Fate and death, gives with one hand but takes away with the other!

What are you doing?
Well, hello to you too. I am starting a timeline that I will try and work on as much as possible.

Why are you doing it?
I tried making it into a simple Family Tree on List of Alternative Monarchs and Aristocratic Linerages, but it was becoming over grown and the footnotes were turning into essays, so I thought why not make it into a full on Time Line with Wikipedia info boxes.

But are you really in the best frame of mind to be doing this?
Maybe not, but I am hoping it will be a good distraction to my anxiety and my current out look on life. 🙃

I could have told you that, joys of sharing the same mind. But enough of that, what is this time line going to be about?
The Point of Diversion is that fate and death, takes the life of one, Henry Tudor, with one hand and gives the remaining years to another Henry Tudor.

Oh god, your not going to kill, Henry VIII, while he's still only a Prince of Wales, and make Henry VII, live until he is 90?
Oh, I didn't think of that, that would be interesting.

What do you mean you haven't thought about that, if that's the first thing I think of and we share the same mind, then that must have been you thought too?
You would think that but no, the time line I am going to work on is this: Henry VIII, dies in 1511, while his son, Henry, Duke of Cornwall, lives until 1547.

Wasn't this idea discussed in a previous thread by another user?
Yes, @1-800-wandsthetic started the threat: WI: Death dates of Henry VIII and Henry, Duke of Cornwall are switched?, for which I thank them for thinking of this idea. As well as @isabella, whom also discussed the idea.

So you’re stealing their thread?
Oh no, I hope that ordinarylittleme will make their own TL, like I said before, all I was going to do was create a simple family tree, around this idea, but then the more I thought and added to it, I realised I needed it to be bigger.

That’s fair enough. Well I look forward to reading your work.
But if you’re in my head then don’t you know what’s going to happen before I write it,?

Well yes … but it’s a figure of speech. If you want, I can tell you something that more redundant then me asking to read it?
Don’t say it!

Writing these back and forth openings, that no one else really cares about.
Well as I said this thread is more for my own mental health, the people that come in, read and enjoy it, are just here for the ride.
Very well, with all that out of the way, where does the first chapter start off from?
With the death of the king!

I really worry about you.
I'm fine, lets begin 🙃
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Wasn't this idea discussed in a previous thread by another user?
Yes, @ordinarylittleme started the threat: WI: Death dates of Henry VIII and Henry, Duke of Cornwall are switched?, for which I thank them for thinking of this idea. As well as @isabella, whom also discussed the idea.
Well, in case anyone doesn't know, hi, I started that thread.
Also, yes, I intend to write my own TL around it...once I get around to all the other ones I have, which will likely be until you're done with this one :p
Chapter One
Wednesday, 22nd February, 1511
It was a mild winter morning, giving everyone the hope that spring was not long away and that the chilly winds would soon be dying away, which also meant that the men occupying the cold corridors and drafty chambers of Westminster Palace, didn't have to wear to many layers. Today the King's Council were meeting in the Star Chamber, so as to only have this room's fires lit, keeping the participants warm.

“Although we spent quite a large chunk of last years, retained money, to host this outstanding tournament, we have seen a massive increase in revenue with taxes to local markets, taverns, inns and stables, which counterbalances the books” spoke the 68 year old, Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey and Lord High Treasurer, whom had served since the 16th June 1501.
Although sitting at the head of the table, 19 year old, Henry VIII's mind was else where, thinking backing to those two amazing days that made up the Westminster Tournament, the way he shattered his lance on his opponent's helmet, in doing so scoring the highest points, his heat had been racing with adrenaline.

William Warham, Lord Chancellor, Archbishop of Canterbury and Chancellor of Oxford University, began talking about how the celebrations for the birth of Henry, Duke of Cornwall, have been a great moral boost for the country and the religious sermons will continue to pray for the health of the young Prince, he also hoped that in the coming few months the king, will allow the council to help assist in Duke of Cornwall's education.

King Henry, could feel his heart beating fast again. He closed his eyes as the beats of his heart, felt like they were pulsating behind his eyes and in his ears.

The Most Reverend and Right Honourable, Warham, slowly stopped talking upon seeing Henry's head slump forward as if in a state of sleeping and the whole council went quiet. Glances began to pass between the members, not know what to do and none of them wishing to disturb his majesty's sleep and receive his tiresome wrath.

Lord Steward of the Household, George Talbot, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury, is the first to notice that Henry, had stopped breathing, he quickly rushes to the side his king. "Call for the royal physician!" George Talbot, screams, while Lord High Constable, Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham, joins by his side. The pair of them gently lifts Henry, over to lay upon a near by bench, sadly even then the pair knew that his majesty was not in the best state.

Thomas Linacre, the king's physician, attended as quickly as possible, but upon arrival, declared that the King had died at only 19 years old and had only been on the throne, a year and 10 months. His death is still unexplained to this day and is simply drawn up as sudden adult death syndrome (SADS).

henry viii.png
Well, in case anyone doesn't know, hi, I started that thread.
Also, yes, I intend to write my own TL around it...once I get around to all the other ones I have, which will likely be until you're done with this one :p
Hey Cassandra,
Sorry didn't realise you had changed your user name. I've updated your name in my post.
Hopefully will see your TL soon and see how different our minds work after the P.O.D.
I'm totally down with the idea of Dowager Queen Catherine of Aragon influencing her son's reign. Gonna check out that original WI thread first though.
Wednesday, 22nd February, 1511
Nine miles north-east of Westminster Palace, stood the newly built, Palace of Richmond, and within the Great Hall, Queen Catherine, oblivious of the events transpiring within the Star Chamber, was seated with the majority of her ladies-in-waiting around her.

While herself and Lady Anne Hastings, Countess of Shrewsbury, were doing needlework, adding the finishing touches to a new shirt for King Henry VIII, Lady Elizabeth Stafford was reciting verses from a poem by John Skelton, and Elizabeth's own aunt, Anne Stafford, Countess of Huntingdon, was embroidering, beautiful patterns to Queen Catherine's shift.

The door was opened wide by her household guard, while her personal herald announced the arrival of his royal highness, Henry, Duke of Cornwall, whom at only 52 day old, was being carried in the arms of Maria de Salinas, although Catherine could hear the sound of her young son’s cheerful gurgling, and thought to herself that he was loud enough to proclaim his own arrival.

“Look who finally decided to wake up and is feeling a lot better,” Lady Maria, declared in a heavily accented English, following Catherine’s demand that her son and the heir to England, learns his own country’s tongue, before learning Spanish.

“Ah, praise the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit!” Queen Catherine leaps to her feet to swoon over her son, “Our prayers for your speedy recovery have been answered.” The child's happy gurgles, was increased as his mother, planted plenty of kisses upon him and took him into her own arms.

The room fell silent when the household guard opened the door and the herald announced the arrival of Archbishop William Warham of Canterbury, Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham and Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey.
Queen Catherine, stood up to be greeted by the men, but was taken back by the look on their face and the look in their eyes. The three gentlemen, walked passed the queen and all knelt in front of her son, whom had been laid in his crib, "Hail to the King, long live the King."

Archbishop Warham, arose and walked back to Catherine, "Your Majesty, apologise for this manner, however tradition dictates that when we enter the room, we must address his majesty first..."
"But that is only if he was King, that ...." Catherine interrupted.
"I am afraid to inform you, that he is King..." Archbishop Warham, tried to continue.
"No, my husband is king, I wish..." Catherine's face became redder.
"I am sorry to inform you, but his majesty, King Henry VIII has died. Your son, is now Henry IX, King of England and of France and Lord of Ireland." Tears were in the eyes of 61 year old.
"That can not be, he only left this morning on his horse, in good health, to meet with the council." Her eyes shifted to everyone in the room, this couldn't be true, this had to be the cruellest jape that they could have thought of.
Lord Howard, walked over to her, placing his hand on her elbow, his eyes were even more red from tears than the archbishop's, "I was there with his majesty, he came in laughing and full of life, however something came over him, he closed his eyes as if to fall asleep and didn't wake up, I am sorry for your loss. All of England is sorry for your loss and will mourn alongside you."

Not even nine years later, Catherine found herself a widow again, the pain was the same as it was when she was 16. The room was full of people, but Catherine felt alone, she fell to her knees, and the her sobs soon turned to screams that followed Catherine's full collapse onto her arms, which was said to ring across the lands and would be carried on every church bell, that tolled the death knell.

Death of a King.png
Poor Catherine! And I see Anne Boleyn marries Percy after all!
Well in OTL “he fell in love with Anne Boleyn, then a young lady about the court. Percy became betrothed to Anne, probably in the spring of 1523 when he was still page to Wolsey. On hearing the news, Wolsey scolded Lord Percy before his household, as permission for the marriage had not been sought from his father nor from the King.”

Where as ITTL butterflies affect England quickly. I won’t give too much away but one thing is for sure, Anne Boleyn isn’t going to be in France as Mary Tudor isn’t married away to King Louis XII.