Pearl of the East of Borneo

In the East of Borneo
The lands South of Nihon and east of Borneo, the lands of Sambali(Sanfotsi), Kumintang, Ma-Yi, Butuan, and Toupo would have existed, the lands of Sambali, Kumintang, Butuan, and Toupo would have relations with the Song Dynasty, Sri Vijaya with trade and would have used Malay as their own commercial and trading language with neighbors, the Kingdom of Pangasinan in Sambali would have extensive trading relations with the Song Dynasty.

The Song Dynasty and Sri Vijaya would have established trade with these areas and established trade with these countries which would have improved their own standing with trade, the land of Sanfotsi would have been in the Malay trading route to Nihon.

In the 13th century the Nestorian Christians would have entered the lands of Sambali as well as the Muslim missionaries from the Kingdom of Sumadera in Sri Vijaya which would have caused the lowlanders of Sambali to gradually convert to Islam and have a minority of its population to be Nestorian Christians which would have formed the Sultanate of Sambali in Sambali.

On the death of Genghis Khan, his empire would be divided between his sons after his death and Ogodei was chosen as the leader of the Mongols, the Song Dynasty would avoid reconquering the lands of the Jin Dynasty and focused on improving its relations with the surrounding Kingdoms which includes the lands in East of Borneo and South of Nihon.

The Kingdoms of Butuan, Sanmalan, and Sugbu in the South were established by Indian Immigrants or mixed indian and Malay, however, Sanmalan and Sugbu were established by scions of Chola in Sri Vijaya.

With no Majapahit colonization and dynastic marriage, many of the ethnic groups would not exist in Luzon as they are either descendants of colonizers from Majapahit and refugees from Majapahit like in the timeline project Gers on the Pacific which had many incarnations, the POD of this timeline is the same as my other timeline No Diversion as it is in the same universe in 1199 where in Eleanor of Brittany marries Louis VIII due to her being the bride who was given to the French in the treaty of Le Goulet so expect me to integrate this timeline to that timeline at one point.

There is no Selurong name for Luzon name as well as the name is used since the Majapahitan times, so the words Sambali/Sanfotsi(Northern Luzon), Ibalon(Bicol), Kumintang(South West Luzon), and Ma-Yi(Mindoro) would be used instead, Toupo and Butuan are areas/kindgoms in Mindanao.

No Majapahit, means no Datus from Borneo who would immigrate to Visayas and Southern Luzon which would change the politics of Southern Luzon and Visayas.
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