Pres. Garfield survives?

Let say that Garfield replaces Dr. Bliss as his doctor. Some one who believes the teaching of Joseph Lister. And cleanses the wound and instruments. Also Dr. Bell’s Metal Detector discovers the bullets. Would Garfield be considered a successful president?
Also would Blane be moved to VP in a possible 2nd term?
Garfield was considered by his contemporaries to be a man of exceptional abilities. He was an experienced politician with nine terms in the US House of Representatives. His concern with civil rights was genuine as was his belief in reform although tainted somewhat by the Credit Mobilier scandal.
I think that Blaine moving from Secretary of State to the Vice Presidency would have been unlikely. As a powerful figure, he would have seen it as a step down in both influence and prestige. No sitting VP had been elected President since Martin Van Buren whom Jackson threw his considerable popularity behind fifty-two years earlier then 1888. Of course, no sitting cabinet officer had been elected President in that time frame and Buchanan was the only one that ever served as a cabinet officer.


Garfield being shot, even if he survives, would be big enough to get the IOTL civil service reform act passed.

He might be able to prevent a Cleveland presidency in 1888. If this results in a Republican presidency during 1892-1896, then political consequences would be huge.
The Republican Party at this time was bitterly divided between the Stalwarts (led by Conkling) and the Half-Breeds (led by Blaine). The issue of vice presidency would be extremely contentious. If Chester Arthur isn't blamed, then I am quite certain he stays as VP.