Plausibility check: Negotiations with Kronstadt Sailors?

Exactly as it says on the tin. Was there any chance that the Bolsheviks could've negotiated with the Kronstadt Rebels? IDK a lot about Russian Rev. but I know that the crushing of the rebellion really ruined the Bolsheviks reputation globally. Could the Bolsheviks have peacefully ended this rebellion and kept the sailors on their side?
Kronstadt (and its Petrograd supporters) were both All-Party affairs, there were Bolsheviks on the Kronstadt committee. Its pretty hard to use it as a litmus test for left-factionalism. Its a hand indicator of Leninism…but…anyone who is sufficiently actually Leninist will give you their private opinion which may or may not be critical of the CC position. Also had Kronstadt succeeded then the Petrograd Soviet would have just been caught in the same trap of replicating a bourgeois state without an economy of surplus, and been caught in a scissors crisis due to the removal of tax, tithe and profit. Its just watching the cities attack the countryside in 1929 but with a different flag on the trucks in the Ural-Siberian district.

I mean if you want actual heavy historical materialism there you go. By 1921 the possibility of workplace soviets governing the Soviet Union's urban areas had utterly faded. I guess a sailors mutiny with a new wave of factory elites has a different texture to geographic councils run by bourgeois and intelligentsia party leaders. Doesn't change life in 1930 when they take all but the last cow because there's no consumer industry to cause voluntary peasant productivity.

Sam R.