Possible Planning a Greek/Balkan Campaign by Napoelon in 1798?

I have heard people say that there were rumors that Napoleon's Egyptian Expedition was originally aimed for the Balkans/Greece in particular. After the French took over the Ionian Islands in 1797, it seems like they established contacts with many of the powerful autonomous rulers of the Ottoman Balkans, such as as Ali Pasha in Ioannina (who was not receptive), Osman Pazvantoğlu in Vidin, and Tzanetos Grigorakis in the Mani Peninsula. Apparently there was also further collaboration between Napoleon and the Maniots via Demetrios Stefanopoli.

I know we have some users very knowledgeable on the Ottoman Empire around this period, essentially I wanted to see if anyone had any more detailed information regarding these plans, particularly whether or not Napoleon/the French seriously considered a campaign there in 1798-1799, and if they existed how far along they got.

Does not seem realistic to me. Allow me to explain...
- The Ottoman Empire in 1798 was allied with Russia and Great Britain in this period due to French presence in the Ionian Islands and the invasion of Egypt
- The French did not control the Seas which is a must to invade the Ottoman Empire...
- The French were in no position to send large armies (200k+) overseas by ship to have any kind of success in Greece alone

Advantage France has...
- Ottoman Empire was very decentralized in this period, Ali Pasha acted borderline treasonous in this period but the Sultan tolerated most of it as he had ability to do other wise. But in that period, Ali Pasha was also strong enough to face Christian rebels, outlaws etc and bring in soldiers and tax income.
- Osman Pazvantoglu already stretched from the Morava River to the Black Sea and he was openly treasonous against the Sultan
- Christians more likely to rebel
- With these things considered, the Ottoman response to a French Army landing in Greece (Preveza? Parga? Pylos?) with 50,000-90,000 men is nothing immediate and mostly in reliance with the local Governors like Ali Tepelene. But if he betrayed the Sultan too, then the Sultan can do even little.

The French can land in Morea or Epirus with a smaller Army and get some small towns conquered. They can beat the Ottoman Army on the field as well. But long term staying is not likely at all. The French are in this case reliant on local rebels. Ali Pasha, Osman Pasha, Dahije of Belgrade, Bosnian Kaptans etc. They have to do the long term job for French designs. With the French in Croatia, they can intervene more in the Western Balkans, assuming Napoleons power takeover is not butterflied away. But anything beyond the Morava River or the Vardar River seems far fetched. The Balkan Geography makes it impossible for the French to get decisive holdings, though they can use local allies for that. They have none strong enough to defeat the Ottoman Imperial Authority in the Eastern Balkans. Osman Pazvantaoglu is not a man to take over Constantinople. Neither is Ali Pasha. The absence of French troops in the Western Balkans means, the Ottomans can start entering the break away regions. Without a proper Naval Dominance, the French will never control the aid and control over the Balkans. And for that, they need to defeat the British.