Pervez's map thread

Even if I could be bothered to search for whatever map thread is the current one, I have so much stuff to post that I'd end up owning it anyway. So I've created my own thread. These are maps I have, mind you, not maps I've made. I'll limit myself to 3 a day.

I think the Romanian historical provinces would be a good place to start. Here's Wallachia under Mircea the Elder. The Dobruja was lost late in his reign (I believe the exact year is not clearly established) and Bessarabia after his death. The conflict with Hungary over Fagaras, Amlas and the Banate of Severin would continue throughout the 15th century. The Banate of Severin (which should include the city, an error on the map) was finally partitioned along the Carpathians after the Battle of Mohacs. Not sure when Fagaras and Amlas were lost for the last time, but probably before Mohacs.

Here's Moldavia under Stephen the Great. The ports of Chilia/Kilia on the Danube and Cetatea Alba/Akkerman on the Dniester were lost to the Turks in 1484, thus depriving the principality of access to the sea. Pokuttya was a fief under Polish suzerainty and should be shown as such; after Stephen's death it led to 3 or 4 decades of Polish-Moldavian conflict before being permanently lost. Ciceu and Cetatea de Balta were acquired in 1489 as compensation for the ports lost to the Ottoman Empire and held until cca 1570. Craciuna was conquered from Wallachia in 1482, and according to some sources the whole region of Vrancea to the north of it had been Wallachian up to that point.

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Here's Transylvania. Historic Transylvania has always been the area in blue, yellow, green, and the 2 shades of gray, but after the dismemberment of Hungary it obtained some adjacent areas of Hungary proper (known as the Partium because they were officially separate from Transylvania), and the map shows how that territory varied. By the early 18th century (the map says 1732), the Partium had been reduced to a couple of small pieces of territory.

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This is the Bernadotte plan for the partition of Palestine, completed the day before his assassination by the Stern Gang. It also called for a free port at Haifa (in Jewish territory) and a free airport at Lydda/Lod (in what was assigned as Arab territory). The first plan, also unsuccessful, had been for a federal Palestine along similar borders.