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I want to make a list of ISOT and SI novels. Please suggest novels that I have missed. I'm sure there are a lot since searching for them on the forum is hell.
Time travel including SI, ISOT, etc are primary. There are too many Isekai to list other than Isekai ISOT.
Here are some I know:


Two Eagles and a Rising Sun: A Multi Nation ISOT

ISOT American 2002
A Golden Island to the West - California ISOT 2018 -> 1850
The New World: Hampton Roads ISOT from 2019 to January 1607
New England July 26 2006 to July 26 1979

No Glory in the Slaughter – A 2016/1916 British ISOT
Arose from out the Azure Main

The Spanish Dawn |ISOT 2018>1898
Merkels Operation Walküre
Denmark and Norway ISOT on April 8. 2018 to April 8. 1940

As One Star Sets, Another Rises - New Story Only Thread

A Second Sunrise: Taiwan of 2020 Sent Back to 1911

The Lion Roars - A Singapore ISOT

Divided We Fall: Korean Peninsula ISOTed to the First Sino-Japanese War
Torch of Determination

The Emperor of Heaven: A Tale of the Qing Dynasty (SI Story)
A Very Late Expedition: A Reverse ISOT Story
Hurry up living or hurry up dying. A WW2 Polish SI story
And then there are tons of Chinese and Korean Raws of SI, which they call Transmigration. You can use raw sites like uukashu, 69xinshu and Agitnovel, Booktoki respecitvely to read them using Google Translate. I warn you that these novels have high amount of racism and other undesirable elements.

ISOT to Another World:
Summoning America
Summoning Japan (Up to Chapter 52) (From Chapter 53) (Japanese Raw)

Here's a list for published books only.
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An isot in grimdark.

Germany from 2012 gets isot to WHFANTASY

Me and my friend managed to compile the entire saga unto a bunch of pdfs :
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