Photos from The Man in the High Castle


A german soldier with a StG 44 and nightscope "Zielgerät 1229 Vampir". February, 1945. "Technological advantage over the mass" was one of the German Heer credo during the late WW2 and probably one of the reasons for the German victory.

Alternate Thomas Smith (right-most of drill SGT) training in MCRD Parris Island, SC, September 20, 1964.
(Full Metal Jacket)

J. Edgar Hoover, formerly the director of the pre-war Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the current director of the America Reich Bureau of Investigation (ARBI).

Evacuation of U.S. troops from the Solomon Islands after intense fighting there led to a bloody stalemate with Japanese forces, November 1942.

Spiked booby traps left behind by the Viet Minh. Booby traps like these have claimed the lives of countless Japanese and Millice forces fighting in the insurgency in French Indochina.
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