatening Ferraro's lead. Look at these latest poll numbers:

Democratic Primary Poll (Nationwide)
Fmr. Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro | 31% (+4%)
Senator Dale Bumpers | 27% (+4%)
Senator Al Gore | 23% (+2%)
Reverend Jesse Jackson | 15% (-4%)
Undecided/None of the Above | 4% (-6%)

While Ferraro continues to hold a commanding lead nationally Senator Bumpers has slowly but surely managed to climb up to be a possible threat. The Ferraro Campaign is optimistic however releasing the following statement: "Congresswoman Ferraro is always happy to see alternatives to her viewpoints and ideas. The Congresswoman respects Senator Bumpers and admires his record of public service, but her commitment to the American public will pay off and allow her to succeed in the primaries and General Election." The poll numbers were fairly promising for Ferraro as she still maintains a 4-point lead on Senator Bumpers but if Senator Bumpers were to strike a deal with Senator Gore of Revered Jackson it could bring down the Ferraro campaign, but as Bob Dole is doing in Iowa Senator Gore is trying a similar strategy. He's focusing time, money, and effort in to winning the Iowa Caucuses. He's given several speeches in the last few days calling out Ferraro and Bumpers and tying them to the failed policies of Ronald Reagan. "They're doing the same thing the President did in 1980 -- winning through talking points. I have a plan for all of us, a real plan!" Gore declared. Of course no one would've thought 10 months ago that Gore, Jackson, Ferraro, and Bumpers would be the serious contenders for the Democratic nomination. Ferraro and Jackson were "joke" candidates and Gore and Bumpers were to be quashed by Cuomo, Clinton, and Kennedy. There was no strategy that could propel any of them to the White House, but today things are very different and since the implosions of Gary Hart and Ted Kennedy, things have turned around entirely. Even on the Republican side. Remember when Bush and Dole were supposed to battle it out until the finish line? And no one knew who John Ashcroft and Orrin Hatch were? Well things, like on the Democratic side, have changed. Donald Rumsfeld remains the clear favorite but is still frustrated over a path to victory. Recent polling shows a difficult delegate strategy for Rumsfeld:

Republican Primary Poll (Nationwide)
Fmr. Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld | 28% (+2%)
Senator Orrin Hatch | 20% (+2%)
Governor John Ashcroft | 16% (+1%)
Senator Bob Dole | 14%
Fmr. Senator Paul Laxalt | 12% (+4%)
Congressman Jack Kemp | 2% (-1%)
Undecided/None of the Above | 8% (-6%)
* denotes those not yet an official candidate

"Donald Rumsfeld has a commanding lead nationally but Laxalt holds California in his pocket with Ashcroft and Hatch having respectable delegate totals as well, even Kemp has been projected the winner of Georgia for some reason that no analyst can wrap his or her mind around. A path to victory for Rumsfeld will require lots of deal making," says NBC's Tom Ritchie. Luckily Rumsfeld has Dick Cheney and former President Ford to prance around the nation doing the deal making while Rumsfeld pursues his aggressive campaign strategy. He'll visit Iowa and New Hampshire tomorrow, followed by events in Massachusetts and New York. He'll end his mad rush in Michigan spending 20 hours giving speeches, traveling, and/or meeting with campaign staff. When asked how much sleep Rumsfeld got in the last month he said, "Four hours." A reporter asked, "Tonight?" Rumsfeld quipped, "Nope. That's since I've entered." However Rumsfeld's joke isn't quite that far off. The 1988 Campaign has been grueling and cost one candidate, Pat Robertson, his campaign and arguably cost Kennedy his. While the pressure of the new campaigning style, a style filled with interviews, debates, and speeches has taken its toll on the candidates the American public has responded well. An astonishing 84% of the electorate is excited to vote while 76% of the voters say they are better aware of the issues and candidates than any other election in memory which proves that the candidates and networks are doing something right!


Not reflected in the polls above would be Senator Ted Kennedy's endorsement. Since he withdrew Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, and Dale Bumpers have been courting Kennedy for his endorsement. Shocking most of the analysts Kennedy endorsed Jesse Jackson in his campaign for President. Kennedy called Jackson a "visionary on a mission" and "always maintained respect for the Reverend". Kennedy's endorsement may only take Jackson so far though, Ferraro has refused to let up on attacks against Jackson. "I'm not letting up because the people deserve to know the comments made by the Reverend. They're hateful," Ferraro said in a press conference yesterday, before the Kennedy endorsement. Many people feel as if Kennedy could sway Massachusetts in to Jackson's column, but experts disagree. Political Analyst Roger Hark talked about the possibility, "Quite truthfully you have an odd situation in Massachusetts. It's governor supported Ferraro, Kennedy supported Jackson, and Kerry endorsed Gore...there's really no way Massachusetts will sway one way or the other." However there's no doubt that Jackson's campaign, which many ruled out as "dead" could regain composure after what looked like it's death. With so many campaigns "biting the dust" before the primary season it seems as though candidates are lucky to make it to New Year's Day.

Republican Bob Dole is remaining persistent in his efforts to turn out the vote in Iowa, but Paul Laxalt and Ronald Reagan were out in California, Iowa, and New Hampshire this past week campaigning for Laxalt's campaign. Reagan said that Laxalt would win the primary because "he's going to keep the economy moving." This immediately opened up the door for attacks with the first punch coming from Geraldine Ferraro she said at a campaign stop in Detroit, "I'm so happy to see that the President has noticed the rising unemployment numbers, Laxalt and the rest of the Republicans offer the same BLIND leadership we've been getting." Al Gore called the President "insensitive" and said he should "wake up" while Jackson and Bumpers made similar comments. Even John Ashcroft told the President to "check his approval ratings" if he wanted to know how the economy was. "I'm afraid of the President's ignorance," said Ashcroft to a group of reporters. Reagan didn't comment on his PR disaster, but Laxalt and Reagan did press forward fulfilling all the obligations of their planned tour.



Investors look on in awe as the DOW Plummets 200 points today

Investors looked on in awe as the DOW plummeted 200 points today. It had fallen 200 points yesterday as well. Unemployment has recently skyrocketed from 5.9% (last month) to 7.3% (this month). President Reagan has made no response whatsoever leading many to question where has the President been? The nation's gradually worked itself up to this crisis and the President has been reactionary at best. Geraldine Ferraro lashed out at the President calling him "ineffective". Ferraro was joined by Senators Bumpers and Gore. Earlier in the campaign there was no defining issue but apparently the economy has taken the headlines. "Unfortunately we've not heard anything from the President. I can only wonder where he's been," said Senator Gore at a campaign stop in St. Louis yesterday. "Is this the President's idea of a Christmas present," Senator Bumpers asked rhetorically to an audience of 5,000 or so people in Jacksonville, Florida. On Meet the Press Ferraro attacked the Reagan/Bush Administration saying that their actions have only made economic instability easier to achieve. "Quite frankly," Ferraro said, "the President has done nothing. Nothing. He's deserted the American public." And the American public agrees. President Reagan's approval fell to 48% as he continues to go inactive leaving everyone in the country wondering, "Where's President Reagan?"

The Democrats continue to keep up their attacks as unemployment's massive spike proves deadly for President Reagan's remaining time in office and the Republican chances in 1988. However John Ashcroft has made a point of reminding the electorate he predicted this problem when he began his campaign. "Don't forget, I saw this coming. I even told the President how to avoid it, but what did he do? He gave us this!" Ashcroft exclaimed. Reagan's inactivity will have negative effects on Republicans across the nation, but for the time being distancing themselves from Reagan may not be such a bad thing.


President Ronald Reagan came out of hiding today, hosting a press conference. The President fumbled answers and looked unprepared and simply "out of it". His answers were full of "ums" and sounded more like questions than answers. "The Great Communicator" was off his game today and it showed. When asked what the President thought about the rising unemployment he said, "Well, uh, well, well thank you for the question Patty. Umm my administration...yeah. My administration is working to understand the issue better and we'll have a response to you...umm...but the American people, well, uh, well they don't need to worry [nervous laughter]" The press conference has gained international attention with Jesse Jackson going as far as to call the President "senile". He put pressure on the cabinet to remove Reagan from office indefinitely. While most of Jackson's opponents didn't go as far as to call him senile, Dale Bumpers said it was "further proof Reagan needs to go". Ferraro and Gore echoed the words of Bumpers saying that the President was "simply out of it". The president's mental state has been questioned for some time and Reagan's doctors may be forced to make a statement if things continue to deteriorate. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Geraldine Ferraro said it was "a good thing the President only has a year left, or else we'd be in some serious trouble." While Republican party elders claim the President is "a little off his game" John Ashcroft attacked the President directly and by name at a speech in Portland, Oregon, "The truth is Reagan is simply too old to handle the affairs of our nation. It's sad it is, but I promise a new and responsible direction for our future." As questions regarding Reagan's mental state continue, we've been seeing increasingly less of Vice President George Bush who seems to all but have disappeared. CNN's Nicolas Hammerstein was available to share his opinion on the disaster, "Reagan's Press Conference was simply a disaster. I think that there will be calls to see medical records, but who knows."


Walter Mondale campaigned successfully in Iowa yesterday for Presidential Candidate Geraldine Ferraro calling her the "first female President". "You see," Mondale began, "Gerry's got this all locked up. She's going to take the White House and show the men in politics who's the boss around here!" said Mondale to an enthusiastic crowd. Mondale's vigorous campaign schedule has earned him a lot of attention and even speculation. Some have suggested a reversal of the 1984 Ticket, but many refute that. "I think Ferraro's going to make him a big part of the Administration, but not Vice President," says NBC's Tom Ritchie. However Mondale's packed campaign schedule has earned him the title of "Surrogate of the Year". He's done about 70 events since announcing his support for Ferraro. Tip O'Neil has done around 35 events for Ferraro and Mario Cuomo has done about 10. On top of Ferraro's campaign schedule, one of the most aggressive out there, no one should be surprised about the amount of attention she's getting. NBC's Tom Ritchie explained the importance of events in a campaign, "The truth is voters love to see the effort, but the more they hear from you the more they understand you. Every press is good press." And the more people talk about Ferraro the more her poll numbers go up. She has the highest favorable rating of all the Presidential Candidates (Republican and Democrats) with an 87% rating. Rumsfeld and Gore follow with 80% each. The truth is Ferraro's a political genius with her aggressive push to win endorsements coupled with her stellar debate performances have left her earning fundraising records, yesterday the campaign reportedly made $150,000 when they announced that they "needed to reach their goal to win the Iowa Caucuses...for Equal Rights and the kids" The push worked and Ferraro roped in an impressive amount of money. She is by far the candidate to beat and in a hypothetical match up between her and Donald Rumsfeld her star appeal beats Rumsfeld's policy-oriented campaign.


Furthermore, the campaign of Jesse Jackson has finally taken an aggressive schedule. With Jackson on the road meeting voters and Bill Clinton attempting to win him more southern states, Ted Kennedy was in Massachusetts attempting to win him the state, removing it from the Ferraro column. However Political Analyst Roger Hark urges Jackson supporters not to get too optimistic saying, "Realistically Jackson is probably the next Democrat to drop out of the race. Don't be surprised if he doesn't make it past Super Tuesday." Jackson's favorable rating hit an all time low when it reached 45% yesterday. The new number shows a problem in Jackson's campaign as Ferraro continues to hound him on Anti-Jewish comments made in 1984. Senator Dale Bumpers finally joined Ferraro in attacking Jackson for the comments, but his efforts have had little effect. The truth is Bumpers is starting to make headway in Iowa and New Hampshire with some talking heads predicting he could steal one, or both, of the states from Congresswoman Ferraro. "I think you see a problem for Ferraro: cockiness. She's starting to think she has it in the bag, but she'll need to be careful," said CNN's Nicolas Hammerstein. With the first caucus to take place on the Republican side.

Immediate Schedule for Primaries/Caucuses:
January 14: Michigan Caucus (Republican)
February 4: Hawaii (Republican)
February 7: Kansas (Republican)
February 8: Iowa (Republican/Democrat)
February 16: New Hampshire (Republican/Democrat)
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Not surprising a soul, Donald Rumsfeld has won the Michigan Caucuses. Here are the complete results:

Donald Rumsfeld: 49% of popular vote (77 delegates)
John Ashcroft: 22% of popular vote (0 delegates)
Orrin Hatch: 17% of popular vote (0 delegates)
Paul Laxalt: 8% of popular vote (0 delegates)
Bob Dole: 3% of popular vote (0 delegates)
Jack Kemp: 1% of popular vote (0 delegates)

Donald Rumsfeld: 77 delegates
John Ashcroft: 0 delegates
Orrin Hatch: 0 delegates
Paul Laxalt: 0 delegates
Bob Dole: 0 delegates
Jack Kemp: 0 delegates

The results aren't surprising and continue to show Rumsfeld's strength in the Republican party. An excerpt from Donald Rumsfeld's campaign victory speech: Michigan, you've proven that the Republican Party is ready for real leadership. We're done with talking points and rhetoric, we're ready for serious policy. At this crucial hour I ask you all to join my campaign because we will make a difference. We are well on our way to the necessary 1,128 delegates needed to secure our victory. My friends, we are going to win. There's not a doubt in my mind that we will triumph in this fight. The American people want real results. They want leadership and experience. I will always fight for you, the people of Michigan, and all the people in our nation. Michigan you were the first win of my campaign and for that I will always hold you in a special place in my heart. Thank you all and God Bless America! His speech was rather dry, but most victory speeches are. Rumsfeld's showing was impressive, winning almost half of the votes cast. As we move forward to Hawaii, Kansas, and Iowa the quest to become President is certainly heating up.



As Bob Dole continues his comeback attempt in Iowa, Geraldine Ferraro has also been aggressively pushing for a win in the state. "Just because we're winning the polls doesn't mean we can give up, it means we have to work harder," beamed Ferraro at a stop in Vinton, Iowa. "We cannot give up! We must and we will win!" Ferraro continued, bringing the cloud of nearly 3,000 people to life. "If we can win this race here in Iowa, we can move forward to win the White House," she concluded. However Bob Dole has continued attempts to take the primary in a surprising upset. It doesn't appear Dole has made a lot of headway, but he continues to fight. "If I don't win Iowa," Dole told a crowd of 900 people, "I'll leave the fight!" Placing the fate of his campaign on the backs of thousands of Iowa caucus goers.

In New Hampshire Jesse Jackson has been fighting hard to try and steal the primary from under Geraldine Ferraro. "Ms. Ferraro has campaign promises. I have policy proposals," Jackson told a crowd of nearly 2,000 people yesterday. He's been campaigning hard in New Hampshire nonstop which has moved him from third place to second (now ahead of Senators Bumpers and Gore) but many doubt Jackson can actually take the New Hampshire Primary. "We have until February 16th to win," Jackson bellowed, "Let's show 'em who's boss!" As the crowd began chanting "Jesse! Jesse! Jesse!" Jackson took the time to leave the stage, thanking supporters and shaking their hands. Meanwhile Senator Dale Bumpers was also in New Hampshire where he stepped up attacks on Ronald Reagan, calling the president "a sad example of why we don't elect Republicans". Bumpers has had to deal with a fall from second to third and took the time to return to New Hampshire, trying to steal second back from Jackson and eventually first from Ferraro. CNN's Nicolas Hammerstein talked about the Democratic campaign, "There's no doubt Ferraro's the one to beat. They're going to have to fight hard to try and get rid of her!"

Immediate Schedule for Primaries/Caucuses:
February 4: Hawaii (Republican)
February 7: Kansas (Republican)
February 8: Iowa (Republican/Democrat)
February 16: New Hampshire (Republican/Democrat)
February 18: Nevada (Republican)
February 23: Minnesota (Republican/Democrat); South Dakota (Republican/Democrat)
February 24: Wyoming (Republican)
February 28: Maine (Republican/Democrat)