Don Quixote foi lançado nos cinemas em 1947, dirigido por Orson Welles e teve uma produção completamente difícil e complicada, devido a alguns imprevistos que aconteceram durante as gravações. seu lançamento foi adiado devido à Segunda Guerra Mundial em 1947, o filme tinha um orçamento de U $ 1100.000 por hora e ganhou um Oscar de melhor roteiro e melhor direção. parte desse sucesso no filme inspirou Walt Disney a fazer uma adaptação do livro para as animações que também foram bem-sucedidas, mas apenas médias.

Photograph of Lower Manhattan in March 2020 (In a reality where United Airlines Flight 175 inadvertently crashes into Midwest Express Flight 7)
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The War That Came Late​


Frederick Douglass the first African American President of the United States (1871). Coming into power after the shooting of President Lincoln by a southern secessionist. Douglass first speech would be him promising to put and end to this southern crisis once and for all saying “The Blood of the traitors shall water the Tree Of Liberty.”

CSA rebel soldier looks on after the end of the siege of fort sumter which was broken after the rebels used gas to force a union retreat.

Union blockade submersible firing on a confederate ship after surfacing during the early days of the python offensive.

Union troops charges at the first battle of bull run which quickly broke down into trench warfare a horrible Prophec

A resident of Earth 1239-Alpha in typical protective gear. Such measures are necessary after a new type of bio weapon was used during wars between the Kingdom of New France and Grand Columbia left much of the human population of the Americas(as well as some animal species) we severely compromised immune systems. In case your wondering the locals assured us the dog spheres are equipped to handle any messes they might make.
-Captain Anderson, Recon Team 12.

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A young Japanese toon girl named Kagari Atsuko, who is 15 years old and a second-class citizen of the Empire of Japan, participates in the “Akihabara Toon Rights March” in 1980 (which was banned by Tokyo).

Akihabara riot police chase after the toon protestors after firing live rounds at them when they (the toons) refused to heed the police warning and after tear gas proved ineffective.​
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