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This was one of my earliest photo-manipulations, via Paint before they had brush tools. And I still use it, more or less, as the "canon" depiction of this character in my literary universe:
HM Francis Charles XII of the House of Compton, Emperor of the Terran Empire. He was the penultimate Terran Emperor, reigning from 3231 at age 13 (regency till 3235) to his death in battle in 3268.
He is idolised by conservatives and royalists and vilified by radicals for his traditionalist, even reactionary, convictions. However, he leaned somewhat towards human unity and continually supported a mixed cabinet of Tories and National Humanists, believing it possible to moderate the radical nationalists. He was, however, unable to stem the tide of the radical, revolutionary right-wing takeover, partly out of his own fear of equally radical leftist and colonial-liberation groups. He consented, in the end, to his son's political ascent as Prime Minister, still labouring under the belief the the National Humanist party could be brought to heel if it were aligned with the Crown. His death in battle was the turning point that gave Maximilian absolute power and enabled him to "complete" the National Humanist "soft revolution" and reshape the newly-unified galaxy as the Central Galactic Union.

But, many still view Francis Charles with fondness and remember his reign well, despite it being fraught with political upheaval and continual civil war. His son, now-Chancellor Maximilian, remarked "...He was the last true knight, with all the faults and glories that such an appellation implies."

In a similar vein, using Tounushi and Tounushi-derived mannequins and parts as a base:
Emperor Maximilian Charles I, last sovereign Emperor of the Terran Empire. Ascending the throne at age 24, Maximilian was already the political chieftain of the Empire. While his father was away at war, the Prince used his connections with aristocratic politicians in the National Humanist Imperial Labor Party to gain admittance to the party's Steering Committee. He manoeuvred rapidly to oust the party chairman and establish himself as head, and then was appointed Prime Minister. He ruthlessly synergized the Party and the State, all but merging their security and intelligence apparatuses. His father was blind to his son's conniving politics, and died in battle as a result of Maximilian's deliberate failing to prevent a bomb plot against the Emperor.
The first thing the young man did when he ascended the throne was abolish the premiership and institute an autocracy, ruling by decree until he abolished the Empire and replaced it with a fascist republic in 3275. And while Maximilian genuinely believes the new republic to be a revolutionary government to last a thousand years, many political subversives see it as a veneer for his continued autocracy. In many ways, they are right, but in many ways he has lost control of the bureaucracy he established to rule the galaxy.

He retained the Terran Imperial title as a peerage until 3292, when he voluntarily abdicated it to his only daughter Mary Victoria following her marriage.

This is Maximilian in his coronation robes.

Emperor Maximilian Charles I.png
Chief Marshal The Rt Hon Lord William McGrady, 1st Earl of Wallerstein, circa 3292. By this time, he has been in power for over twenty years at the head of the State Security Forces. At age 49, he is starting to show the signs of ageing with lines on his face and streaks of grey in his hair; in reality, it is not merely his age but his prolific substance abuse that has caused this. At the height of his authority, McGrady administers the extensive field combat divisions and foreign intelligence network of State Sec, keeps the Army in check through field commissars, and in chaired the January 3292 Von Braun Conference of State Sec and Occupied Territories bureaucrats that determined the policy of xenocide in the Magellanic Clouds.

When not in uniform, McGrady often wears an off-white "Seersucker suit" as a deliberate imitation of his ancient South Carolinian ancestors--though in complete ignorance of the fact that his ancestors fought for the North in the American Civil War--to cultivate an image as a "Southern gentleman". In a rather dark twist on his image, he does own several plantations where aliens are rented from the government for slave labour, which he tours on occasion when off-duty.

Lord William McGrady, 1st Earl of Wallerstein.png


It's not a map or wikibox, it's a family tree that's incomplete.

It's from an RP on NationStates called "A World Without America" -- the Japanese and British have spent centuries interbreeding. By coincidence (accident on our part OOC), Victoria ended up being Empress Akiko's daughter; cue everything spiraling out of control from there. :p

I haven't added any more generations to it; but there are several of them. :p

Who needs Habsburgs when you have Yamato? ^^
The feared and ominous Henry Leopold Heavenly, a State Sec general officer (of great importance and with recurring appearances in the story) from Ghana renowned for his ferocity and fanaticism. In his youth, he joined the National Humanist party militia, the National Volunteer Force, and fought in street brawls during the 3250s before joining the NVF recruitment office. Prior to and during the Great War, he became an agent of the Imperial Strategic Intelligence Agency and a field commissar of the National Volunteer Force. He was attached to various field units for enforcing political discipline among the soldiers, and for evaluating prospective candidates for strategic initiatives--such as the joint special forces brigades. He commanded the 9th JSSB upon its mobilisation at the outset of the Great War, and recruited soldiers and intelligence agents and mercenaries into it for--at first--commando raids and sabotage, but they were quickly turned to the purpose of political assassination. He became chief of staff to Frederick Voss, the Chief of Imperial Intelligence and Police and Chief of Party Security from 3269 onwards, and together they morphed the disparate intelligence and security apparatus of the Terran Empire into the Imperial State Security Department. Heavenly was also made director of the political police and intelligence-gathering agency of State Sec, which underwent several name changes. In 3275, with the abolition of political parties and the thorough amalgamation of party security and militia organs into the State Security apparatus, Heavenly was made Vice Minister of State Security. His department was renamed the Republic Security Department, and remained under his control until 3281, when it was handed over to General Xander Vox, formerly head of the Personal Protection Department. Heavenly has taken over the general day-to-day management of the State Sec ministry as a whole, and as such is largely responsible for the diplomacy between its rival department heads, Xander Vox and William McGrady.

He holds the rank of Strategos or Supreme Marshal, one of only two people (the other being the Minister of State Security, Frederick Voss).

Strategos Henry Heavenly.png
Hannah Crescentia Rothschild, Duchess of Nieuwvaalia, Countess of Rothstein. Better known as Zenzi Rothschild. The daughter and heiress to spacer Count George Francis Rothschild, she was a friend of William McGrady in high school, and followed him into the Army. They served in the same squad through their deployment and wartime service, and later reconnected as agents of Imperial Intelligence.
She married William McGrady in 3271 and they have had several children. After the war, and the transformation of the Imperial security apparatus into the Ministry of State Security, she retained a reserve commission with State Sec while serving various government civil service positions. She became also an accomplished writer and a syndicated literary critic. In 3286, she inherited her father's dukedom and other titles.

She is well aware of McGrady's psychopathy and encourages his political gambits for their collective gain and ambition. Despite knowing that he will never be neurologically capable of loving her, she is blindly in love with him.

From my "Another GDR"-TL.
The GDR became democratic a little bit earlier, but the unification will be similar to METALLICA, DIO and other bands could plan a concert in East Berlin in 1990. :D
This gig would be filmed for the "Live Shit: Binge & Purge"-Box.

Here`s the poster:

20160426 (Jan. 2016-TL) METALLICA---DIO Poster Ost-Berlin 1990.jpg
Not sure if this counts , I'll delete it if it does not. This goes with the map I made here

President - Julie Stokes, Progressive

Vice President - Blair Hayley, Socialist

Secretary of State - Dunstan Underwood, Progressive

Secretary of the Treasury - Nessa Stone, Socialist

Secretary of War and Defense - Gen. Aiden Nevin, Progressive

Attorney General - Casey Dickinson, Progressive

Secretary of the Interior - Eartha Foster, Green

Secretary of Agriculture - Reilly Jakeman, Independent Liberal

Secretary of Commerce - Marshall Ludwig, Progressive

Secretary of Labor - Martin Albersten, Socialist

Secretary of Health and Human Services - Rebecca Orman, Progressive

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Jervis Yin, Socialist

Secretary of Transportation - Zubari Ardense, AAU

Secretary of Energy - Gordie Kevin, Green

Secretary of Education - Leanne Leesa, Progressive

Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Maj. Jefferson Vinney

Secretary of Social Welfare Welfare - Guadeloupe Marco, Socialist

Secretary of Peace - Jaden Renell, Progressive

Secretary for Racial Affairs - Evangelina Melendez, PHA