Photos from World War Z


Swiss grenadier firing his MG 51 machine gun during the securing of the Swiss borders. Switzerland and its ambitious program of civic defense and fortifications, was relatively little affected by the pandemic.
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Vin Diesel in his California National Guard uniform. the actor got enlisted in CNG at the very beginning of the war, his celebrity acquired in blockbusters like Fast and Furious were used by the American government as a means of restoring the morale of the civilians. the actor survived the war and will soon take part in a documentary movie about celebrities and the Z war.

A photograph of refugees from Western Russia at a checkpoint near the Ural Mountains, circa 2014.

A photo of a flooded Fargo in North Dakota, which had already been abandoned due to the local Zek outbreaks. What made the resettlement of Fargo and other areas along the Red River more difficult was the springtime flooding, which the worst flooding during WWZ had occurred in 2020, which the flood waters submerged large parts of the city. Fargo would prove to be too great of a loss, and in the years following WWZ, would never be resettled.

A photograph smuggled by a Western journalist shows alleged MSS agents dressed up as People's Armed Police during the cover-up phase of the Solanum Virus outbreak in China, November 20, 2012. The Ministry of State Security was observed by Western and Israeli agencies to be arresting an unusually large amount of "dissidents" as part of an "anti-government riot" which nonetheless were cover-ups of putting down isolated outbreaks.

South Korean scientists in Hazmat suits before entering a high security laboratory in 2012. The virus has just been detected for the first time outside of China.

Douglas C-47B used by German Air Force during the WWZ.
The destruction of many airports and other aeronautical factories prompted many countries to use old aircraft such as the DC-3 or other AN-2.

A Shmel class River Gunboat patrolling along the Volga River, circa 2018.

The Brazilian River Monitor Parnaiba patrolling along the Amazon River in an Anti-Zek Sweep, circa 2016.

Romanian Navy River Monitors bombarding Zeks that were along the shoreline of the Danube River, circa 2020.

US medical workers in Hazmat suits during intial phases of outbreak in US. nearly 90per cent of them died in the first weeks of infection, trying to help and evacuate people.
A residential neighborhood in South Africa's Western Cape province on fire after being swarmed by a zombie horde.

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