DWBI: Dutch East Indies stay together after independence

After the assassination of Sukarno in 1946, the Indonesian National Revolution collapsed into ethnic and political infighting. While the Dutch ultimately were unable to maintain hold over their colonies, the region fractured into a number of states. What if Indonesia had stayed together?
Well, Borneo and Sumatra would still end up in TTL Dutch East Indies instead of joining their counterparts in Malay Peninsula.
Whatever unified entity that arises from an independent DEI would replace the Philippines as Southeast Asia's premier economic, military, and diolomatic power. Currently, the fromer DEI has a combined population north of 300 million, and large oil and rubber reserves that have mainly been exploited by Philippine companies.

It also might give Malaysia another potential ally, as the Borneo War forced Malaysia to give North Borneo to the Philippines, as well as grant independence to Brunei-Sarawak and Kalimantan.


The former Dutch East Indies would of be one a regional player instead of split amongst 10 countries. The question is would a United Dutch Indies be communist, an Islamic country or capitalist? We have all of these present in the 10 countries.
Without an independent Aceh, I think we’d see more dominance of Hanbali Salafism in Sunni fundamentalism, rather than the Shafi’i inflected flavor that has spread in recent years.