Holoimages From Palpatine's Terra: Images Of the Imperial Occupation Of Earth

Perhaps the OP of the post was making it from the perspective from an in universe pro-imperial sympathizer?
If that's the case.

Still, this sets up an bad precedent that the marginalized groups are always collaborating with an interstellar occupier instead of painting of why humans, of all the convictions they have, decide to collaborate with the conquerors at the first place.
Right, but I still feel that it would paint the entire LGBT movement in an extremely negative light, at least in universe.
Or it could happen as we see in our universe, that people simply reject those people as the group of crazy people who represent no one but themselves and only remember them to make fun of how stupid they were.

Let's not forget that they will probably:

1) be only a small minority among a group of much more odious and notorious collaborators

2) The main critics will probably be ultra-conservative and reactionary, whom no one would be willing to listen to anyway because of their perceived similarity with imperial policies, and

3) Since it is most likely that the majority of LGBT people are being part of the Resistance, that brings us back to point 1 (the general perception of this collaborateurs as a small minority).

Although I still support that OP should expand on it more.

Terran soldiers on Hoth
While thousands of Terrans would find their way into the Rebellion during the Occupation through a variety of means, in the years following the Liberation that number would increase into the millions as organized recruitment began. The unusual diversity in biomes present on Terra meant that it could deploy specialists to numerous different planets. Pictured above are members of the 1st Arctic Brigade recruited primarily from Russia and Scandinavian countries. Two hundred members of the brigade would fight at the Battle of Hoth.


Unexploded Pipe Bomb from Alderaan Riots
In addition to the military campaigns of the Terran Resistance, Imperial occupiers and their collaborators dealt with significant amounts of civil unrest. The news of the destruction of Alderaan led to riots in nearly all major population centers across the planet. The bomb above was hurled at members of the Royal Terran Auxiliary in Chicago on the second day of the riots. In some places the riots morphed in protracted street battles with Imperial forces taking weeks to regain control.
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A video of the initial mobility test of experimental humanoid walker developed by the Galatic Impire in Japan. The development of these machines is the result of the interest that several of the designs of several Japanese anime series aroused among some high-ranking imperial officials. After the end of succesful test, the lab and the attached factory, located in Yokohama, were detroyed in explosion, and the prototypes and project data declared destroyed, most of the personnel related to the program was also declared death in the explosion. This factors make the Impire to declared the proyect a total lost and quiet the program.

This change four months later, with the prototypes were use with resitance for a varios high profile attacks. The subsequent imperial investigation revealed that a situation similar to what happened with the X-Wing design team had occurred, the majority of the team working on the project were resitance supporters, and withn help of the japanese branch were capable and execute a plan to escape, steal the prototypes and data and destroy the facilities to hide the escape of all the personnel involved.

Several high ranking imperial officers were ashamed of such events (especially because of the explosion investigation, which was quite botched), and force to resign. But for the Impire the problem of the stolen prototypes was more serious than the resignation of some officers, the menace was the capacity of the resitance for to infiltrate a major military project and effectively operate heavy weapons. This problem was indicator that the Terran Resitance were stronger than most imperial officers were thinking, and the possibility of defeating them much less likely than predicted

Regarding the prototypes, the resitance use with great efficiency, although maintaining them was very problematic. Their ability to destroy AT-ATs and other heavy war machines of the empire made them very useful, in addition to having a very high propaganda value.

Form the author: I hope you like this crazy idea that occurred to me when I found the videos of the life-size Gundam that the Japanese made,

North Korean troops during an attack on Imperial positions one week into the invasion. The North and South worked together for the first time in history to try and repel the invaders, resulting in massive Imperial casualties. Tunnel networks in the northern part of the peninsula were used to great effect by resistance forces during the occupation.

Anti-Second Galactic Civil War protester, Moscow, Russia, ca. 40 ABY (2055).

The Second Galactic Civil War had occurred from 40-41 ABY (2055-56). Earth had declared neutrality in the Second Galactic Civil War, although some governments and people were sympathetic to the Galactic Alliance and the Confederation. War refugees from across the Galaxy would travel to Earth. When the Unification Summit was held in 43 ABY (2057), Earth was the only party to rejoin the Alliance.
Here is footage from 2023, wherein Korean assassain "Nemesis" killed "Harmada" at Chosun. If anything, this was an interesting look at the occupation in the Korean Peninsula:


Russian VKS officers observe the landing of a Super Heavy Gun Platform. A key part of the Second Russian Federation's air defense doctrine, the SHGPs used repulser lifts to levitate a heavily armored flying fortress weighing similarly to an oceanic Battleship into the high atmosphere. Using Nuclear and Concussion Missiles along with Turbolasers, they can defend a large area from Fighters, Ballistic Missiles, and even enemy ships in orbit. While they could operate outside of Earth's Atmosphere, their inability to remain at those altitudes for more than a few hours allowed them to exploit Treaty Limits on the size of each nation's Space Forces.
Consider that San Francisco became a major "hive of villainy and scum" pretty quickly. As such, the Hutt Crime Family established a headquarters at the Great Star Theater in San Francisco, California, turning the Chinatown area into a major battleground for almost every criminal organization:


The interspecies burlesque shows were a major attraction throughout the occupation, including the show "The Empire Strips Back":

As a child of the Occupation period, who here remembers the cereal known as "Wookie Cookies"? It was advertised during Saturday morning cartoons and after school programming whether on Nicklodeon and FOX Kids. Does anyone remember the cheesy jingles?

Who was in Atlanta, Georgia in the late 2010s? If anything, there was a budding lightsaber scene of both Sith and Jedi practitioners:

Alright, who here, remembers these ads in almost every magazine in Imperial-Occupied space? Yes, kids, there was a time before everything was on recreational pads and scanners. Yes, throughout the 2000s and 2010s,these ads would become the mainstay for the series Mad Men (AMC-TV). You can almost hear John Hamm explaining the importance of Jawa Droids....


12 year ago old orphan Afghan girl, Zahra Noori in 2008 [two years into the Imperial occupation of Terra/Earth (top)]. A male nexu cub that Zahra adopted that she named Zbib (bottom).
Zahra had lost her family and many of her neighbours in her hometown of Deh Rawood during an Imperial chemical attack against the Taliban as said town had been a Taliban stronghold for years. In addition to using biochemical weapons in Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan to break the anti-Imperial insurgencies, the Imperial occupation forces also employed off world beasts such as lucra hounds and nexu for tracking and anti-insurgency operations. On one such operation an imperial commander unleashed his family of pet nexu on a cave filled with Taliban fighters and American soldiers in the infamous and highly defensible Panjshir Valley. During the operation, Zbib’s whole family — two parents and five older siblings — was killed by the Taliban and Americans but not before killing and devouring all of them but little Zbib survived. However, his master wasn’t pleased as Zbib didn’t perform as well as his siblings or parents (despite surviving the operation where as they all perished) and tossed the cub aside to either fend of himself or perish in the Afghan wilderness – the officer honestly couldn’t care less with him also having starved and abused the nexu family so that they’d be in his own words, “Ready for the operation ahead”.

But Zbib didn’t perish and survived in the new setting he was thrusted into eventually making his way southwest to Deh Rawod where having gaining a fresh kill of a Marco Polo sheep, the little nexu got into a fight with a group of incoming striped hyenas…Zbib lost that fight and got severely wounded and would’ve died if not for a patrol of imperial tie fighters scaring off the hyenas.

From there Zbib lay there wounded and hungry until Zahra came upon him, at first the girl from frightened of the offworld animal’s fearsome appearance (with the nexu’s defensive posturing proving effective despite the injuries sustained) until she noted that the creature was hurt and clearly in pain – its growling, roars, and screeches of intimidation quickly turning to whimpers and whines of pain as Zbib tried to make himself look more fearsome to frighten off the Terran girl. Zahra cautiously approached the nexu and ripped off a piece of her hijab to cover the creature’s wounded leg, the nexu in no condition to contest.

She then noticed that it was hungry as the hyenas had run off with its kill. Zahra quickly gave some of her cooked meat that a kind old merchant from a nearby town, that not hit by the imperials, gave her to the cub. Afterwards, it wasn’t long before the nexu cub and human girl formed an inseparable bond with Zahra giving the nexu his name.
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A reminder of the Galactic Empire's power. Earth was an isolated backwater, which made it the perfect place to test the psychological warfare potential of the Death Star.

Memorial for veterans of Galatic Wars (Imperial occupation, Yuuzhan Vong War, and Sith-Imperial War), Phoenix, Arizona, ca. 140 ABY (2155).