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Project I made for English after reading The Scarlett Letter. Also the first thing I made in Gimp

(Above) Is a propaganda poster for a secret society, Order of Hephos. Controlled by a group of elitists who are far more intelligent and dangerous in every way. The text says ''Iunctus Stamus, Divisum Cadamus.'' which means ''United we Stand, Divided we Fall'' in Latin. The earth represents their home and the triangle represents their dominance over the 3 corners of the world. The circle represents the importance of the leader Omega and the upside down triangle within the circle represents the power of Omega. The three main principles, Alpha, Delta and Beta represents the sects in which they operate in.

(Below) Is a cover I made for a fictional novel created by Indonesia's first and communist president, Sukarno. It includes his political alignments and teachings only revolutionize and styled in his own way. It is similar like The Manifesto or Mein Kampf only Indonesian. ''Satoe Bangsa'' translates to ''One Nation'' in old Bahasa Indonesia, with OE replacing the letter U in Old Bahasa Indonesia.

Nice thread, loving some of the high quality designs in here. :cool:

On a side note, I think classic propaganda posters should go in this thread that we already have. Just so we keep this newer thread specialised on general graphics and artworks and keep the other specialised artwork threads alive and in progress.
BaPH Card Resized.png

Its my first proper attempt at using Inkscape for anything other than a map so I am reasonably pleased with this Title-Card for my presently in-development TL. I would appreciate any advise or suggestions about how to improve it or make it look slightly more interesting/historical in appearance.
Here's a sign from the Dublin Subground (the name for a Metro in TTL) from a worldbuilding project I have been working on. The languages are Irish and Norwegian. Please tell me if there are any errors!


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Front-piece for a Timeline thing I was planning that never got past the premise (Macmillan is killed at the Somme, a Herbert Morrison led Popular Front Goverment leads Britain through the War whilst the Conservatives enter complete collapse).

touching-the-void-glitched-4-23-2016-4-43-39-PM copy.png

I might develop the notes into a vignette.

Logo employed by the AIU Government from my map in the universe developed by Krall with a very prosperous Afghanistan.
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Anyone any good at isolating people's heads from their bodies (no, not literally beheading them, you Jacobins)? Or, does anybody have any good tips for doing so?


Gone Fishin'
Anyone any good at isolating people's heads from their bodies (no, not literally beheading them, you Jacobins)? Or, does anybody have any good tips for doing so?
Being very, very careful with the magic wand and a high-res picture.

small edit

This is a graph of Atlantica's elections from 1927 to the present day. As you can see, a lot happened.

To sum up the "main" parties for most of it, there are the Democrats, basically urban liberals traditionally bridging the left-right spectrum from social liberals all the way to classical liberals, the Progressives, socially conservative rural-based populists, and Labour, the social democrats representing the urban working class.

As you can see, it got a bit messy at the end as the Progs collapsed, Labour merged with a far-left splitter to form United Left and the Democrats shifted rightwards, perhaps giving Atlantica a straight left-right choice for the first time in its history. Oh, and there's the neo-fascistic Dawn.