Peshawar Lancers Redux: North America

President Gleason submitted a proposal to the Congress to begin a multiyear build up of the American Navy. The proposal called for the construction of 1 battleship,2 heavy cruisers,3 light cruisers,6 destroyers,3 submarines and 4 auxiliaries. A similar amount would be laid down in the next year. The USAAC would pay for the construction of 12 prototype fighters and after testing more would be ordered. The President was trying to find someone who would run for President in 1940. He had already made clear that he would not seek another term
The President and Mrs Edward J Gleason had bought several pieces of property in Ozone Park section of New York City. The houses were being demolished and a bigger house would be built on the estate. It was within walking distance of the race track. The President's brothers had tried to convince him to build his house on Staten Island but he had preferred the section of Queens in Ozone Park. Everything should be completed before the summer of 1940. He had already raised money for a Presidential Library and it would be part of the University of New York on Long Island.
Jack Casey who was related to the wife of John Gleason wife Catherine announced that he was forming a committee to explore whether he had support in the President's Party to seek the nomination for President. He was a businessman in New York and help to run the family's construction company. He had spoken with John Gleason and was to meet with the President during his visit to NY. So far he was the first person to express an interest in running.
President Gleason met with Jackie Casey and they discussed whether he should be the possible candidate of the President's Party for 1940. Jackie had made money in the construction business and was not a poor man. Still the President asked him a lot of questions and also had the Secret Service check to see that he was not involved with the wrong people.
George Patrick Moseby, was the Grandson of the former Governor of California. He had served in the Legislature of the state for two terms before returning to run the family's ranch. He had served on a key commission in the state. In 1934 he was elected to the US House of Represenatives and served until 1939. He announced that he would seek the Nationalist Party Nomination for President.
George Moseby got the support of two key players in the party that were serving in the US Senate. Senator Longstreet and his compatriot the Senator from California endorsed the Congressman and began fund raisers to raise money to get him elected. George had support from other Nationalist Party members in the house and sever Governors. The Party was eager to regain the Presidency.
Rep. Moseby approached Senator Bob Taft about running a joint Nationalist-Republican Ticket in 1940. He offered him the VP Position on the ticket He believed that if the parties united again they could crush the opposition. President Gleason announced in late January that he would not be running for a third term and since the Vice President expressed no desire to run he was considering supporting Mr Casey.
Rep. Moseby approached Senator Bob Taft about running a joint Nationalist-Republican Ticket in 1940. He offered him the VP Position on the ticket He believed that if the parties united again they could crush the opposition. President Gleason announced in late January that he would not be running for a third term and since the Vice President expressed no desire to run he was considering supporting Mr Casey.
"Senator Bob Taft" as a possible candidate for Vice President in 1940? If you mean a "Bob Taft" who is an entirely different person from OTL's Bob Taft (and given the name Taft merely because of the timeline designer's penchant for satire), I'm OK with that. Ordinary people can have the same name as famous people in OTL, and one or more ordinary people with such names can conceivably become political people of influence in TTL. I've seen name coincidences more than once in OTL. Likewise, a person of extraordinary genius born before a Point of Departure can conceivably become a person of note in the new timeline and even become MORE distinguished in response to POD crises more serious than anything in OTL during the same years. Thus I do not object to Theodore Roosevelt (b. 1858) becoming a major figure after the huge disaster of 1878 when he was of college age and when his family had already molded him and he was in our pre-POD world a self-disciplined young college man. And it is not inconceivable that William Howard Taft (b. 1857), father of Bob Taft, would have met Roosevelt before the POD (Roosevelt was at Harvard, Taft at Yale).

But here we we seem to have "our" Republican Sen. Bob Taft (born 1889), 11 years after the POD disaster, inserted into the story post POD. This may violate the butterfly principal that after a major POD everything will rapidly change, which means all moments of conception and the dna of all children. The Taft family would possibly have a child in 1857--but it would be on another date and/or time of day, and the child might be a girl rather than a boy, be given a different name and be radically different in skills, appearance, etc, and certainly be different from "our" Bob Taft. Same with all children worldwide within months of the POD, since changes in the atmosphere and temperature will reach even tribes in the deep Amazon. And think of how many husbands and/or wives did not survive the POD so any conceivable child they could have produced thereafter would never exist, resulting in millions more butterflies! And the fact that the changes in society after the POD will open new possibilities for William Howard Taft while precluding many of his ISOT possibilities and even radically changing his interests and personality so he is never the "founder" of a Republican Party dynasty (and who knows, even if there is a very different child named Bob Taft with William Howard Taft as father, that child may have a different mother and different talents, strengths and weaknesses, like the famous portrait and landscape painter Robert Taft or the Robert Taft who dies obscurely of alcoholism like his maternal grandfather, or the engineer Robert Taft who dies of a fever while building a railroad in South America [all in different versions of TTL]

In designing alternate timelines, care should be taken to follow the butterfly principle. And if a person born a few years before the POD features as prominent in the post-POD timeline (avoiding the butterflies of direct disaster location, disease distribution, accidents, etc.), care should be taken that his or her "life arc" fits with the new timeline in a plausible way.
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The Senator declined the offer to run as Vice President. Rep Moseby then turned to Governor Russell Landry R-Ok. Landry had been elected as Governor twice as a Republican although last time he had also been endorsed by the Nationalist Party. He was Popular among the Governors and also was well respected by Nationalist leaders such as the Current Senator Longstreet.
The Nationalist Party appeared to be rallying around Mr Moseby. The Congress man was fundraising. The Nationalist Party Convention was set for June 6,1940 in Nashville ,Tenn.
1940 President Gleason was in the final year of his Presidency. Primaries and conventions were going to be happening all year long as the political parties choose their nominees. A family friend was making a run for congress Patrick Edward Smith was the son of a family friend and he was looking out for him. He had given him some advise and had called on some friend to help him out. His daughter had graduated from High school and the President and his wife had been there along with a lot of relatives. Soon he would be back in New York and would work on a book about the 8 years that he had been President
The Governor of Oklahoma informed Mr Moseby that he would be unable to run for Vice President due to an illness suffered by his son, who was hospitalized. Governor Philip G Sherman Nationalist -Ohio was asked to be the running mate He was a distant relative of the famous Civil War General and his brother the former Senator.
Polls showed that the Nationalist-Republicans were slightly ahead and were in a stronger position to increase their lead. Mr Casey was known in NY but was not as stronggly liked by the people as the President. Congressman Moseby was known in California and he had another advantage in that his Grandfather had fought against the Mexican Invasion and had latter served as Governor of the state.
President Gleason had ponder what amount of campaigning he would do. He had decided that he would appear in New York, New Jersey. Connecticut, Penn, Washington and West Virginia. He was scheduled to do three fund raisers for the Party and that would be it.
After some hard campaigning by both parties the election was held.Mr Casey took, Maine,Vermont,Massachusetts(barely winning),Connecticut,New York(Again he barely won and that was thanks to President Gleason_New Jersey. Michigan, MN,,WA, and ORE. Mr Moseby carried the rest of the Country. Meaning the Nationalist would be returning to control of the Presidency as well as control of the Congress.
The President elect then arrived in the capital to meet with President Gleason and the Congressional leadership. He would be announcing his cabinet. He had named a young lawyer from California to be one of his advisors Marion Morrison who had graduated from UCLA and then had gone to law school graduated.
President Elect Moseby nominated Edward J Ru,ggero for Secretary of War, William J Coughlin for Attorney General and Jay Worrall for Secretary of State and John F Dulles for Asst Secretary of State and Paul J Jones for Secretary of the Navy.
President Gleason sent a request for Money to finish the work on the Truk Island Naval Base and then he delivered a Christmas Greeting to the Nation. On January 18,1941 he delivered a farewell address to the Nation on Radio. He would be leaving the residence with his wife and daughter on the Morning of January 20th and leaving for the Alf Base for a trip back home to New York thus concluding 8 years as President. His Presidential Library was under construction on Long Island and the State University of New York Stony Point Campus. He had raised 12 million dollars in donations for its construction. His papers would be stored there and he would have an office there. He would receive a Presidential Pension of $36,000.00 a year plus there would be an inflation adjustment
President Moseby was having the last members of his cabinet sworn in. He had sent a thank you letter to the former President for his kindness in making the transition a smooth operation. He and his wife sent a gift to the former President and his wife and daughter.
The former President had already been asked to join the Board of Directors at Chase Manhattan. His daughter had been hired by the bank.