King Leopold ‘s Tanzania

The patriotic occasion of the Kaiser's birthday, March 28, 1884, was chosen for the founding of a new organization known as the Society for German Colonization, and financed by this society Peters and a group of kindred spirits set sail for East Africa in the autumn of 1884
In Berlin Peters laid siege to Bismarck for a charter of protection (Schutzbrief) which the Chancellor, always cautious, at first refused. But when Peters threatened to carry his treaties to King Leopold for the benefit of the Congo Association, Bismarck suddenly about-faced and issued the charter on February 27, 1885.
Say Bismarck still refuses to issue the charter and Tanzania goes to King Leopold

what would be the impact

Would Leopold be able to take Uganda as well

Would Tanzania face the same fate as Congo Under Leopold
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Would Tanzania be made part of the Congo or as a separate colony
It could go either way.

Maybe it is a separate colony for a time, under Leopold, before Belgium decides to nationalise both it and the Congo Free State. The two might be unified as Belgian Central Africa, or something like that.

However, due to distance, I would say that the hypothetical Belgian Tanganyika probably still gets administered as a semi-autonomous area.
At the time, this is the only bit of East Africa Peters had claimed he'd gotten treaty authority over. It's possible that Belgium's version of Tanganyika would be smaller than Germany's.


After the Germans took control, Peters became the administrator of the region until his dismissal because of his brutal treatment of the natives. He was known by the natives as Mkono wa Damu, meaning “the man with blood on his hands”. He was put on trial and found guilty, although the decision was criticized by the German press. His ill-treatment of the indigenous people earned him an end to his otherwise successful career, and because of the extreme negative response, he lost most of his prestige — there are still streets named after him, but he is neglected by most historians.
Yikes what a nasty man. Him and Leopold II together would be nightmarish.
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