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The original Photos from Alternate Worlds, started by Tetsu in 2005, was one of the first major threads on AH.com to deal with "media from alternate worlds" as its premise. After more than 12 years (!), that thread reached the end of its life with nearly 500 pages of content and has been closed. It's time to start anew...

Here's a new thread to continue that simple, but interesting premise. Use it well, guys and gals. :)

Have fun and show off your talents !


A few quality guidelines, to avoid people posting random, non-AH junk:
- post photos and images that could convincingly pass as actual alternate history.
- photoshopped, hand-drawn, etc. works of your own are highly welcomed, especially if they're of good quality and fit the scenario described.
- you can post illustrations in addition to photos, but they should be of the same "this could convincingly pass for something from an ATL" standard of quality.
- no contemporary politics and no posting of memes or random pictures that you find funny. This isn't an "amusing stuff I found" thread, it's a thread to show off your creativity and skills at creating images from alternate universes. Also, no "edgy", questionable, or blatantly extremist content of any kind. (Should go without saying.)
- you can post stuff from realistic, hard-plausibility timelines/universes, as well as more fantastical universes. Just always be mindful there has to be a clear AH element in it. Random science fiction or fantasy pictures won't count as AH, unless you include some visual element or good explanation of why they're AH or part of some wider multiverse of timelines.
- if you find something from OTL that looks oddly AH, maybe this thread would be more appropriate.


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Good examples, good practices
Various examples of good quality content for this thread, randomly selected from the previous thread:

- surviving Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth passport
- Danish-Canadian showdown in the Arctic
- photo from an alternate Pacific War
- Nova Roma, rebel breakaway republic from the Roman Empire
- Abraham Lincoln, General Viscount of the Royal Fusiliers
- illustrations from an alternate history / future history setting
- Pacific Electric Streetcar, Long Beach, LA, July 2000
- illustrations (three in a row) of a surviving CSA in a modern war
- media and propaganda of Spacefilleria, an African authoritarian settler state
- James Lovell, former NASA director, and the command module of the first manned Mars mission
- Mark Gatiss as the Ninth Doctor in an alternate Doctor Who
- John Pershing and Doroteo Arango, heads of the Expeditionary Forces in France
- gas warfare in clockpunk Renaissance Italy, reflected in da Vinci's works
- classified photo of the HMS Ark Royal aircraft carrier ISOT event
- a different kind of steampunk Western, set in New Spain
- Harry Truman president, Lauren Bacall vice-president
- an alternate New Zealand, on Federation Day
- Yalta Conference ? More like Eridani Conference
- Chinese at the Yalta Conference (original painting by Shi Xinning)
- Confederate zeppelins shooting down a US zeppelin
- BBC Éire logo (successful Irish Home Rule bill TL)
- Mi-24 attack helicopter acquired by the Coast Guard
- Jour J comic book covers about alternate early 2000s
- Mallory and Irvine nearing the Mount Everest summit
- protesters against the CSA (based on this)
- "Perestroikapunk" early 1990s Soviet Union
- Noble Republic of Elfheim wiki infobox
- a Canadian Moon landing !
- the EU lands on the Moon
- ATL Reichstag flags: USA, CSA, UK, France, Italy, Russian Republic, Mexico, EU (1), EU (2)
- "Pre-make" film posters: 1970s Wolverine (with Al Pacino), The Fifth Element (with Sean Connery) and Unbreakable (with Paul Newman)
- preserved aliens from the early 20th century Martian War (1910: A Space Odyssey ! TL)
- New York in a British Dominion of North America
- English, Welsh and Scottish Railway
- empty supermarket in US-blockaded Montana
- God, the last album by the Beatles, from 1971
- Russia at war... in the late 1920s ?!
- soft drink ad with war propaganda overtones
- Otto V, Holy Roman Emperor article on Wikipedia
- USA/CSA border customs (original image by Cracked)
- posters promoting the fictional Mborivia
- Al Capone, grocery store mogul
- Republic of Puerto Rico battleship
- sapient kangaroo tribes in ATL Australia
- Turkey as a nuclear power

Just to give you at least a vague idea about what the guidelines mean in terms of quality standards. Hope it helps a bit. :)

To start you off, I'll do two more posts with images.
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The first flight of the first functional rostislav (rigid airship, zeppelin) in the world, constructed by and named after Republic of Novgorod inventor, Fyodor Andreyevich Rostislavsky. 8th September AD 1892, Karelian coast.

(Hey, airships are an old cliché, why not start with one ? ;))
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Another one of the Japanese Wolfenstein like the posts from the original Photos from Alternate Worlds thread:

The Conclusion of the Germany-Japan War


A statue of der Führer of the Greater German Reich, Adolf Hitler, in Berlin (built in his honour upon the German capture of Moscow in mid-1945).
It would be later torn down by invading Japanese soldiers as the German capital fell in Spring 1948. It would be draped in a partially ripped Nazi flag, attached, via chain, to a Japanese armoured car, and then dragged through the streets of Berlin for the defeated German soldiers and civilians to see. Hitler would be captured by the Japanese as he tried to flee, but rather than be executed the former Führer was whisked away to the far east...to Manchukuo.


Japanese troops march into Berlin, securing the Empire of Japan’s victory over the Third Reich.


German officials and military personnel surrender to Japanese forces.


Wehrmacht officers discuss the surrender terms amongst themselves as dictated by the victorious Japanese General Tadamichi Kuribayashi.


German military officials sign a unconditional surrender, ending the war (out of the camera’s view is president of Germany and Hitler’s designated successor, Karl Dönitz).


Imperial Japanese Army general Tadamichi Kuribayashi, head of the Central European Area Army and famed “Conqueror of Munich and Berlin”, he’d later be promoted to Field Marshal.


Japanese troops celebrate the capture of Berlin, and the end of the Germany-Japan War, at the Anhalter Bahnhof in front of a train.


Hunting Down the Defeated: The Kempeitai’s Search for Nazis Escapees


Agents of the dreaded Japanese military police, the Kempeitai. Here they are pictured in a train car in Germany waiting for an assignment which will determine who they shall hunt down.
In the immediate aftermath of the conclusion of the Germany-Japan War, many nazi officials would flee Germany for neutral nations such as Cuba, Spain, Switzerland, etc. With the Japanese establishment of a Jewish homeland in the former British Mandate of Palestine (see the State of Israel) after the war, the Kempeitai was tasked with hunting down nazi war criminals* and bringing them to justice** not just for the sake of Israel but also to prevent these Nazi runaways from stirring up trouble in the future.


Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring – captured by Kempeitai agents in Interlaken, Switzerland in 1949.
Göring was given the choice of honourable death via seppuku or to be executed by firing squad...Göring choice neither and committed suicide by taking cyanide.


Reich Minister of Armaments and War Production, Albert Speer.
Speer was handed over to the Kempeitai by the regime of Francisco Franco in 1950. Speer was given the same choice as Göring, he chose seppuku.


Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel.
Himmler was extradited by the military regime of Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista to Japan, after Tokyo pressured Havana into giving him up in Summer 1951. He was executed by hanging in Autumn 1951 (a top special adviser to the Kempeitai, one Reinhard Heydrich, was present at his former boss’s trial and execution).


The Creation of Israel (originally posted by @Historyman 14)


David Ben-Gurion proclaiming the independence of Israel, 1948.​

During the 'Germany-Japan War', the Japanese would liberate the concentration camps and extermination camps as they marched into Poland and Germany. With this, and Japan's historical good will to the Jewish people, Japan would set up the State of Israel within the whole of the British Mandate of Palestine. The Sinai Peninsula would later be given to Israel after the 'discovery of evidence of historical Jewish settlement', though the Khedivate of Egypt would protest this move by Japan (not that Japan cared).


Chiune Sugihara. A Japanese diplomat and vice-consul of the Japanese Consulate in Kaunas, Lithuania. Sugihara would also serve as Japan’s first ambassador to the State of Israel.
Sugihara saved thousands of Jews from both the Nazis and Red Army forces during the German-Soviet War. He would be rewarded both the Order of the Sacred Treasure and the Righteous Among the Nations.


Japanese people celebrating
Israel’s 60th Independence Day on May 7, 2008.
* = Ironic given Japanese atrocities in East Asia, the American West Coast, Russia, and Germany.

** = With exceptions being Reinhard Heydrich and a couple of others who were deemed useful to the Empire.
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Model of the First Bianjing Synagogue, as seen at the Chinese Museum of History. The building served as the original focal point of China's Jewish community, which was significantly smaller before the Wei Dynasty, and the possible birthplace of that dynasty's found, Emperor Cijiao.

October 15, 1996: Incumbent President Hillary Rodham campaigning in Arkansas with Senator Bill Blythe III, with his daughter by his side.
Sort of a repost from the other thread, decided it could use some work.

A United States Army armored unit on maneuvers near the USA-PRA demilitarized zone in the Appalachian region circa 1998. The People's Republic of America has often made a point of protesting these actions as a security threat to their nation.

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So I am continuing with the photos from L'Advance Francais,a timeline I had posted on the previous thread.
(PS:Where is chat?For this should go under current politics.)-

Jake Paul,(1997-present),an American politician,philanthropist,and youth leader.He became interested in politics in 2013,when he joined Young Republicans,the youth wing of the Republican Liberal Party.While his brother Logan gained prominence among the Young Republicans,he did not rise to prominence till last year.His rise was not met without hate from leaders such as French politician Bryan Le ,who has called him several names,and Swedish MP Felix Kjellberg.
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The 25th Wehrmacht Divison approaches a town in RK Moscowen occupied by rebellious partisans. The vassal state was always a pain to hold on to, and skrimishes like this one are all too common.
The Millennium War was a military conflict that started on 15 March 1999 and lasted until 17 January 2000. It was fought by NATO member states, Russia and Belarus. Other Western names for the conflict are the "NATO-Russian War" and the "Eastern European War". In Russia it is known as the Second Great Patriotic War (Вторая Великая отечественная война) and the Kaliningrad War (Калининградская война).
The war was the result of escalating tensions between Russia and the Western powers in the aftermath of the Second Chechen War, culminating in the Kaliningrad Missile Crisis following Poland's accession into NATO in May 1998 and deployment of alliance's forces in the country in February 1999. In response to Western military deployment in Poland, Russian President Alexander Lebed' declared Russia was abandoning the 1992 Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe and moved Russian military forces including short and intermediate-range ballistic missiles into the Kaliningrad Oblast and Belarus. The United States ordered an ultimatum to Russia on 13 March 1999, demanding the immediate removal of Russian missiles from Kaliningrad and Belarus by 15 March; it was rejected by Russia, which demanded NATO in turn to remove its forces from Poland.
On 15 March 1999 at 04:00 local time, several hours after the ultimatum expired, NATO launched an invasion of Kaliningrad Oblast and Western Belarus, coupled with a massive bombing campaign against Russian economic and military targets in the region. The invasion was described by US President Clinton as a "pre-emptive strike", aimed at removing the threat of Russian military aggression against Poland, the Baltic states and Central European nations. In August 1999, the invasion turned into a stalemate; NATO forces have surrounded Kaliningrad, occupied most of Kaliningrad Oblast' and the whole of Belarus west of the Skidzyel'-Vawkawysk-Pruzhany-Kobryn line. The United States sent a peace proposal on 10 August, demanding Russia to disarm and demilitarize the Kaliningrad Oblast and Belarus under UN supervision; Russia rejected it.
In September 1999, Russia turned the tide of the war with a major counter-offensive in Belarus. NATO forces retreated from Belarus into Poland in October; on 3 October 1999, Russian forces invaded neutral Lithuania to secure transport links with Kaliningrad and prevent NATO from using it as a staging ground against Russia. In the winter of 1999, Russian forces linked with besieged defenders of Kaliningrad and advanced into central Poland. Following massive anti-war protests in America and Western Europe, the United States agreed to a Russian cease-fire proposal on 3 January 2000. The war was ended by the Chinese-mediated Beijing Agreement signed on 17 January 2000, which restored status quo ante bellum.
The war caused significant civilian casualties and devastated the region. The conflict over troop deployment in Eastern Europe would be only resolved by the 2003 Bratislava Agreement signed by US President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin, which established the Eastern European Demilitarized Zone.


NATO's strike on Kaliningrad on the opening day of the war, as reported in Russian TV news, 15 March 1999.


NATO M2A2 Bradley IFVs cross the Bug river at the Polish-Belarusian border, 15 March 1999


American troops advance in Kaliningrad Oblast, April 1999


Wreckage of NATO F-117 stealth bomber shot down over Western Belarus, April 1999


American M1A1 Abrams tank in Belovezhskaya Puscha, Belarus, June 1999


Russian BTR-70 in Baranovichi, Belarus, September 1999


Polish anti-aircraft fire over Warsaw, September 1999


Russian bombardment of Central Warsaw, as reported in Polish TV news, 17 September 1999


Russian vehicles in Lithuania, November 1999


Russian troops in the streets of Brest, Belarus, November 1999


British and Polish troops in rural Poland, November 1999


Russian troops in Kaliningrad, 6 January 2000


Kaliningrad after the war, February 2000


So I am continuing with the photos from L'Advance Francais,a timeline I had posted on the previous thread.
(PS:Where is chat?For this should go under current politics.)-

Jake Paul,(1997-present),an American politician,philanthropist,and youth leader.He became interested in politics in 2013,when he joined Young Republicans,the youth wing of the Republican Liberal Party.While his brother Logan gained prominence among the Young Republicans,he did not rise to prominence till last year.His rise was not met without competition from leaders such as rogue leader of the Asian American Solidarity Party Bryan Le.
To Be Continued+
Oh dear. Oh dear dear dear.

Harrison Ford and George Lucas discussing the direction for an action scene on the set of Flash Gordon 3 circa 1982.

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The flag of the Dominion of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands-

(Made by fashbasher)
The Dominion of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands was created in 1948 as a sovereign nation for the Anglo-Indian community of India after Independence.As a result,the country's main religion is Christianity.In the 1960s,riots broke out between the local Nicobarese and the Anglo-Indian majority.Tensions between the two groups still exist today.The national animal of the islands is the Dugong and the national bird is the Nicobar Pigeon.

Frank Anthony (1908-1993),former Prime Minister of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Frank Anthony was born in Jubbulpore,in what is now Jabalpur district,Madhya Pradesh,India.He studied at Nagpur University and then in Inner Temple,London,to become a barrister.He was one of the major players in the creation of the Dominion.He was elected to power in the 1950 elections,and stayed in power for quite a few years.Today,he is much-loved by the people,and a top-drawer school in Port Blair carries his name.

John Richardson (1896-1978),bishop and former Andaman and Nicobarese minister of Indigenous Affairs
John Richardson was born on June 6 to Car Nicobarese parents,in the village of Mus.When he was 10 he was sent to attend school at the SPG Mission in Mandalay,in what is now Myanmar.He was confirmed by Hugh-de Fellenberg-Montgomery.In Rangoon he became the first Anglican priest who was also Nicobarese.He then returned in 1912 to work as a teacher and got married at the age of 17 in 1913.He served as honorary tax officer from 1925 to 1923,and as Conservator of Port between 1923 and 1933.In 1923,he authorised the first Car Nicobarese primer,using a modified version of the Latin script.
While he was first appointed as 'Chief Headman' by the Japanese during their occupation of the Island,he was later arrested and tortured.Two of his sons were killed,and he himself was sentenced to death twice.Soon his people threatened rebellion.He was awaiting the death penalty when the war ended.During the war he got married again in 1943.
In 1948,after the independence of the Islands,he was appointed Minister of Indigenous Affairs.He was awarded several national awards,and translated the Bible into Nicobarese in 1970.He died in 1978.

Third Governor-General of The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Oscar Stanley Dawson.
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