Fixing the Franchise - an Alternate Star Trek TL

The Original Series
February 16, 1967 - Star Trek "Space Seed" is aired. In the episode, the Enterprise crew encounter a sleeper ship holding selectively bred people from 20th and 21st century. Their leader, Khan Noonien Singh - one of the political leaders of 20th Earth supporting the cause of eugenics attempts and fails to take control of the Enterprise.

During the episode, it is established that Khan Noonien Singh had been a dictator who defended eugenics during the Eugenics War (1992-1996) and, "many years" after the war, was captured by the United Nations forces and exiled from Earth. Following airing of the episode, it has been suggested by the fandom that exile of augments from Earth was product of a some sort of secret dealings among the world governments to avoid political crises.

At the end of episode, Spock reads computer file about Lt. McGivers.
Marla McGivers (born 2228) - Lieutenant (retired), a human Starfleet officer in the 23rd century and USS Enterprise NCC-1701's historian. Member of the Libertarian Association, a political party intending to lift a ban on a limited genetic augmentations. Graduate of the New Delhi Institute of History where she had specialized in the History of 21st century. Member of the New History movement, attempting to revise history of the early United Earth.

February 21, 1969 - "The Way to Eden" is aired - the Enterprise crew encounters Joanna McCoy, daughter of Leonard McCoy and a love interest of Captain Kirk who seeks a paradise, travelling onboard a stolen Tholian ship adapted to hold human beings.

June 3, 1969 - "Turnabout Incident" is aired. In the episode, a mad scientist tries to take over the Enterprise. Initiating transporter malfunction she switches bodies with Captain Kirk.

"Your world of starship Captains doesn't admit women."
"There are thousands of female Captains in the Starfleet. No one of them is insane - you are!"

- Lester and Kirk, on Camus II.

In the last moment of the episode, Kirk watches the picture of the Number One, the first officer of USS Enterprise under Captain Pike and mentions to Spock that she commands her own starship in the five-years' mission of exploration, similar to the Enterprise.
TOS movies
June 4, 1982 - Star Trek "Wrath of Khan" is aired in the United States. Contrary to OTL, it is Marla McGivers who kills Khan - after witnessing his lust for power and revenge against Captain Kirk for defeating him she, as one of the Augment leaders gave an order to her children to fire at USS Reliant, killing her husband and his closest followers. Also, Ceti Alpha VI is a partially terraformed planet with several places of green, lush terrain where most of McGivers' augments live. Treatise about friendship, loss and a sacrifice - undertaken by the Spock rescuing the Enterprise and dying in process and Marla McGivers, firing a photon torpedo on a stark-raving lunatic Khan's starship. Also, Robin Curtis plays Saavik. Not only she cries - McGivers realises that her husband was, in fact, a cold-blooded murderer and decides to make their children to be better.

November 26, 1986 - Star Trek "Voyage Home" is aired. The movie depicts a time travel to Earth's past and the Enterprise crew accidentialy interfering in the late 20th century history. This time however, Saavik is seen pregnant when Kirk leaves Vulcan together with his crew, implying that Spock is the father of an unborn child.
Deanna Troi

Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi.​
Deanna Troi was a half-Human, half-Betazoid Starfleet officer in 24th century. She served as ship's counselor onboard USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D and USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E.

In 2379, during a final voyage aboard the Enterprise, she had performed the first known Troi's Maneuver - by crashing the spaceship into the Reman warbird, triggering chain reaction that had resulted in destruction of Scimitar. Jokingly nicknamed as a Black Widow of Starfleet due to destroying (or nearly destroying) of two Federation flagships - USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D and USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E (Star Trek: Nemesis). Following her marriage with William T. Riker, she was transferred to USS Titan where she served until their retirement on 2399. (PIC: Nepenthe)

Unlike OTL's horrible idea, she wears her Starfleet uniform since the beginning.
The Masterpiece Society
Air date: February 10, 1992

Season: 5
Episode: 13
Dey Young as Marie-Josèphe McGivers

In this episode, crew of the Enterprise encounters an isolated colony of genetically enhanced people. They save them from immediate destruction but the act causes a cultural contamination that may still doom the settlement.

Marie-Josèphe McGivers, one of Khan's and Marla's granddaughters develops a romantic interest in Geordi LaForge and attempts to convince the colonists of Ceti Alpha VI to abandon the planet due to growing amount of massive earthquakes that threatens to rip the planet apart. At first the Enterprise is unaware of the most hidden secret of Ceti Alpha - it is a house for the descendants of 20th century dictator Khan Noonien Singh and the isolationism imposed by the rulers of the colony is, in fact driven by the mind of Marla McGivers transferred to the quantum supercomputer trying to fix Augments to wipe out unnecessary aggression from their gene pool to join the Federation when the process is complete (estimated early 25th century). While the Mind rejects all attempts on abandoning the colony, claiming augments to be too unpredictable and agressive to join interstellar community, she agrees on allowing Marie-Josèphe her followers to leave. Enterprise then leave the colony, while Picard reads the historical files in his cabinet - most of the events surrounding Ceti Alpha VI is still classified, one hundred years after destruction of USS Reliant and available only for the full Admirals. Surprisingly enough, Marla McGivers' Starfleet record shows that she had retired at the age of 40, exceptionally young age to retire from the Starfleet.