Development of the US with more colonies joining the revolution

I've been learning more about the American revolution and the reasons why 13 colonies chose to form the United States, and why some other colonies chose not to join this new union. This made me ponder who the United States would develop if other colonies such as Nova Scotia or the Floridas? (maybe just a unified East-West Florida because of population) would affect the revolutionary war, America's alliances within it, and the eventual legal developments with the new states affecting an alternate constitutional convention.
Lets say there are two scenarios for this:
Just Nova Scotia, and Nova Scotia and Florida.
How would the American revolution go in both scenarios, and how would an alternate constitutional convention (in the case of American independence) would be affected.
Do we see the New Jersey plan go into effect? Virginia plan? Does the Connecticut Compromise still come into effect? Would there be a different type of presidency?
How would this alternate US expand westward? Is there still a Civil War? Is the United States smaller or larger than OTL?