Photos from The Man in the High Castle


German soldier in Occupied Greenland, 1958.

considered by theorists and other Nazi occultists as the cradle of an Aryan hyperborean civilization, the polar circle was massively colonized and explored by Germany (which annexed many Norwegian and Danish islands). the attachment of Greenland to the Reich as an SS state will not surprise anyone.

"Cowboy resistance" in occupied Texas, c. 1964. These cowboys are known to operate throughout the former Southwestern United States and is alleged supported by the Mexican resistance across the border.
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Chinese New Year in Chinatown, San Francisco, JPS (c. 1953). In a move to win the hearts of the local Chinese population, the Japanese occupational government allowed these celebrations.

Captured American jeep with a German anti-tank gun Pak-36-England 1945.Despite the lend-lease, the British armed forces remained in numerical and technical inferiority throughout the war.

The Indian National Army, organized with Japanese help to overthrow the British Empire in India, on the Burmese front. WW2

Above: Hibaro-zoku Giyūtai—Indigenous Special Volunteers, South America, 1960.

Often deploring the dreadful waste of humans in post-war colonial Co-Prosperity Civilization building, Japan takes pride in providing a balanced place for subject peoples even within military and security forces.

Native Jivaros, as pictured above, with a long and fierce warrior tradition in their own right, have earned a proud record in militia, Scouts, and Raiding Groups, often serving as the figurative Tip of the Spear and “fire brigade” for Japanese regular forces, contributing speed and buying time before the full might of the Amazon Expeditionary Army could be brought the bear on continental hotspots.

Below: Trophy Tsantsa taken during the during the campaign against the “Zumbi Renascido” uprising, gifted to the Yūshūkan Museum, 1958.

Below: Automatic Beam Builder prototype, development guide, and concept art, Reichs Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, 1960.

An exciting development in the arena where the future affairs of man will be acted out, robot construction systems like the ABB are poised to completely dominate space structure fabrication, requiring only raw feedstocks and operating almost or entirely unmanned, making the speedy realization of enormous space projects (such as the upcoming Oberth Large-Scale Solar Research Facility) a feasible, practical venture!
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