(Apart of The Iron Destruction Timeline, an original Nazi Victory TL inspired by the Cuban Missile War, Red Storm Rising, and Thousand-Week Reich)


“I have became death, the destruction of all worlds.”
- Robert Oppenheimer, after the detonation of the “Trinity” atomic bomb, 1947

“So I ask you, PPTO. Do you want Total War?”
- Joesph Goebbels, in his famous “Total War” speech, 1962

“...we will do all we can to insure peace, but if war is imposed upon us we will be together shoulder to shoulder as in the last war to strive for the happiness of mankind.”
- Georgy Zhukov, in his speech before the escalation of the Uralic Standoff Crisis, 1962



“I’m afraid that we have no choice but to intervene in the Ural border conflict, as the Soviets are our dear old allies...”


Pan-Pacific Treaty Organization (or PPTO for short) soldiers launching an offensive to Kirov.


Some German soldiers taking a break during the onslaught of Operation: Sigurd in German Norway.


German Führer Martin Bormann. He, along with Premier Zhukov and President Nixon, played an important role in the Uralic Standoff Crisis, and later the Second Great War.

(More to come....)
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Muito bem, você poderia fazer um de Richthofen em um uniforme da Segunda Guerra Mundial? Eu acho que há mais de um TL da Segunda Guerra Mundial alternativo onde alguém poderia encontrar um uso para tal foto, além disso, eu também estou um pouco curioso.
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Very cool but why Heer instead of Luftwaffe?
Also what language is that? some words are Spanish so I could follow what was written but the other words are foreign to me, Italian, Portuguese?