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The road to the American Civil War began with the Mexican American War. Suddenly, there was the certainty that the Union would annex vast swaths of land. With the repeal of the House Gag Rule in 1844, the floor was open for a great sectional debate. That debate began with the introduction in 1846 of the Wilmot Amendment, which banned slavery in any land annexed from Mexico. OTL, the Amendment passed the House, but it died in the Senate when, due to the Senate clock being eight minutes slower than the House clock, Senator John Davis talked until they ran out of time and no voting could occur. This timeline will explore a world where there is no discrepancy between the two clocks and the Wilmot Amendment passes the Senate. It will explore an America where the South desperately fights to expand their “peculiar Institution” to save themselves from the Yankees, and an America were the great Sectional Rift that opens sows an early harvest of radicalism and bloodshed. But from these foundations rises a New Birth of Freedom…
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