While initial criticism by long time fan was strong, the casting of Michelle Yeoh as the God-Emperor of Mankind in the television adaptation of The Horus Heresy quickly won over audiences and led to GW to push their Warhammer 40,000 universe into new directions
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The redesign symbol of the New American Labor Party (2034). Founded in the Second great depression following the end of the Third World War of the late 90’s. It would win serval seats in Congress during and after the recovery but would be outlawed after the start of the forty world war and wouldn’t make a come back until it was legalized after the end of the Second American Civil War and the official end of WW3 with the Ohio Treaty. As of late serval NALP mayors have been accused of taking money and bribes with both para’s (short for paramilitaries) and organized crime.

Photo of New England City one of the largest cities in the United States and state capital of New Bristol with a population of 3.8 million. NEX was one day f the first cities to be built during the attempted American Renaissance project but failed along with the project as a whole.

D.C (circa 2039) it’s is one of the few cities in the nation that had managed to recover fully from the horrors and acts as a model city with a population of around 1.8 million.

Union Of Mexico flag being lowered by US soldiers after it’s annexation.

Jeffersonville the largest A.F.N antarctic colony.

An image of Santa Claus in New York City, taken directly before what was thankfully a failed assassination attempt on November 14th, 1964. Many people considered this attempt made on the life of Santa Claus as the inciting incident for the Third Martian War, which would see the North Pole, a neutral nation, getting involved in the conflict.​

Behind the scenes of the Smallville episode "Earth-2" with Tom Welling wearing an ugly Superman sweater to the amusement of Guest star Christopher Reeve

“How did you react when all of the Fab Four unfortunately died of a drug overdose, Mr. Presley?”



[Elvis begins to sob]

“Well, I- uh, th-they were too young to die! They shouldn’t have made that goddamn Magical fucking Tour number two. They were so good at- I apologize for my anger, everyone like me in 1972 were sad when we heard that they died of that fuc- excuse me, overdose.”

General Douglas MacArthur delivering the infamous "Martial Law" speech in Washington DC, shortly after the overthrow of President Jack Silas Reed of the Socialist Party of America, March 1937. The military takeover of the Federal Government in Washington and the declaration of martial law would become one of the main catalysts to some of the factions to the official beginning of the Second American Civil War.
"These are truly desperate times for the United States of America, on the perspective of myself and my military colleagues. We knew during the election that if Mr. Jack Reed and the Socialists win, America falls. We know that if Mr. Huey Long and the America First Union Party wins, America falls. And this shalt repeat to candidates Floyd Olson and John Nance Garner. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen of this very audience, we have taken the situation into our own hands and initiative. I'm afraid, and maybe regretfully, to tell you all that Jack Reed has officially been deposed from his newly elected position. We have installed a military government, with myself as the head. And therefore, my first act was to declare Martial Law to restore order to the United States and truly bring forth a system without Socialism or National Populism."

General Omar Nelson Bradley, who wasn't informed that the coup d'etat had already happened until 24 hours after MacArthur had declared martial law and had deposed Jack Reed and the Socialist Party's position, commented: "I have known MacArthur for many years now. I have known that he was once branded as "the most dangerous man in the United States". But, never did I imagined that he would do something like this: to actually overthrow the democratically elected Jack Reed and replace with a junta. As a follower, this obviously shocked me, but we must move on. I certainly believe democracy will be restored once again when order is restored."
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In 2003, the variety store chain Dollar General merged with Texas-based Whole Foods to become General Foods, with the mission of bringing a better selection of groceries to small towns throughout America.
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Elvis Presley - Apple Music ‘Rockdown!’ Interview (2020)

“My freaking internet is horrible right now, I apologize for my poor quality-“

“It’s fine Mr. King, one of my friends has poor internet, yet it doesn’t concern me and still talk to him anyways, So on to the first question; How did you make up the name of ‘Rockdown’? It is such a creative name in times like these!”

“Well thank God for the name! I thought about it simply when I was brainstorming about the name and the idea of replacing the lock in lockdown with rock. Thus there you have it, rock-down!”

A snippet of the 1950 map of the 'NextGen Worlda' map series on, showing the lower 48 of the divided United States post-WK2 divided into 5 nations; The shaky democracy of the United States of America, the Syndicalist Combined Syndicates of America, the right-wing Longist American Union State, the British Royalist New England, and the progressive left-wing Pacific States of America.