King Stephen of England - A Blesvin TL

The death of Henry of Normandy
King Stephen of England

The death of Henry of Normandy

As Eleanor traveled to Poitiers, two lords namely Theobald V, Count of Blois, and Geoffrey, Count of Nantes, brother of Henry II, Duke of Normandy, tried to kidnap and marry her to claim her lands. As soon as she arrived in Poitiers, Eleanor sent envoys to Henry, duke of Normandy and future king of England, asking him to come at once to marry her, however, Henry II of England would die suddenly and said to be suspiciously before the marriage would happen and Louis VII, his brother and Eustace of Boulogne would be said to be the culprits, after the death of Henry of Normandy.

Eleanor of Aquitaine, Eleanor would refuse to marry Geoffrey VI of Anjou and help him on gaining the Crown of England and instead married Marie of France, the eldest daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry I Count of Champagne would instead marry Constance of France at the death of the Crown Prince of England at the Age of 23 on 1153 and Eleanor of Aquitaine was surprised of the death of her fiancé, she would remarry fast to Raymond V of Toulouse in order for peace to happen between her and Toulouse who she had already disputed Aquitaine due to Philippa of Toulouse’s claims to the County of Toulouse due to Eleanor being her descendant and as she would have no attachment for her fiancée and the marriage was only to secure her inheritance.

Eleanor of Aquitaine would give birth to three sons named William(1154) and Raymond, Count of Provence, Melgueil (1160) (Husband of Douce II of Provence) and Baldwin of Aquitaine(1166) and two daughters named Eleanor of Toulouse(1156) and Faidiva of Toulouse(1162), the marriage would result in Eleanor’s claims and her former rival being reunited.

Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine

With Louis VII

Marie of France, Countess of Anjou and Maine b. 1144

Alix of France, Countess of Flanders b. 1151

With Raymond V of Toulouse

William XI, duke of Aquitaine b. 1154

Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of Castile b. 1156

Raymond, Count of Provence and Melgueil b. 1160

Faidiva of Toulouse, Countess of Beziers and Carcassonne b. 1162

Baldwin, Abbot of Bordeaux b. 1166
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The loss of the Angevins
The loss of the Angevins

On 1152, on the death of Henry II, duke of Normandy, the Blesvin counts would conspire against the surviving Angevins and Stephen I of England and Henry I of Champagne would help each other reclaim Normandy and Maine from the Angevins solidifying the victory of the Angevins and the marriage plans of Eleanor of Aquitaine to the Angevins not being renewed and instead Eleanor is married to the Count of Toulouse instead which would be the start of the End of the Angevins, however, Geoffrey V would secure the hand of Marie of France, the daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine so not all was lost for the Angevins, however, the sons of Eleanor of Aquitaine with Raymond V of Toulouse would end the plans of Geoffrey V of Anjou.

On 1153, Eustace of Boulogne would die and William of Boulogne would rise as the heir of Stephen I of England and a marriage with Elizabeth of Vermandois (a relative the Duchess of Aquitaine and the King of France) with William of Boulogne was arranged, continuing the alliance of the French and the Blesvin dynasty.
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