Miss by an Ince (Hearst Shoots Chaplin in 1924)

Hollywood lore tells us that in 1924 William Randolph Hearst shot and killed movie mogul Thomas Ince.

Supposedly he shot Ince in the head, while trying to shoot Charlie Chaplain.

Hearst suspected Chaplain was fooling around with his mistress Marion Davies.

So what if Hearst hits his target and kills Charlie Chaplain aboard the Oneida in November 1924 what happens next?

Can the media tycoon cover up a Chaplian death as effectively as he did that of Thomas Ince?

What happens to Chaplain's legacy? He had was finishing up The Gold Rush at the time.
My immediate reaction to the title, was that it was football(soccer) related. And I'm wondering what significant miss did Paul Ince, or (his son) Tom Ince make!?
Well The Gold Rush is either done or near completion at the time Chaplin would have died

Here is a list from IMDB of the movies the world would be missing

1940The Great Dictator (written by)
1938Charlie Chaplin Carnival (writer)
1936Modern Times (written by - as Charlie Chaplin)
1931City Lights (written by)
1928The Circus (written by - as Charlie Chaplin)

They all have their merits but the Great Dictator stands out for its anti-Hitler stance and the rocking speech Chaplin gives at the end

Neither of you think they can cover it up? Was Chaplin too big at the time that somebody on the boat would've talked?

Maybe Ince is the one who talks and gets Hearst a ride on the electric chair.

"I wish I had shot Ince in the head" - Last words of Hearst before being executed.