PC:WI: A greater Cinco De Mayo

Even though i'm not from the US or Mexico, the events partaking the Battle Of Puebla, which led to the Cinco De Mayo celebration that is being held today, interested me.
Digging a bit deeper, i found out about a second battle in Puebla, whereas the mexican rebels where finally defeated by Maximilian's royal forces.
As such, i hang a question: what if the mexican rebels had managed to hold back the royalist forces for a second time? Say, had the mexican rebels managed to defeat the small royalist contingent at the Battle Of Camarón and looted the artillery they were escorting?
If the Second Mexican Empire had never been implemented and Maximilian had decided that Mexico was a foregone conclusion, how would mexican history be affected? Would this greater victory displace the Cinco De Mayo celebration by a few days?
On a side note, how would this affect the then-ongoing American Civil War in the north?
Actually, Maximilian had yet to arrive in México. It was the French who were attacking the city again.

Camarón was after the 2nd Battle of Puebla, actually, so that doesn't matter for the outcome. Now, what can help a second Mexican victory is if they receive more supplies. Gonzaléz Ortega asked for more, but his request was dismissed since no one thought the battle would last for as long as it did. If Ortega receives the supplies, perhaps that can turn the tide.

Anyway, if the French lose a second time, it's likely that they might consider it a lost cause, and not try for Third Time's the Charm. Unless it's a pride thing they don't decide to quit. Either way, they still have a limited window of opportunity, considering Prussia and stuff, so they can't afford to put too much effort across the Atlantic for too long.

Yes, it would certainly displace Cinco de Mayo when it comes to the date. Well, the 2nd battle was from March to May OTL, so unless it ends earlier and happens to end on May 5 again, then yeah. Otherwise, it might just be called another thing.

Not sure on how it could affect the ACW. Not much different from OTL, perhaps.
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