License built copy?

INS Dakar was a former RN sub. Speculation is that something happened mechanically that caused leaks forward. Upholders when the Canadians got them were not safe AT ALL

See that fiasco here.

How about the Astutes? After they were screwed up, badly, it was Electric Boat to the rescue.

That was the peace dividend resulting in a lack of orders for too long further resulting in a brain drain as the people that had been building them retired or moved on with no replacement.

Electric boat on the other hand......
Uhm... Wiki is not a good source. Photographic evidence has been provided.

Uhm, is the NY Times a good source?

Luckily, the thick inner hull protecting the nuclear reactor and the crew's quarters held.

The University of Massachusetts?

Luckily, the sub’s nuclear reactor and the crew’s quarters were not compromised.

The US Department of Defense?

Initial reports indicate that the submarine's hull is intact

The photo shows the bow has taken a smacking, not that the hull where everyone lives and equipment is located was breached.