Photos from 1983: Doomsday


An RCAF CF-104 fighter flying during the 1980s in Germany. These planes carried US nuclear weapons as a part of the RCAF Contribution during the Cold War from its European bases.

Halloween street performance in Barangay Tondo, Metro Manila, Philippines on October 31, 2019. While most Filipinos go to cemeteries and back to the provinces to visit relatives, Halloween culture such as trick-or-treating, costume parades, and Halloween parties have been popularized due to the presence of the American diaspora.
Source: Gabi ng lagim

A mint condition Dacia 1300 in Croatia. This car is produced by a Automobile Dacia, a Romanian car manufacturer with its headquarters located Arges County, Romania. Just like all car manufacturers around the world, Dacia stopped production for roughly two decades before starting again in the 2000s-2010s.

Tim Duncan (right) during a basketball practice with several athletes in St. Croix, USAR.

Tim Duncan, a native of the Virgin Islands in the East Caribbean Federation who played basketball and association football. Duncan was considered a mediocre goalkeeper in the East Caribbean Federation's football program, but a Puerto Rican scout discovered him playing pickup basketball one day, and gave him a chance to tryout for a San Juan club. Duncan went on to play club basketball in Puerto Rico for seven seasons, and led the East Caribbean team in three world championships.

AJS-37 Viggen takes off from a highway strip in Sweden during the cold war.

The policy of neutrality combined with a capable and well-trained armed force have made post-war Sweden a recognized international power.

The Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is a site of pilgramage for both Sunni and Shia Islam. From 1983 to the late 2000s, majority of the world's Muslim population could not travel to Mecca due to the difficulty of travel. With travel being slowly restored, Muslims around the world can now return to Mecca.

A Commonwealth Air Force airman dressed in a Santa Claus costume takes part in Operation Christmas Drop above the integral territory of Micronesia, December 25, 2019. Started by the United States in 1952 when the region was still known as the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand has continued the tradition.
Australia and Brazil ringing in the New Millennium as January 1, 2000 arrives on their respective timezones. While the new millennium begins without any large festivals as apparently no one could enjoy firing rockets to the sky since a vast majority of the post-Doomsday survivors are still scrabbling for survival, there were celebrations taking place in the Southern Hemisphere.


Two Soviet mercenaries (Formely Spetsnaz operatives) pose with American made M16A1 and a West German made (possibly Pakistani) G3A4 rifles used by Mujaheddin forces during the Afghan conflict; location unknown, circa 1990s.
a significant part of former officers and soldiers of the Red Army deserted after the nuclear apocalypse forming bands of mercenaries across Asia.
Jervis Bay, ANZC (July 21, 2019): Chamorros or Guamanian People celebrate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of their island from the Japanese during World War II. Guam was all but destroyed during Doomsday by Soviet nuclear weapons since the island had an air force base capable of housing B-52s and a submarine base. Only a significant amount of Guamanians survived and settled in the territories ANZC.


Vietnamese civilians and soldiers equipped with US made weapons and fatigues during the Vietnamese Civil War (1984-1988).