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An interesting uptake on cultural folklore and fringe cults.

The Ottoman state could argue that those cults arent compliant with Ra'y, due to the damage that provokes to citizens and properties, setting a precedent for future cultural expressions.
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I admit it's interesting one shift of this world led the Finnish Swedes stepping out of the shadows into of being subsumed into Finnish nationalism, like the OTL, that said I don't think their fates going to kind, as ironically once the current qusi facist Russian government realizes the issue of the Finnish threat, well the chopping block means some others will take their place and resettle it.
Vignette - Liberation of Vienna
Vignette - Liberation of Vienna

Vienna, Strasserist Germany
12 September, 1945

Tobias Wagner grunted as one of the German soldiers grunted and shoved him out of the road, grabbing his bracelet. As the war winded down, such actions were becoming more and more common, much to Tobias's displeasure. Berlin believed Austrians to be Germans, but they weren't gaining any allies in Austria which such actions being sanctioned by Berlin. Besides, the German identity of the Austrian people had long been shred by the Austrian peoples. After what happened to Blessed Karl.......well, there was reason why calling an Austrian a German was called a grave insult these days.

Tobias grunted and pulled himself up and made a rude gesture behind the German patrol line's back, and then tumbled towards his house on the outskirts of the city. Trying to come to the inner city to gain some food rations had become a dangerous task nowadays. The German Government was becoming more and more paranoid. The late entry of Russia into the war had thrown a total spanner into the war planning of the German Military, according to whispers. If that was so, Tobias prayed to God that his brother who had been forced into the German Army came back alive. He didn't want his brother to be killed by a Russian gun on the Eastern Front.

Tobias shook his head. He didn't want to think about such grim tales. By all rights, his life was about to turn grim soon. The Three Allies were pushing deep into the Balkans according to German news, and Vienna was extremely close to some of the frontlines to Tobias's comfort. He had elderly parents to look after! How could he do that with the frontlines so close?! He snorted and jumped on his cycle and started to peddle all the way home. After a few minutes, he found his mother and father, elderly people both of them in their sixties sipping some hot tea that his old mother had evidently made. He entered the small decrepit house they lived in and raised a cup to his mother. Her mother smiled and poured tea into his cup from the steaming pitcher.

His wife, Emilia struggled out of the small kitchen and looked at him. "Did you manage to get the bread rations?"

"Aye." Tobias pointed at the small packets of bread that were strewn on the living room's table. "The rations are becoming smaller and smaller as the days pass. The Germans are becoming more and more desperate this means. We will need to find another means of food soon enough if this situation continues."

Emilia's lips thinned in concern as she nodded, her brown hair whipping around as she returned to the kitchen with the bread. Tobias put his hands on his head, trying to think of good ways of foraging new food for the family. He frowned, and whipped his head to his father, and asked, "Father, do you know where Karl is at?"

Karl, his wayward son had got into trouble too many times to count with the German occupying authorities. Tobias knew he had made a mistake in naming his child Karl after the Emperor. The Emperor's Martyrship had only strengthened his son's belief that he would be a freedom fighter for the Austrian country. That was all well and good, and Tobias like any good Austrian had his own Austrian pride as well, but he was not willing to put his family on the line for freedom fighting. Some of the reprisals conducted by the Germans to Austrian Freedom Fighter Families had been so gruesome that they were etched into Tobias's mind. And speak of the devil, and he arrives. His eighteen year old son stumbled into the house carrying a rifle and its bullet packets.

Tobias leapt to his son, and ripped the rifle and packets out of his hands and hid them underneath a secret compartment on a table, and then he turned to his son. Karl was sporting the most ironic and wry smile as he sat on the chair next to the radio. Tobias grunted as he sat down beside his son and asked, "What's going on? I haven't seen you smile like that ever since the Germans rolled in."

"Why don't you walk outside to the southern outskirts father. There you will see." His son guffawed at him, irritating him a bit. Tobas leaned back and scratched his head. Why not? He had nothing better to do.

He ambled slowly to the southern gates of the city. His old father ambled alongside him. He was evidently curious by Karl's change in demeanor as well. They saw a large crowd gathering near the southern region of the city as well, with the German Military trying to herd people back. Tobias's curiosity grew further and further as he ducked into one of the bombed out of buildings and climbed upwards to see what was going on. He finally climbed onto somewhat stable floor on the third floor of the partially bombed out building. He craned his head towards the shattered window, towards the southern plains when he gasped and stumbled backwards. He was caught by his father - let it be said that elderly age was not excuse for not exercising! - and his father's eyes widened too as he looked at the distant sight seen from the shattered window.

Tanks, troops, artillery, all pointing themselves to the city. On the southeastern side, stood a large pole sporting the flag of the Kingdom of Bulgaria, with their red-green-white tricolor with the Bulgarian Lion roaring in the wind. On the southwestern side stood another large pole sporting the blue and white flag of the Kingdom of the Hellenes, its flag growling in the wind. In the center.........the crescent and star flag roared into the wind. Tobias smiled sanguidly as he followed his father onto the ground and he stumbled back to his home.

Who knew? 262 years after Turks, Bulgarians & Greeks came to capture Vienna, now they were here to liberate Vienna.

Oh the irony.
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