Emerald of The Equator: An Indonesian TL

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Era of Hardships Part 6: Kennedy
Martin Jacques, 2010 in How the Red Tide nearly won.

The Escalation of the Indonesian War paved way for the NATO Schism, which does disrupt the balance in Europe once more.

Jonathan Fenby, 2014 in How the Pacific becomes an American Lake

The reason why America dare to leave Europe is because Europe had been the powder keg for every World War. In addition to it, both United Kingdom and France repressively maintain their control for mainland Africa. Even they brought up the Fourth Reich into participation! The US sees her new friend in Far East, called Indonesia, and until now, the Equator Empire never sell out Uncle Sam.

Andrew Narawangsa, 2033 in The Rise of the Second Majapahit Empire

Indonesia, in every way, must thank the Americans. Because without them, the Emerald of the Equator would become nothing like now.

Nearing 1959’s end, something unexpected happened in Egypt. Selwyn Lloyd, after winning the 1959 election, rose up as Prime Minister. After entering 10 Downing Street. His first action was to try and retake the Suez Canal. After the humiliating Treaty of Jerusalem resulted in Britain must reroute all supply lines to the Cape. So, every war activity in Indonesia especially was considerably impeded. He does not want Indonesia to have more time, so he was eager to secure the Canal once more. And by Christmas Day, it seems God had given him the answer.

On 25th December 1959, a naval accident happened just offshore of Cyprus. The footling Egyptian Navy fortuitously attack a British Submarine. Casualties were nil, only damages were done to the submarine itself. However, the British government opted to milk this opportunity with a declaration of war. By the new year, both nations once again were at war. In three months, the Suez Canal had been retaken. With combined Israeli and French forces, the Second Anglo-Egyptian War ended up similarly to the first. When Egypt’s status had returned as a British colony, more reinforcements arrived in Malaya, and their arrival is not what they had expected.

Conditions in Malaya had not been at their finest. The British decolonization since the war had acutely halted. Indeed, even the Federation of Malaya was rumoured to not being granted independence at all.

Ismail al-Khalidi, a Johor Sultan, started to reign in May 1959. He was a staunch pro-Indonesia, especially after the recent intensity of British discrimination towards the Malays. Born indigenous in his homeland, he was a charismatic Sultan. He was often told to wander across his citizens, hearing aspirations from his own people. Interestingly, his people were all chanted in one voice, “Join Indonesia, please!!”.

When he firmly decided to join Indonesia, he would not want to join alone. He needed other kingdoms in Malaya to accompany him as well. Unfortunately, nearly all kingdoms rejected his offer, except Perak. Fortunately, British Colonies in Penang and Malacca, and also British Borneo and Sarawak agreed to him. The coalition formed the Malayan Liberation Front and immediately allied with Indonesia. So, the war that once only fires in Indonesian soil, had extensively expanded to a British control protectorate.

In 1960, Indonesia’s northern engaged friend, Vietnam, had wonderful news. The three local factions: Republicans, Monarchists, and Communist have decided to coalesce each other, and form the Democratic Kingdom of Vietnam. The Kingdom was a parliamentary monarchy, with parties consists of the Democratic Party and the Communist Party. This fragile coalition happened to succeed only in war moments, as immediately after, the nation turmoil heavily enough until civil war occurred.

escalation 1.png

Kingdom of Vietnam Flag (1960-1967)
On the other side of the globe, a new era was starting. John Fitzgerald Kennedy had become 35th President of the United States after an undisputed Eisenhower’s two terms. Narrowing defeated Nixon, Kennedy had become the youngest president to be elected in office. His views in recent years have become rather anti-establishment, and seek to find a new ally rather than the old kingdoms of Europe. Especially since Britain and France had become more apartheid in recent years.


'Jack' Kennedy Portrait


Remastered 1960 Presidential Election Results

In February 1961, just a few days after his inauguration, he would give his famous speech with the beginning of this:

"My fellow Americans, with a heavy heart, and in necessary fulfillment of my oath of office, I have ordered -- and the United States Air Force has now carried out -- military operations with conventional weapons only, to remove British presence from the soil of Indonesia and to remove French domination from Vietnam heartland,"

The speech mainly conversed about the increasing rise of 'neo-nationalism on European soil, especially in France and Britain. For years and years, this nation that we once protected them from fascism, had become one. Not a surprise, South Africa’s discrimination towards Black-Africans had reached the stage of concern, Ulster’s Irishmen had been discriminated against from British pubs and clubs. In France, Arabs in Algeria and Tunisia had lost their homes and relocated to the vastly dry Saharan Regions. In addition to it, the Korean War had never ended, even after five years of fighting, and another five years of tense armistice, no peace deal had ever been negotiated. Kennedy showed this anxiety of peace in Korea, and by peace, he meant a unified Republic of Korea. In the end, he bombed the whole nation with one sentence, that literally shocked the world.

“And I must say to the people of USA and abroad, that the United States of America shall withdraw from NATO and all military activities regarding NATO and its members shall cease within American soil.”

In mid-1961, the US had left NATO, and decided to help Indonesia and Vietnam with an extensive intervention. The 2nd Stage of the Korean War had also begun. The world by 1961 had descended into chaos once more.
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Thanks for update.
I like the part about US helping Vietnam, i hope you will explain what is the advantage of US decision in this chapter, especially about leaving NATO.
Yup, Malaysia gets butterflied away, with that the also butterflied MaPhilIndo becomes a more closer Phil-Indo alliance if not a closer political union, unless an Indonesia led ASEAN gets formed. SEATO might form as the ATL ASEAN perhaps, though that was more of an attempt by the Allies to prevent the Domino Theory to happen OTL, so SEATO might be butterflied away as well since NATO is gonna crash without US support and them going further into near fascism and a stronger grip on colonization.

NATO ends up being seen as the Fascism Reborn faction, the US-USSR Cold War might happen differently, maybe a multipolar world order.

I checked. SEATO exists by now since it was founded in 1954 in Manila with the HQ in Bangkok. Though, reading it's membership listing, it's likely to be collapsing as well, just earlier than OTL. What with its membership having Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, and the US in it, as well as Pakistan, Thailand, and the Philippines. Reading the membership just shows how weird the organization is though. I mean, only two actual South East Asian nations in it with Burma and Indonesia declining in joining while France and UK blocked attempts of their colonies from joining.
I checked. SEATO exists by now since it was founded in 1954 in Manila with the HQ in Bangkok. Though, reading it's membership listing, it's likely to be collapsing as well, just earlier than OTL. What with its membership having Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, and the US in it, as well as Pakistan, Thailand, and the Philippines. Reading the membership just shows how weird the organization is though. I mean, only two actual South East Asian nations in it with Burma and Indonesia declining in joining while France and UK blocked attempts of their colonies from joining.

Actually, my TL's PoD started in 1950, and my not-so-sucessful election game results foreign politics from 1950-1955 in a blurry state.

What I mean is, I can butterfly SEATO away...
Thanks for update.
I like the part about US helping Vietnam, i hope you will explain what is the advantage of US decision in this chapter, especially about leaving NATO.

This is for three chapters after I guess. It's about a concerning situation in China. Europe, 2 America's will be after this.
Realpolitik Part 1: Berlin Fiasco
In one moment, the world has thought Kennedy was the worst US president of all time. Oh, how wrong they were.
“Richard Nixon”

Kennedy is my friend. And I can assure you, his political actions may differ from others, but his results would always be astonishing.

Oh, baby. His presidency was never boring. Hell, my whole time as Vice President really never thought a young boy like him would ever think of that.
“Lyndon B. Johnson”

It is only the beginning of 60-s decade, but the world has started another crisis identity. Europe and America once again in haughty relations with the old continent. However, unlike 1814, the United States of America decided to go expansionist, and establish her own bloc with her own rules. Europe consistently under conflict. Just a decade of peace seems to be very difficult to maintain inside the continent. And oddly enough, the Reich, already fallen three times, have risen for the fourth time.

In November 1961, Berlin Ultimatum was given to allied states, from Nikita Khrushchev.

That Soviet Premier issued the Western powers an ultimatum to withdraw from Berlin within six months and make it a free, demilitarized city. Khrushchev declared that, at the end of that period, the Soviet Union would turn over control of all lines of communication with West Berlin to East Germany, meaning the western powers would have access to West Berlin only when East Germany permitted it. In response, the United States, United Kingdom, and France clearly expressed their strong determination to remain in, and maintain their legal right of free access to, West Berlin. [1]

That ultimatum, viewed by Western European states, as imminent communist expansion. The Warsaw Pact [2], could get a unified German Socialist Republic on their hands. In addition to it, communism is on the rise as Soviet Union is able to launch the first ever man-made satellite to space, Sputnik 1, on 15 October 1957, and gain more communist supporters afterwards. Even in France, the PCF, France Stalinist Party, is gaining influence.


Sputnik 1​

However, the United States of America have a few tricks up in her sleeve, and one of them includes a specific tour into West Germany.

JFK: It seems that the sudden meeting in this town of Regensburg have conflicted you all, Sir, if I may. This town of Regensburg was chosen by me because of its significant German history. For centuries, this town, had been home to Imperial Diet of the Holy Roman Empire. The First Reich, the Reich for a Thousand Years, lived on with the help of this city.

LF: I know, Mr. President. In fact, we all know. But, I can’t seem to understand the meaning of today’s meeting, especially with my fellow royals from the other house.

JFK: Your Imperial and Royal Highness, your kingdom who is abolished for now, have created one men of my idol. I reckon you knew about Otto von Bismarck?

LF: Yes, Mr. President. Pardon me, you have not answer my question.

JFK: Otto von Bismarck acknowledges me about Realpolitik. Rather than ideology, Realpolitik offers political strategies regarding circumstances and situations. And with Realpolitik, he manages to unite Germany.

A: What is the point, Mr. President, in inviting me here when...

JFK: I am sorry to interrupt Duke Albert. But I insist for patience for five more minutes. Let me continue first.

For around twenty years in politics, I have always use my ideological basis. I promote democracy against communism and absolutism. I am very keen on promoting Civil Rights, while continuing my nation’s Manifest Destiny. However, after rising into presidency, I see all those visions blurred away. When my visions are put forwards, I gain even more enemies. But hell, even my popularity is being damaged by my own views. So I decided to turn on one flawless strategy, pragmatism and realpolitik.

So, I decided to come here for a proposition. That, in just my presidency’s end, I can give you the Federal Kingdom of Germany.

OvH, LF, A, FJ: Excuse me?

JFK: Yes, you can hear me.

FJ: Wait, but how?

JFK: That’s why you all must follow these steps. I myself was advised by Henry Kissinger, a conservatism politician. So, here is how.

My political analysts have predicted that Soviet Union will do something regarding the division of Germany, and it will have happened at least before the year turns. My nations withdrawal from NATO completely surprised the communes, and it went a good way. France and Britain are being expected to re-militarize and ‘defend itself’ with increasing military power. The only way they can achieve that is by maintaining Africa. However, two problems are emerging. One, Africa is getting harder to control, as the world progress, so do technology, and people’s conscience of freedom. Africa for two nations is extremely hard, and they must seek for other powers. Portugal is gone, now red. Italy is a lost state. The Netherlands, still kicking, may able to get some in this ‘new Colonization’ game, but still not enough. Two, the Soviet Union is agitated on unifying Germany, with socialism as their main ideology. Right there, is enough to scared whole of Europe. But, my advisers had a plan.

The files turn extensively black, due to tapes given. But, we could connect the dots.

The Berlin Ultimatum was taken with resistance by the West. Indeed, even the Americans counter-attack.

The Berlin Ultimatum is immoral, especially to the divided Germany. The United States recognizes Soviet Union's historical concerns about their security in central and eastern Europe. We seek peace, but we shall not surrender. Instead, we shall offer a Berlin Compromise which says as follows:

All Allied forces within Western Germany must withdraw by 1962. As also with Soviet forces in East Germany. The state of East and West Germany must be void of allied presence within, both NATO and Warsaw Pact. In return, West and East Germany will establish a referendum in July 1962, which states a possibility of a German reunification. For a fair deal, all parties of East and West Germany may participate for this referendum, and may decide the path they will choose.

"John F. Kennedy"

In national television, the British crowds went livid. Germany’s biggest allied occupant, the United States, decided to do such careless actions. The French, however, underwent a national commotion. Everywhere across the world, they have judged Kennedy as ‘worst presidents of all time’. Yet, in the United States, popularity in the states have been higher, as American troops once again may send back to home after seemingly eternity of needless occupational spending.

The Soviets thought this as a great opportunity. Indeed, East Germany had decent amount of population. If the West wants to reunify, certainly the left-wing would flourish. However, Andrei Gromyko have sceptical views about this. And decided to plan something crazy, called ‘Polish Seizure’, which did happened, in January 1962.

[1] Taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Crisis_of_1961 with ITTL correspondence

[2] Warsaw Pact, or the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance, is still happened ITTL, but formed a bit later, in October 1958.
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Realpolitik Part 2: Europe
LIFE, November 30, 1961

Europe is still in ruins. The devastating war that ended 15 years ago have not recovered until today. Marshall Plan has significantly restored the economy of a few countries, but never to fully returned to its pre-war era. Across the Old World, major changes are happening. With the NATO Schism, even more countries decided to shift allegiance, particularly to the left.

The first major country which is affected dearly is France. The French Fourth Republic is mainly a parliamentary nation, which government is not strengthened by one person, but a group, likewise a party. In 1951, elections were held, and the SFIO-led Coalition won on about 60%, saved from potential snap-elections. Although SFIO only held 18,75% of the vote, lacking behind from PCF and RPF, still the party managed to allied with few other parties, like CNIP, MRP, and Rally of the Republican-Lefts. The downfall is imminent, as even for another election and ten years, war in Vietnam is yet not won.

SFIO, the prominent Socialist Party in France, was -and still is- an American sympathizer. Many, domestic and foreign, policies were all pleasing the States. Moreover, the SFIO supports NATO. The party would risk anything to keep NATO intact, and that is what they failed at 1960.

Guy Mollet, SFIO leader, is a pro-imperialism politician. He really seeks France to maintain her colonial imperium, and possibly expand a little bit. Unstable regions, like Indochina, was seen as ‘lessons for an empire’ and he would stay sending troops to the jungles of Vietnam. Besides, Indochina have been France’s top producers of coffee, which is still sought after the world. Jean Étienne Valluy, would be France’s spoiled child, as Indochina was continuously suppressed by him.


Jean Étienne Valluy
In 1961, immediately after Kennedy’s announcement, France underwent a big political turmoil. Immediately, SFIO felt betrayed by the Americans. Indeed, France had committed loyalty to United States, but what is returned? The National Assembly, unsatisfied with the government, decided to conduct a snap-election in France. And 1961 was a Communist win. The fragile republic, with astonishing 19 overlapped prime ministers, with Guy Mollet as the longest one, have let the Commies won.

However, the PCF win was not satisfying for the greatest communist country in the world, the Soviet Union. Thorezism, a new communist ideology, is emerging in France. Thorezism is a derivative from Libertarian Marxism, a scope which reduces the authoritarianism of a Marxist. Rosa Luxemburg was one follower, and also became one of Maurice Thorez’s icon for the new branch of Communism. Because of that, the Communist Party may also ally with other parties, thus breaking the opposition for decades in France. In 1962, the Assembly propose a referendum, reinstating the Presidential seat once more. In less than two months, the nation immediately become the Fifth Republic of France, and establish Maurice Thorez as President of France.


President Maurice Thorez, during a speech
Thorez as President of France would mean one thing for Britain, leaving NATO. As expected, France immediately leaves NATO. Nonetheless, Red France have decided to form the URFN which abbreviates United Republics of Francophone Nations. Similar to the Commonwealth, the URFN encompasses all French colonies, protectorates and territories, except Indochina which France have decided to negotiate a peace deal with the Americans by 1961. (EDIT) Because of the more just policy especially towards no-Europeans, Algeria, the very jewel of France that once rebel from 1957 to 1958, turned silent. France attempt to form a mix between Soviet Union's relation with the other SSRs and Yugoslavia's peace in diversity. It is not a surprise that a few years after Red France establishment, the newly remastered nation would seek ties with Yugoslavia.

In Britain, situations immediately got out of hand. Two of their best companions, the United States and France, immediately became Britain’s pseudo-nemesis. Conditions in East Indies is also not helping for the party governing Britain, Conservative Party. Since the Australian Aggression, and the US sudden departure from friendship, Britain’s enduring majority party, the Conservatives, have been struggling greatly. If the government cannot win the war in Indonesia, the Tories would certainly have doomed. As a result, Labour would be the new government party. As about the contesting opposition, experts think of one.


Labor strikes about equality movement, largely discriminize due to South Africa's 'successful' Apartheid, but still a major force in 60s Britain
No, the experts are not thinking about a possible Communist rise, but literally the opposite, a possible British National Party. In 1960, we saw the rise of it with Plaid Cymru and SNP coalition with the BNP and form the British Unionist Party. The Unionist, their nickname, is dubbed as the New Right contesting the Conservatives. Although the party is a populist, its policies are mainly British nationalism and mainly hard-imperialists. With the slogan “For Greater Britannia”, the party uniquely gain supporters from British minorities, like Scottish and Welsh, but still fall behind from the majors. What is concerning about this party is they are moderately anti-Semitism and anti-immigration. If the party wins, we will see a possible deportation of Jews to Israel and banning immigration.

In addition to it, Britain's relations with her Dominions are worsening. After five years of stalemate with ridiculously weak Indonesia, Dominions have shifted and formed new parties. The first ever Nationalist-total win, was South Africa. Because of that, South Africa starting 1959 has begun the worst ever discrimination in world history, the Apartheid.

Relations in Canada, Albion's best ever dominion, remained relatively stable. Canada remained loyal to Britain, and the stable Conservative rule have stayed on Britain's course. In the near future, Britain would not worried about Canada.

Situations in Iberia, meanwhile is deeply divided. The Nationalist Republic of Spain is on the brink of a crisis with People’s Republic of Portugal. Both ends of the political spectrum rests here on the same sub-continent. 1953 was a successful coup for the Communist, and Álvaro Cunhal has led the Socialist Republic until now. The nation in 1955 joined the Warsaw Pact, and rises tensions straight away with Spain, an isolationist fascist republic.


Álvaro Cunhal​

In Italy, politics are relatively normal in the region. The Socialist Party lost seats on the 1958 election, and Christian Democracy reigns Italy once again. It is reasonable to say that the rise of communism in France led to this counter-actions in Italy. The peninsular nation currently seeks more ties with Britain, and possibly West Germany and the Low Nations.

Speaking of West Germany, the nation has never been more tumultuous. Indeed, by 1962, the nation divided would perhaps united again, but the question is, would be whose leaning? Since the Soviet Union has agreed with the referendum proposal, both nations have campaigned hard to promote each of their ideologies. The 1961 elections, West Germany has proven to be another CDU coalition winning Konrad Adenauer. The runner-up would be the SPD as usual. But the third is a new party allying the CDU, the All-German Party. The All German Party have risen as a monarchist party since 1953. The DP (All-German Party) manages to expand from less than 1% until significant 16% in 1957. It reaches 22% in 1961.

East Germany, is quite -communist. The nation after approximately fifteen years under the Soviets, German Democratic Republic have stagnated in economy and social affairs. However, communist popularity remained high (read: threatened), as East Germany was given a special duty in helping the Soviet Union in space affairs. Sputnik 2, and so on, is a joint German-Soviet space program, interestingly. One space program, in East Germany alone, has maintained the popularity high, even rises a few. But, German unification could let the Soviets lose their best satellite, and one solution they could offer is increase in population, with land seizure.

Analyst have predicted that, in order to maintain Germany's allegiance to the Soviet Union -possible a junior partner-, East Germany must accept more immigrants. Immigration in East Germany is fairly nothing, barely someone crosses the Polish border to East Germany. Plus, more Germans also prefer to live in capitalist Germany, thus deceasing even more.

So, to sum up. Situations in Europe have been shifting to the left. Soviet Union was winning in this Cold War. And it seems Kennedy has a reason why.
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Spoiler alert:

  • As like NATO, Warsaw Pact would be divided as well.
  • Manifest Destiny; Pax Americana
  • Civil wars especially first nations.
EDIT: Thinking about it further, maybe just one civil war, but the other maybe sort of coup similar to OTL 1965
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Thanks for the chapter.
Will Indonesia keep using 1949 constitution?
Speaking of space program, i remember a joke that say space race is a competition between our german and their german :p
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Thanks for the chapter.
Will Indonesia keep using 1949 constitution?

Actually, I have mentioned several threads earlier that Indonesia uses new 1959 Constitution. The glimpse of it could be seen in the thread.

Speaking of space program, i remember a joke that say space race is a competition between our german and their german :p

Lol. Space race will be less OTL, but with more contenders.
By the looks of it, it'll be at least a four way multipolar world. Democratic socialism with France, authoritarian socialism with the USSR, democratic capitalism with the USA, and authoritarian capitalism with the UK, and possible other ideological groups and the Non Aligned Movement if it still exist.
By the way...

What do you think about Germany?

Would it be possible to reunite? And if reunited, what the nation would be? Authoritarian or Democratic? Left of Right?
By the looks of it, it'll be at least a four way multipolar world. Democratic socialism with France, authoritarian socialism with the USSR, democratic capitalism with the USA, and authoritarian capitalism with the UK, and possible other ideological groups and the Non Aligned Movement if it still exist.

Non Aligned Movement have dramatically reduced to Yugoslavia only. So it became obsolete...
By the way...

What do you think about Germany?

Would it be possible to reunite? And if reunited, what the nation would be? Authoritarian or Democratic? Left of Right?
I hope germany be reunited as kaiserreich of course:love:. Regarding left or right, maybe more of center or non-align.(if possible that is)
Sorry guys, but an announcement...

I have inserted a sentence on the last post. It will became a more better prologue about situations in North Africa.
Realpolitik Part 3: America
In Europe, the word was change. In America, the world was flourish.

Post War America had been quite an astonishing era. Business flourished, society improved and basic needs advanced. In every way, the life of an American citizen was upgraded. Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System eased the means of transportation. Marshall Plan boosted productivity in the States, and so on. If the Soviets were not around, the US would be said to have her golden era.

Although prosper it may seem, the United States had troubling neighbors. Cuba, just south of Louisiana and Texas state, was the worst. Under Fidel Castro, Cuba had become the most prominent Communist state within America. As Cuba quests for Soviet relation, the US must do something first, which she did, in 17 April 1961.

After Kennedy approved this CIA operative, the Bay of Pigs Invasion was launched. The invasion lasts for three days, with a resounding US victory. The first day secured the bay completely. The second day was the wipe out of all forces during US Army’s march towards Havana. The third, and the climax, was the assassination of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and other communist activists. The invasion was too short to gain Soviet’s attention, and when they do, it was too late.

Just moments after Cuba’s democratic victory, Kennedy decided to declare a speech towards the American public.

“The President of a great democracy such as ours, and the editors of great newspapers such as yours, owe a common obligation to the people: an obligation to present the facts, to present them with candor, and to present them in perspective. It is with that obligation in mind that I have decided in the last 24 hours to discuss happily at this time the recent events in Cuba.

On that once unhappy island, as in so many other areas of the contest for freedom, the news has grown better. I have emphasized before that this was a struggle of Cuban patriots against a Cuban dictator. While we could not be expected to lend our sympathies, we made it repeatedly clear that the armed forces of this country would not intervene in any way.

It is not the first time that Communist tanks have rolled over gallant men and women fighting to redeem the independence of their homeland. Nor is it by any means the final episode in the eternal struggle of liberty against tyranny, anywhere on the face of the globe, including Cuba itself. But, however successful attempts of these Communist wave. The true independence of men and women have been redeemed.

Our brave forces, our own children, have liberated Cuba from these authoritarian oppressors. Forces of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara have been arrested for subtle charges against humanity. Cuba has been liberated with the help of US, the truly republic of the world.

This newly establish nation, a nation now free from oppression, tyranny and intimidation, may now go forward and find its true course for freedom. The former Republic of Cuba was no republic. This republic does.

The message of Cuba, of Laos, of the rising din of Communist voices in Asia and Latin America – these messages are all the same. The complacent, the self-indulgent, the soft societies are about to be swept away with the debris of history. Only the strong, only the industrious, only the determined, only the courageous, only the visionary who determine the real nature of our struggle can possibly survive.

We shall become the beacon for all hope in the world. By this liberation, we have brightened our beacon, and we are a mile closer to a just, free and happy world.”

Interestingly, the new Republic of Cuba voted for a unified course, that by 1965 they want to be part of the United States. In 1970s, the United States would admit two more states into the Union, Cuba and Puerto Rico, as 51st and 52nd States of America.

[1] Almost copied from the Bay of Pigs Briefing
The next chapter would be about civil rights in America. The chapter after would shifts us back to our homeland.

As the timeline goes, I think I may ask some question to my readers, like...

  1. What do you think about Africa after NATO Schism?
  2. What do you think are happening on India and China after sudden Soviet's potential dexterity to Europe?
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Realpolitik Part 4: Civil Rights
War after war, the United States is always on the victory side. Vietnamese intervention resulted in French negotiations by 1962. The Cuban War was quick and decisive win for the Americans. Her prestige was all time high. They seemed to be the chosen Republic, chosen by GOD to liberate the world, and it was good. However, good on the outside, but not so in the inside.

Abraham Lincoln has assisted non-Europeans to set free from slavery. But they were yet unfree from civil and racial discrimination with the whites. Segregation evolves after abolishment of slavery. Toilets would be separated, town hall would be differed and even shops were exclusive for certain colors.

The Civil Rights Movement was the result of America’s negligence to further equality. Birthed since the 1950s, the CRM have expanded since and rally most of the Southern states, the region where most discrimination is taking place.


Taken from Wikipedia, the Civil Rights Movement [1]

For a period, African Americans voted and held political office, but they were increasingly deprived of civil rights, often under Jim Crow laws, and subjected to discrimination and sustained violence by whites in the South. Over the following century, various efforts were made by African Americans to secure their legal rights. In 1954, the separate but equal policy which aided the enforcement of Jim Crows laws was weakened with the United States Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education ruling and other subsequent rulings which followed.

Between 1955 and 1968, acts of nonviolent protest and civil disobedience produced crisis situations and productive dialogues between activists and government authorities. Federal, state, and local governments, businesses, and communities often had to respond immediately to these situations, which highlighted the inequities faced by African Americans across the country. The lynching of Chicago teenager Bennett Tull in Mississippi, and the outrage generated by seeing how he had been abused, when his mother decided to have an open-casket funeral, mobilized the African-American community nationwide. Forms of protest and/or civil disobedience included boycotts, such as the successful Montgomery bus boycott (1955–56) in Alabama; "sit-ins" such as the Greensboro sit-ins (1960) in North Carolina and successful Nashville sit-ins in Tennessee; marches, such as the 1963 Birmingham Children's Crusade and 1965 Selma to Montgomery marches (1965) in Alabama; and a wide range of other nonviolent activities.

Movement expanded greatly, until its climax in 1965 Civil Rights Act, pushed by Kennedy after his second secured presidency. Civil Rights figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and other notable figures rises as heroes of equality. Some of them even acquired Nobel Peace Prizes. Since then, the movement slowly eroded in history, as this movement in the near future will be out-shadowed by another one.

I still have a dream, a dream deeply rooted in the American dream – one day this nation will rise up and live up to its creed, "We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal." I have a dream ...

—Martin Luther King Jr. (1963)

Civil Rights happen almost happen as OTL, with difference of being a bit later due to Kennedy’s pragmatic views in his first term.

Meanwhile, something is happening somewhere in America…

“Unknown shift adrift in 070°,” sounded the radio, “roger that,” replied Alexander. Alexander Burton is the commanding patrol ship of the US Coast Guard, 30 miles South East of US Virgin Island. He is now a commanding Captain, decorated due to his astounding duty as saving 50 Americans that was shipwrecked by human error. Shipwreck is rare these days, modern navigation and better hull. But hose guys, so foolish of they.

“Captain, we have confirmed it as a French Fishing Vessel.” A Frenchie, what are they doing here? This is more than 100 clicks from Montserrat. Everything near here is either those Fascist Briton or us, so why though? Sure, the new United Nations Law have expanded each nation’s fishing grounds into more than 200 miles except a foreign border before. Yet this vessel should not have come here. Suddenly, it moves in full speed. Everyone went on ready station, as this ship might be escaping from American patrol.

“This is the American Coast Guard. You are in American Territory. Turn off your ship’s engine or we will open fire!”

Still, the ship keeps sailing North-West, probably to the British Virgin Islands, which is what Captain Alexander have feared for. Relations between Old and New England have never been better after recent NATO splits. If an American armed ship wanders inside a British border, that will cause unnecessary disputes.

“Captain! We are losing them! Our ships are not capable of reaching them, they are too fast!”, Lieutenant Commander Sandler exclaimed.

Damn they! Our ships should be the fastest in these waters. Years of service as a Coast Guard, Alexander always optimize that 20 knots speed is something the Caribbean must fright for. L’Hexagone must have better ships, way better that even a fishing vessel beat us.

Tailing the ship is in vain. The ship more and more further away to the horizon. Alexander then called it quits.

“Well then. Maybe we intercept their signals, perhaps.”

Alexander commanded the recon squad to intercept their communication lines. With a new machine, unbeknownst by Alexander, is guaranteed to get a thing or two about their coms.

The squad manage to receive certain French words from the ship. The talks there resembling a conflict ongoing, particularly between two angry man. However, it seems that there was a third party, a British man.

“Well, Gentleman. If you cannot agree with yourselves, then I can assure you that the King will not be involve in this such perilous actions. Immediately land to the islands and we will talk there. End line.”

An abrupt end is heard.

“Anyone in here can understand what the Frenchies are saying?”

“A few, captain. I can hear, ‘weapons, ‘party’, and … ‘revolt’?”

Upon returning to the Keys, Alexander immediately informed to the high military officials. If it is what Alexander think it is, then Britain is really up to something.

[1] Copied from OTL, with extremely minor changes, like names