Deganawatha (Haudenosaunee Imperium restart)

411 GP/Great Peace (1732 A.D.)

Running across a field as the Kanien'gehaga chased him down, all shouting and waving their sticks. Deganawatha ran further as his lungs began to burn. He had been keeping this pace for hours, and he was not as young as he had been. He stopped for a moment grasping his stick attempting to catch his breath.

"There he is!" One Kanien'gehaga shouted. Deganawatha's eyes darted upwards, falling on the man pointing at him. Again he turned and ran, his quick rest would have to do. But just as he returned to his running pace something came from his side knocking the wind from his longs. The earth was hard and solid as he fell against the grass floor. Kirit stood menacingly over him before swinging his own stick down towards the fallen Onondaga chief.

The basket at it's end scooped up the small leather ball Deganawatha had be attempting to get to the Kanien'gehaga goal. "You're a fast one Deganawatha!" Kirit said laughing as he ran off towards the Onondaga side of the field, far out of site.

"Really?" The Onondaga chief thought to himself. "Nearly a thousand Onondaga playing and I haven't seen anyone else since I got the ball." As Deganawatha moved to stand he felt a hand land on his shoulder, then another take his hand to help him stand. Theyanoguin stood there, his hair long and streaked gray, his face growing more wrinkled. He smiled hitting Deganawatha on the back.

"Do not feel bad Chief Deganawatha." He said through a strained breath. "This is a young man's game. Well, and Kirit's game." He laughed. "Come let us get water." The two men walked off the field towards a small near by lake.

"I want the war with the Wyandot." The Karahkwa said flatly. Deganawatha looked up at him.

"But why? Why another war? Why now?" Anger boiled in him. Then more anger but at himself for not having a Tomahawk with him.

"We obliterated the Algonquin in shortly more than a Moon. The Wyandot are closer. They have less lands. And we have more skin-stone armour and weapons now. Why should we not remove our last enemy?" The man hunched over the water simply looking at Deganawatha in a questioning manner.

"There is no need for war. We have not had to face the Wyandot since the fall of Algonquina. There is no reason for it. There is finally peace."

Theyanoguin went to speak again. But with at the moment another man ran up to them. "Karahkwa!" He said. "Priest Ohstahehte and his guards have been found sir. They were attacked in what looks to be a Wyandot raid near Buckaloon." He held up a broken bone arrow head and parts of a bone tomahawk. Theyanoguin looked back at Deganawtha, for a moment, just a moment Deganawtha thought he may have known the truth.

"We have been attacked Deganawatha. We must strike back. For our honour."
411 GP/Great Peace (1732 A.D.)

Haudenosaunee warriors assembled in Owaiski, the Seneca town resting a half day from Wendake. Warriors from all nations, including the Algonquin rallied with one another. The small group of Algonquin were being trained on the use of their new skin-stone armour. All warriors now wore the skin-stone armour over their chests (with improvement along the neck for some), armoured head coverings as well as pants, which lacked armour on the back of the leg and the heel.

The weapons were made of skin-stone, many of the bows were a new model, thinner and longer able to fire arrows with greater strength. Kirit, clad entirely in his water-stone armour holding in his hands his two large water-stone hammers, several Algonquin shot him uneasy looks. Deganawatha could understand how they felt, many may have fought Kirit in the last war. Or seen him fight. Deganawatha knew you would need problems with your head to not be afraid of the man. But he knew he would have to fight him soon. The mountain of a man was chief of Theyanoguin's guards, who were tasked with keeping order in the Kanien'gehaga lands, and were now now, invited, into other nations when situations required it. He was probably the most important pillar holding the man in place.

Deganawatha hid a small skin-stone knife under his armour. Theyanoguin walked up clasping a hand on his shoulder. "Come Onondaga. Gather your warriors and let us move out. Soon all the threats to the Confederacy will be removed, forever." Theyanoguin started to move to the head of the army.

"Actually." Deganawatha started. The Karahkwa stopped looking back at the Onondaga Chief. "I wish to scout ahead. Not many of our warriors have seen Wendake with their own eyes. I have."

Theyanoguin seemed to think for a moment. "You were very lucky in your youth." He smiled. "Very well, the scouts are already ahead. Move with them Chief. With that Deganawatha moved into the woods, then quickly moved south along the Southern Great Lake. He would circle around the armies, picking off Theyanoguin's supporters one at a time. And avoiding the Wyandot. And possibly the Kanien'gehaga. And be ready to fight a fully armoured Kirit.

"I'm mad." Deganawatha thought to himself. "I must be." He knew deep inside that he would likely die. If not by the Wyandot, then by his own people. He had left a note, something explaining, everything to Genesse. She did not have her words yet. But she would. And if he did not return, one day she and Orenda would know.
411 GP/Great Peace (1732 A.D.)

Heading west through the forest Deganawatha did what he could to keep track of the movements of his fellow Haudenosaunee. He was also at all times aware of his surroundings, looking out for the Wyandot who would surly be coming. Just as the Haudenosaunee had learned from the Algonquin War, so would the Wyandot.

He moved along a small stream when he heard screams carried on the wind. They were from a woman in the Wydont language, but Deganawatha knew a call for help when he heard one. They were his sworn enemies, and enemies of his people. Again the calls came flowing down the river as if riding the waters. He took off in a sprint towards the voice. Rounding a bend to see the Wyndot woman struggling for her life against a very large man clad almost totally in Water-Stone armour.

"KIRIT!" Deganawatha called out as the sky darkened. The Kanien'gehaga turned to face him, still holding the woman.

"Ah." He said, his eyes cold as his armour. "Deganawatha." He twisted the woman's arm turning her to face the Onondaga chief. "Would you like some?" He laughed loudly. Deganawatha's hands gripped tightly around the hilt of his tomahawk. He wasn't sure if he could kill Kirit. We wasn't sure if he could even land a single blow.

"Let the woman go." Kirit smiled, twisting the woman in his arms again.

"She is filth, she is Wyndot. They are only good to be used by our men." The large man's eyes scanned over Deganawatha as if sizing him up. His eyes rested for a moment on his Tomahawk. His smile grew wider. And he broke out laughing. Kirit tossed to woman into the stream before picking up a rock throwing it at her as she ran, laughing all the while. Finally he turned back to the Onondaga.

"So. It was you." He reached down for his Water-Stone mallets. "The Karahkwa trusts you. But, I know better. I thought you may have killed the Priest. Are you trying to take power for your own little man?"

"These are not our ways Kirit! One man can not rule for long."

Kirit tilted his head from one side to the other cracking his bones. His hands, each nearly the sized of Deganawatha's head lifted his mallets. "Our ways have changed Deganawatha. And you helped, to benefit your own. You are simply as guilty as the men you plot to kill." Rain started to fall upon the two men. Kirit's mass lunged at him throwing water up into Deganawatha's face blinding him. One of Kirit's massive water-stone clad fists found Deganawatha's chin knocking him high into the air, landing hard on his back.

He rolled just in time as on of Kirit's mallets shattered the earth where his head had been moments before. Another and another and another hit followed as Deganawatha rolled back to his feet. He jumped back as Kirit dug the point of a mallet into a tree where it lodged deep into the wood. the larger man simply left it there. "One is fine. I could crush you with my hands if I needed." He lurched forward garbing Deganawatha by the arm. Twisting in back bending him down. "Foolish!" He kicked the man in the ribs. "Little!" Again. "ONONDAGA!" Again this time wish a loud painful crack as Deganawatha felt his ribs break. Kirit lifted him by his arm throwing him back towards the stream, the water from the rain blurring his vision. He started to stand as Kirit kicked him in the side of his head, this time cracking his jaw.

"You are weak! And tiny. Frail and small. The Onondaga have no idea what leadership is. No idea what power is. No-" Deganawatha tossed a large stone which found Kirit's nose. The larger man stumbled back dropping his hammer in the running waters. As blood started to poor down Kirit's face Deganawatha stood, his fists landing again and again on Kirit's unprotected face.

"Your leader threatens my wife!" He punched Kirit's mouth. "My DAUGHTER!" He felt something give as a hit found the larger man's left eye. "My life's work!" Another fist found Kirit's already broken nose. "And you dare to blame this growing hell on me!" He raised a leg to meet with Kirit's chin but it was blocked. He grabbed Deganawatha's ankle throwing him against a muddy embankment. He then rounded again lifting Deganawatha by his shoulders. Kirit pulled back his head, then rammed it forward into Deganawatha's face. Again and again untill dropping him back into the mud. he spat blood down into his face. "Useless miserable excuse for a warrior." He walked back lifting his water-stone mallet from the stream. He returned standing over Deganawatha. Raising the mallet about his head with both hands. "Good bye Deganawatha of the Wordmaker Clan. I'll be sure to comfort your wife for you."

His one good eye opened looking up at the very large man. Rain poring down his armour, his leather pants soaked in blood and water.

"Leather pants." Deganawatha's eye opened wide. "He isn't fully armoured." Quickly he felt around for the skin-stone blade he had taken with him. He found it covered in his own blood but still in one piece. Then as Kirit swung down, Deganawatha lunged forward. Kirit's mallet missed it's mark. But Deganawatha's blade did not. The red, blood covered blade duge straight up cutting through Kirit's manhood and digging into the bone far behind.

He dropped his mallet his hands falling upon his body parts that the Wyndot woman had been resisting so strongly. He screamed in pain, screams the likes that he had never heard. Worse then that of a diying man or animal, worse that a woman bringing new life. As Kirit struggled to stand he brought some of the muddy earth down on him. Deganawatha took up the water-stone mallet turning back to the fallen Kanien'gehaga.

"Good bye Kirit." He brought the mallet down on the man's chest again and again until his screaming stopped. Then he turned to muddy wall, striking it hard until Kirit's body was covered, lost forever under the earth. Deganawatha dropped the mallet and struggled out of the stream. His Tomahawk lay on the shore. He placed it back on his side liping into the forest.

He would need to be careful. With the Wyndot woman here, there must by a Wydont town near by. He fell resting his back on a fallen tree. He would need to rest too. He knew he was lucky to be alive. That was a gift from the creator. He laughed to himself. He was alive, and Kirit wasn't.

A sound from ahead. He struggled to his feet and leapt over the fallen tree, but fell crippled as his feet met the earth. He looked down as pain shot up his leg, slowly weakening as shock dulled his senses. He looked down seeing a bone arrow head lodged in his ankle.


Lifting himself lightly, trying to not raise himself above the fallen tree. He couldn't let this happen. Not now. But as he neared a stone which could defend him another arrow cut through the air finding his shoulder. He fell to the Earth. Panting in pain.

Foot steps. Coming closer. He reached for his tomahawk and rolled back onto his good shoulder. But as he did a foot kicked it from his hand. Two men, in skin-stone armour running from shoulder to waist, rather than shoulder to shoulder stood over him. Their panted faces, and head dresses told him they were Wyndot. One notched an arrow, skin-stone, pointing it at Deganawatha's head.

The Onondaga raised his hands above his head, his mind blank in shock, fear, and pain. The only thought running in his mind was one he had heard over and over in all his wars.

"The worst fate, is to be captured alive."
Cool updates; Deganawatha's taking down of Kirit sort of reminds me of Ratonhnhaké:ton. Don't know why but it just does. :D

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411 GP/Great Peace (1732 A.D.)

It had been a number of weeks since he had been taken by the Wyndot. There were rules, rules that dictated what was going to happen. Now that he was healed, more or less, it would be happening soon. A few of the Wyndot children would run in and look at him, before running away screaming.

It would have been a funny little game had then not been treating him like a monster. One brave little boy would often stay longer than his friends. He once made fists and struck an aggressive stance. Deganawatha simply sat up, and the boy took of like an arrow. Deganawatha could not help but laugh. It was only a little funny. But it was a bright ray of light. The doorway opened again, a woman holding a pitcher of water, normally it had been a Wyndot warrior how would bring Deganwatha food or water.

Behind her came a warrior, holding a boy about the age of Genesse. Deganwatha's confusion most have shown. The woman touched her collar.

"I... called... Orenda." She said in an attempt at the Onondaga language.

"My wife is named Orenda." He said with out thinking. She seemed to think for a moment before smiling.

"You... save.... me." She said touching his hand. Deganawatha nearly pulled back, but stopped. This was the most kindness that he had been shown in Wendake. "I.... debt.... with.... you."

"No I-." Deganawatha tried to break in but the woman kept talking.

"My... husband... debt... you. My... child... debit... you." She turned to her husband and said something in their language. He nodded and said something back. He placed the boy on the grown, the little one walked over to Deganawatha. He smiled. "Sgádah Domagaya."

Deganawatha blinked. He touched the boy's shoulder. "Domagaya?" He nodded. Deganwatha put a hand on his own chest. "Deganawatha." The boy smiled. Deganawatha looked up at the adults. "Deganawatha Wordmaker." They nodded to him. The woman, Orenda. Added something too the water she had brought him.

"It... dull... the pain." She held out the water. "It.... stop.... the pain." He nodded smiling too her. She stood, and kissed Deganwatha's forehead. "Goodbye, Deganawatha Wordmaker." The Wyndot family then left Deganawatha to his own thoughts. He readily drank down the water. As the sun set two warriors walked in.

"It's time." They helped Deganwatha stand, and walked him to an odd round house. There was a fire lit in it's centre, Wyndot men and women sitting along the sides. Deganawatha was made to kneel before the fire, as a Wyndot warrior knelt opposite him.

Each man painted his face. All the while looking into the sacred fire. Deganawatha was calm. In total acceptance of what was about to happen. He marked along his eyes, and along the top of his chest. Before the Wyndot man nodded to him. The Onondaga chief returning the motion. Then, with a second nod, two Wyndot lifted Deganawtha tying him, with his arms raised above his head facing out to the crowd. The painted man approached.

"Wenachataka, ota ray, ono mayhata, Wendake." Deganwatha did not know the words. But he could guess their meaning. he had heard them before in his own language. "Brother...." He muttered under his own breath. "You have come to die in the lands of the Wyndot." The painted man took up an old stone blade. A sacred item, never to change. Degnawatha wondered how many of his people, how many of his fellow warriors that blade had taken from the world.

The man cut into Deganawatha's arm. And rather than scream out, tainting his own death with the dishonour he so felt had tainted his life. Deganawatha Wordmaker sang the mournful death song of a true Haudenosaunee. The song of a true warrior of the Five Nations. Lifting his spirit above the pain. In the hope that his courage would not fault or fail.

Cold water, meant to help calm and sooth Deganawatha sat near by. They would show him kindness, as was tradition. Deganawatha continued to sing. In his mind returning home, playing with little Genesse. Holding Orenda. Still he sang on, lifting his spirit ever higher. The memories would have to last him.

A true warrior could endure for days.

End Of
Haudenosaunee Imperium: Deganawatha

Haudenosaunee Imperium: Tagnaguya
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Question for the author : Are there any agricultural PODs involved in this TL ?

Some... ish. The Cree OTL had started to develop Agriculture before the arrival of the European. I'm not sure how wide spread it had become, but it has spread far wider in the TL, as well as a few "other" cultural developments for the Native people's. And, as trade increases as nations expand and search for new technologies to combat other developments, just like in OTL Europe and Asia, its going to get interesting.

Very cool job, Prime Minister. Nice work. :)


Thank you very much Ganesha, I'm glad you enjoy it.