Eurovision Winners in AH [Game]

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Bonjour Mesdames et messieurs,

In honour of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, I thought I present my list of Eurovision winners in Alternate History.

But to make it more interesting, I'd thought instead of giving away all of the years, I'd make you guess the songs! For the winners who won OTL, I've placed the answers already, for the others, I have given only the country. You have to use the hints I have given to suggest which song won for that country in the years stated.

In the next post, the winning countries will be revealed. Just copy the format and add (for those years I haven't revealed the songs) what song you think fits in. As soon as someone gets the correct song for a year, I'll update the post.

Bonn chance everyone!
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Eurovision Winners in AH [Fill in where the clues are]:
1956: Scandinavia [The instrumental of this song was done for a film in this year OTL]

1957: Holland – Net als toen (Corry Brokken)

1958: Italy [The greatest song never to win Eurovision]

1959: Germany [The performer was born in Germany and sang in German, but for a country that doesn’t exist ATL)

1960: France – Tom Pillibi (Jacqueline Boyer)

1961: Britannia [This song made No.2 in the UK Charts]

1962: France [The singer has a deep voice]

1963: Scandinavia – Dansevise (Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann)

1964: Italy – Non ho l'età (Gigliola Cinquetti)

1965: Germany [An undeserving nul-pointer]

1966: Poland [One of Poland’s biggest singers, who won a festival at home in this year with this song]

1967: Italy [The “other singer” of the song which won Italy’s most precious festival that year]

1968: Britannia [UK’s biggest selling male performer]

1969: France – Un jour, un enfant (Frida Boccara)

1970: Italy [One of the most unique winners of the obvious festival]

1971: France – Un banc, un arbre, une rue (Séverine)

1972: Italy [A number one hit in this country in this year]

1973: France – Tu te reconnaîtras (Anne-Marie David)

1974: Scandinavia – Waterloo (ABBA)

1975: Germany [One of the most underrated songs in Eurovision history]

1976: Britannia – Save Your Kisses for Me (Brotherhood of Man)

1977: Scandinavia [The highest scoring Scandinavian country song that year]

1978: Italy [They used an Italian greeting in this festival song]

1979: France [With this song, she could have won Eurovision twice]

1980: Scandinavia [The winner of the other festival Finland took part in that year]

1981: Italy [She appears here 4 years earlier than OTL]

1982: Germany – Ein bißchen Frieden (Nicole)

1983: Italy [The top “Guest Jury” Hit of 1983]

1984: Britannia [One of the many songs rejected for the national final OTL]

1985: Scandinavia [After this song lost in the Swedish national final, there was a vast amount of complaints]

1986: Greece [Holy Sunday didn’t really clash with the contest, didn’t it?]

1987: Ireland – Hold Me Now (Johnny Logan)

1988: France [Not Celine, unfortunately]

1989: Britannia [You could count this entry as Malta as well, but only in OTL]

1990: Scandinavia [The Queen of Swedish Pop, other than the ladies of ABBA]

1991: France [The rulebook of today would have made this song win]

1992: Italy [The song that should have won Sanremo, but went bigger instead]

1993: Holland [The singer looked like a disco diva when she performed this]

1994: Poland [She sang this in English in rehearsals]

1995: Italy [Voted one of the greatest songs of the obvious festival’s history]

1996: France [She represented France with this song in one of the OGAE contests]

1997: Britannia – Love Shine a Light (Katrina & the Waves)

1998: Albania [Her second win in her home contest]

1999: Italy [Her second win in her home contest too, but she’s alone this time]

2000: Scandinavia [Not the Olsen Brothers, unfortunately]

2001: Italy [Inspired by Bjork]

2002: Britannia [Pop Idol, not Will, Gareth, Darius or Zoe though]

2003: Italy [You think the song’s over, not quite]

2004: Spain [OGAE did a better job than the Spanish public here]

2005: Greece – My Number One (Helena Paparizou)

2006: Scandinavia [3rd Top 5 appearance for this woman]

2007: Serbia – Molitva (Marija Šerifović)

2008: Portugal [A rare Portugese success]

2009: USSR – Fairytale (Alexander Rybek)

2010: Britannia [A bad year, it’s so heart-breaking!]

2011: Slovenia [Christina Aguilera?]

2012: Scandinavia – Euphoria (Loreen)

2013: Scandinavia [Love ain’t food?}

2014: Austria – Rise Like a Phoenix (Conchita Wurst)

2015: Albania [Italy should have voted for this]

2016: Bulgaria [She didn’t win OTL, that’s a crime!]

2017: URE (Union Republics of England) [The greatest song UK never sent]
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EDIT: Forgot to add that Alexander was actually born in Belarus SSR. ITL, he doesn't move to Norway as a young boy.
I knew about that, that is why i asked if he sing it in russian, it might not make that much sense to sing it on english and the russian version is pretty good too.
While I understand that, the rule that you can still sing in any language still exists ITL, and the English version was the preferred version.

Anymore questions on the hints etc?