"After I am dead, the boy will ruin himself in twelve months."
-George V of the United Kingdom

Excerpt from Edward (2019),
Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was born on June 23rd 1894. He was the son of the Duke of York, and grandson of the Prince of Wales. He was born into an incredible position of power, being the future ruler of the largest realm known to man. He had a good upbringing, but was never well-suited to academic pursuits. Becoming a notorious party-goer, his erratic and irrational behavior frightened both his father and the civilian government to no end. But most of all, he had a voracious appetite for women. A womanizer to the extreme, he had myriad affairs with women of all sorts, Marguerite Alibert, Thelma Furness, Freda Dudley Ward. But the most interesting case of all, and the one that would lead to his shocking downfall, would be none other than American socialite Wallis Simpson.


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In the Crimson Drawing Room

In the Crimson Drawing Room
"So you mean you're not going to do it?"
"No, I don't think I will."
Albert sipped his tea in contemplation. It wasn't often that they could enjoy these quiet moments together, now that his brother was King.
"You know that George and Henry can't back you on this. I can't back you on this."
"It's not your fault really. I know Mum is all upset about it..."
David shuffled nervously in his seat. His younger brother's icy glare grew colder by the minute.
"Listen, there's no way I can give up the crown. I'd never recover in the eyes of the public."
Albert scoffed indignantly. All he can think of is this 'perfect image'.
"All this over one woman? You would rest the fate of England on your belief in some American"
He stopped himself short, and took another swig of the tea.
David boiled with rage.
"Listen here, Bertie-"
"Don't you 'Bertie' me! Can't you see that you're acting irrationally? I don't know what's become of you these days, really, I can't!"
"Well if you won't hear me out, maybe George will!"
And with that, David stomped out of the room.

"Yes, Your Majesty?"
"Fetch one of the Buicks. I don't care which one."
"At once, Your Majesty."

[1] My first attempt at real dialogue, I suppose
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Things Go Terribly Wrong
Things Go Terribly Wrong

From Edward (2019):
When Edward made his announcement via radio address that night, it sent the nation into a frenzy. Some ardent supporters of Edward were in ecstasies, with a fringe minority believing this to be a perfect moment for him to assert his royal prerogatives. Most of the civilian government was filled with a kind of existential horror over the whole affair. Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin announced his resignation effective midnight the following day, met by even more panic. While the Tories scrambled for leadership in the rising crisis, others saw their chances brighten by the hour.​

Prime Minister Baldwin announces his resignation on the 20th November

The Labour opposition lead by Clement Attlee couldn't have had better luck, and demanded a motion of no confidence against the emergency government scrambled together by Defense Minister Lord Halifax. The motion passed by a narrow margin of three, which while still valid, left a taste of what could have been in the mouths of the Tories, something that many would feel after what the king did next.​