Yeah I think you guys have worked out that this is gonna get really brutal, so if you don't like a good doomsday pandemic scenario then maybe it's not the TL you want. @Otakuninja9000 thanks for saying that you're looking forward to it, ignore the other dude :)
Update is coming, but likely not for a while. Got some shit going on (mostly good shit though) so I'd say don't expect it by the end of this month. Sorry to keep you guys waiting.
I know this won't be included in the update but I wonder if cash strapped Roskosmos will accelerate the de-orbiting of the aging Soviet/Russian Mir space station, thanks to the chaos of the pandemic.

The International Space Station which was first launched in 1998 will most likely be delayed or outright cancelled by the destruction caused by the pandemic.

Will the Space Shuttle program even survive the funding cuts brought by the pandemic...

This timeline will be an absolute travesty for Space exploration no what happens. We're going to be set back by a least a decade or more...
If Columbine won’t happen at all, then my guess is there will probably be some other kind of alternate event later on that’ll have the same impact as Columbine did (if you’ve ever read the TL Player Two Start and it’s sequel, Massively Multiplayer, it prevented Columbine from happening only to result in another school shooting 2 years later that created the same impact as Columbine IRL). Plus it’s not like the odds of a school shooting are completely shooed away in a pandemic, unfortunately - take a look at the real life Oxford High School shooting for example.
Productions like Batman and Robin and the Star Wars trilogy are going to be disrupted and released at a later date as with any potential sequels because of the much deadlier bird flu.