Modern Japanese culture of Japan if Operation Downfall happens and Japan was divided into Communist North and Democratic South?

So lets say Operation Downfall happens and Japan is split into North and South. Would Japanese culture as we know it still exist? Would we get anime as a mass pop culture boom? Would Japanese electronics such as Sony, Panasonic, Tobisha, ect still dominate? How would video game culture look like since many video game companies such as Sony, Nintendo, Square Enix, ect are based in Japan? Would J-pop as we know it exist? How about the Japanese automotive industry?
Well, this is hard, but let's guess then.

Anime would still exist, but it would be a quite different style than otl. I predict it would become darker, grittier, and realistic. At least that would make me interested.

Since Japan is split in half, electronics would still blossom just like South Korea. Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc. might still exist or be renamed into something else.

VIdeo game culture would follow the same trajectory as western gaming companies. It wouldn't be unique but there might be some masterpiece games among the industry. (Please let Total War exist, pls).

J-Pop may or may not exist since I'm not an expert on Japanese music.

The automotive industry would still exist. Mitsubishi and Toyota along with its iconic pickup truck would still be manufactured and exported across the world.

This is just my 2 cents since I'm not sure what it would look like.
It depends how long it takes the Japanese Government and Military to surrender and if there's long term guerilla resistance to the occupying nation. If the surrender takes place shortly after the invasion with most the fighting taking place on the coast and in key port cities then South Japan likely looks mostly like current modern day Japan though probably with a closer relationship to the United States as they'll always be looking over there shoulder toward the North and a new ideological enemy. These new economic and political ties will be reflected in culture with say more of a military scifi theme in a lot of the fiction, also movies, tv shows, and biography's about life during the invasion and occupation. Maybe Godzilla or a similar analogue is born in atomic fire and then uses Tokyo as a nest turning people into little monsters similar to itself.

Northern Japan which may simply become the People Republic of Hokkaido would likely become a Russian client state with an economy focused on mineral extraction, heavy industry, and agriculture. Pop culture would be dictated by the state if it's on the Soviet model, that means a heavy focus on Socialist Realism style art. That being said I expect Science Fiction to be very popular both as a form of escape and as a way to comment on politics on the fly. Folklore and myth will be put on TV and movie screens especially if there is a strong socialist or communal message that can be tied to it. Likely there will be a massive black market for those looking for cultural imports or craving something banned from the olds days of the Japanese Empire.

In a worst case scenario with the Japanese Army or a rebel faction with wide support fighting to the bitter end there likely will be no Japanese Culture or Japanese culture in name only. I find this scenario more a modern myth than reality but can't be ruled out as their are cultural aspects that support it. In a scenario like this North and South Japan are only nominally independent and probably treated more like conquered colonies by Moscow and Washington than anything else. Huge amounts of the populations will likely have died do to warfare, starvation, collapse of infrastructure and disease. Anything resembling the old days will be stamped out as the occupying nations don't want even a hint of nationalism reigniting and the majority of those that survive the war will go along with it as they'll be dependent on the allies for food imports at least for the short term. Reluctantly South Japan will likely be much more open to immigration and refugees as it's lost so many people, this brings the biggest change to culture as the new Lingua Franca may well be English with Japanese reserved for the home. After a few generations Japan will likely be a fusion culture of the new and old. Fiction will reflect this too as ideas start to clash expect themes like everyone around you being a stranger, and people struggling to understand their new world and adapt with all the difficulties that implies. Cities and urban planning will be carried out in the style of the occupying nations as well during the rebuilding. Neither North or South Japan of a world like this would not resemble any culture we've seen before. All this is just my opinion though, ideas dug up from what ifs in my mind.
My guess is that North Japan vs South Japan ends up like East Germany vs West Germany or North Korea vs South Korea - a rebuilt modern industrial state next door to a decaying authoritarian other half. It'd be interesting to see if they'd reunify or not, but that's butterflies on top of butterflies so I'm not going to make any claims there. Let's just say they don't.

Anime would still be a thing in South Japan, but the tone would be different. Just as kaiju animes reflect the fears of nuclear attack and mecha animes like Gundam are just fantastical extensions of the high-tech war machines that fought WWII, I'd expect a lot of ATL anime to reflect a fear of foreigners or invaders and tropes of all-out destruction with world-destroying weapons. I'm not going to speculate about how it would exactly go - leave it to anime to make anything a little weird - but the core themes are going to be about fear, hopelessness, annihilation, and forces beyond one's control in the aftermath of the invasion. Not happy stuff.

Japanese electronics would probably show up again - Germany, Korea, and OTL Japan were all blown to pieces by the end of WW2 but were all global manufacturing leaders within 30 or so years. If ATL South Japan isn't completely razed or depopulated in a worst-case scenario Downfall, it will probably bounce back too.

North Japan's art is going to stagnate under Communist censorship, and while they might recover industrially through heavy USSR investment, they’re not going to be as economically strong as the South.
This is really a question that is up to the average GI and Marine versus the interests of the US elite.

Historically the disciplinary rapes stopped sometime in the 1960s and the pace collapsed towards the late 1950s after Korea wound down.

That is without a beach assault and then campaign.

Allohistorically mass disciplinary rape will probably continue extensively and despite the interests of the US state. Occupying US forces will gain payback. It will be even uglier than historical. If Mac is in charge why then there's be a whole bunch of subway lockers filled with human foetuses. Also there'll be a strange level of mortality amongst young women and men. For a signficicant time.

In contrast PRH will be a bastion of JSP, JCP, workers and peasants dying in gaols until 1954. (Non-essential client, going to be given "soft" line. In contrast united korea will be given the "hard" line, possibly leading to the Hungaro-Korean Revolts of 1956). The PRH is likely to be hysterically overly enthusiastic, "Stalin's Best Hokkaidan Disciple?," and yet ultimately fragile. There is no incorporative basis to the Hokkaidan nomenklatura's control, only a repressive one. Unlike Hungary, also an Axis power, Hokkaido has no land border with the Soviet Union or other aligned states.

I think you just got a Yugoslavian supported councillist Japan in the Cold War, unallied and unwilling to merge with the Empire of Japan, but yet implicitly supported by the United States.

Sam R.
and mecha animes like Gundam are just fantastical extensions of
Great Yamato Cult Shinto Fascism and their more-fascist-than-thou-Buddhist supporters.

Of course in South Japan, the Empire of Japan, there will be horrific repressions of JSP teachers, the airport protests will be liquidated with tanks, and if the Zaibatsu rebuild then it'll be on the back of far more children inhaling sulfuric acid while polishing old brass to support the Thais in the defensive incursion.

Because without Korea which war will elevate Japanese capital?
It would more or less resemble North Korea and South Korea in OTL as far as economy and culture are concerned.