Deganawatha (Haudenosaunee Imperium restart)

401 GP/Great Peace (1722 A.D.)

Deganawatha stood along the Onondaga warriors late in the night. The air was crisp with the full moon hanging high in the night sky surrounded by the twinkling stars gazing down upon the Haudenosaunee and the act they were about too commit. Pacing in-front of the Onondaga warriors he could see only a few uneasy looks, only a few sharing his feelings.

"Light!" Theyanoguin's voice came from out of the night. The Onondaga, as well as others surrounding the Stadacona village Kanata. With that Stadacona and Algonquin warriors warriors appeared along the high walls of the village. A hail of arrows flew from along the wall in all directions towards the Haudenosaunee. Several men fell along the lines but the Skin and Warter-stone armour held up. A man standing near Deganawatha took an arrow to the eye falling first to his knees letting out a whimper before falling dead on the ground.

"Protection for the head and face will be necessary." Deganawatha scared himself with such a callous reaction. But he brushed the fear away. "Take them down!" He ordered. Onondaga archers dropped to their knees firing as the Stadacona rose from the protective barrier. He stood watching as several men along the wall fell to the skin-stone tipped arrows, the new stone and bone weaved armour worn by the defenders tore like bare flesh. No orders could be heard from Theyanoguin. Deganawatha turned to his warriors waiting with their torches. "LAUNCH!" The first line of torches were flung over walls, some falling to the ground in the trench along the defences. The trench had been filled with wood was dried grass. Smoke rose from all around the outsides of the wall encasing the defending warriors in a thick black cloud of smothering fiery air.

"Second line!" Deganawatha called as a second wave of torches flew over his head and over the walls. He heard at that time Kirit's voice call the same order from out of site. What looked like red gold stars fell onto the village from the Kanien'gehaga lines nearly invisible though the wall of smoke. The glow from the flames with in the village grew brighter and brighter as the flames spread.

A new sound arose for the night to consume, carried by the smoke and flames. Screams. Men and women and children. Deganawatha could hear them all screaming for help, screaming for their loved ones and for the creator to spare them this suffering and take them now. A door flew open, its large wooden gates shining light between the Onondaga and Kanien'gehaga formations. Stadacona and Algonquin poored out into the night. Their skin and clothing burned, some with skins or hair aflame.

"Kill them!" Kirit ordered screamed from the far formation. Kanien'gehaga moved onto the the fleeing population.

"NO!" Deganawatha called out. "Protect the innocent ones!" He ordered the Onondaga. The two Haudenosaunee peoples collided on their enemy population. The Onondaga were closer to the fleeing population, forcing the women and children to fall into their lines. The Kanien'gehaga were given their way with the warriors, who fell like trees in a heavy wind. The Kanien'gehaga stood over them, their tomahawks and clubs rising and falling on the broken bodies as the warriors whooped war cries into the night.

As the sun rose late in the morning the Haudenosaunee entered the burned ruins of the Stadacona village. The Onondaga protecting the former population waited out side the walls, along with other civilians protected by the Seneca and Guyohkohnyo. Deganawatha walked alongside Theyanoguin who's face had carried burn marks from the battle the previous night. There were bodies everywhere, some chard others others looked as though they were simply asleep. A group of twenty stood in the village centre far away from the burned husks of great round buildings of the Stadacona.

A man late of age walked forward towards Theyanoguin, his head held down in shame. "I am Domagaya. Stadacona-Algonquin war chief." The man's eyes weakened and his hands trembling he choked out he last words as chief. "We surrender too you. Oh great Theyanoguin of the Haudenosaunee."

"Bow." Theyanoguin said emotionless as a stone. And they did so. The surviving defenders took to their knees pressing their foreheads to the ground at the feet of the Haugenosaunee War Chief. Theyanoguin then turned to Kirit. "Take all the Algonquin warriors to be held until preparations can be made." With that the Haudenosaunee took the brave Algonquin binding their hands together with rope or skins, marching them off into the early day.

With the war over the worst fate possible, was to be captured alive.

OOC: Please, at this point I would like as much criticism and review as possible. Since Im looking at turning this into a novel.
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401 GP/Great Peace (1722 A.D.)

Deganawatha along with other Haudenosaunee warriors, Algonquin civilians and Stadacona, sat in a newly constructed Longhouse in the village of Kanata. The Stadacona village was named by Theyanoguin as the leading village of the fallen territories. A ceremony was about to begin, one as old as time, one preformed by the Haudenosaunee, Algonquin and Wyandot alike.

It was the fate awaiting men captured alive.

Theyanoguin had been merciful to most after this great war and the fall of the Algonquin nation. The last of the captured men knelt before a Seneca priest. Both painting their faces in preparation. The man, a Seneca warrior and chief was tide in standing position to two sticks forcing his body into spreading his arms and legs. The Seneca priest was given a skin-stone knife fashioned to replace the old bone tools of the past.

"Brother," He began. "you have come to die in the land of the Haudenosaunee." The Stadacona man's face remained cold. This was the code of the warriors, all knew that if the fortunes of this war had been different, any one could have been in his place. A code of retribution had always bound them in their ways. The Stadacona man's eyes scanned the watching crowd. His calm and the fearlessness in his eyes made a mark on Deganawatha that he knew he would carry for all of time.

The Seneca pushed the knife into the hand of the warrior, twisting it cutting the hand down to the wrist, stopping before reaching to deep. The Stadacona sung out in a mournful warriors song so as to not scream out dishonouring his ancestors, and his death, be tainted by failing courage. This was the day his long and painful death began. It would last for many days.

End of Part One
Part: Two

411 GP/Great Peace (1732 A.D.)

It had been ten years since the fall of Algonquina, into the hands of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. And now the Confederacy was experiencing a new age, the likes of which no one had seen since the coming of Deganawida and the Great Peace. Special stones from the lands of the Algonquin fed in the fire pits of the Kanien'gehaga and Onondaga, and created more and stronger Skin-Stone, though Water-Stone was yet out of their reach.

New roads connected the Haudenosaunee Confederacy with the occupied lands too the north. Over which new trade streamed, north and south. Special-Stones, squash, maze, even clothing and ideas moved over the new roads. New settlements were built along the roads supporting and protecting traders and travelers both Haudenosaunee and Algonquin alike. There were even several "shared" settlements along the road. A new carting structure made of carved soiled wood that could hold far more than the woven carts made by the Seneca.

Deganawatha was spending his time now as the head of Buckaloon, at the Great Longhouse arguing for his village. When he could he would spend all his renaming energies poring over the bindings, his help had grown smaller and smaller and smaller over the years. Now the only thing left were the waving arts that took up most of the pages between the pictures. They had learned so much, better wall building, better armour, they had started to tame wolves with advice from the Cree. The Cree also had helped the Haudenosaunee to capture the young kutcha to work the fields, like the great creatures from the bindings.

Yet, the bindings had not yet given up to him all their mysteries. With great frustration he slammed shut a binding he had gone over and over for all these years. Before slamming it to the floor a little voice called out behind him.

"DADDY!" Genesee called out. Deganawtha spun around as his little girl ran to his arms. It may not been their way, but Orenda wanted Genesee to be part of his life. "Daddy! I went on my first trip today! Mommy took me too see the Cree people. And we talked to them and I played with a little boy, and there were no trees and lots of grass and mommy was talking too their chief, and I saw a butterfly, and mommy got two little baby kutcha to bring them back here! How are you?" She added with a smile. Deganawatha laughed and his daughters excitement. "Im very good now that you are back with me my little Gengen." Orenda walked into the room hugging them both.

"My little one and my her daddy." She said. "Genesee helped me a lot on our trip didn't she?" Their daughter nodded strongly with a very serious look on her little face. "She helped me to carry things for the Cree, and even helped by making the Cree Chief laugh and laugh and made friends with his son. Oh, and go on show daddy what you learned." Orenda stood, looking at her daughter with pride. Deganawatha turned to face her not knowing what to expect.

"Tawaw, tansi!" She exclaimed smiling at her father. "Now daddy you say 'Namoya. Kiya maka?"

Startled he replied to his young one. "Nay moy eh. Kaya maka?" Genesee broke into a giggle it.

"You don't speak Cree well daddy." She giggled. Her mother patted her on her shoulders.

"Why don't you run along and go see your friends?" She whispered.

"Okay." She said sadly hugging her mother and father before running off. Orenda walked over wrapping her arms around Deganawatha's neck.

"Now... where's my really hello?" She said leaning in and kissing him.
I've just skimmed it, and it sounds cool. But if you mean Deganawatha, the prophet of peace, he was around looooong before the 1700s. We started our league centuries before the Europeans landed (of the Post-Columbus era). Don't believe me, it's in our wampum records.
I've just skimmed it, and it sounds cool. But if you mean Deganawatha, the prophet of peace, he was around looooong before the 1700s. We started our league centuries before the Europeans landed (of the Post-Columbus era). Don't believe me, it's in our wampum records. Also the Wyandot didn't call themselves that yet, it was more pronounced Wendat, but that's just a minor thing.

Deganawida, was the Great Peace maker. Deganawtha is a name I made up by slamming together the names "Deganawida" and "Hiawatha".

I know you just made a quick skim though, so I don't blame you for this. But I actually mentioned Deganawida in this last post. And I am very pleased that you like this so far! Im very happy to get a good response from a Haudenosaunee! Anything you wish to share with me, or any corrections you want to point out on places I've gone wrong are more than welcome! Thanks for your input!
Tight. Can't wait to read more. Though this reminds me of the shame I have for all the people my ancestors all but exterminated in real life.
Interesting read so far!

I've been pondering a story idea with some conceptual similarities - set some time after the Europeans would've shown up OTL, but with little to no Europeans showing up in ATL. Any chance you'd be able to point me at some good off-site references on the nations of the Wabanaki Confederacy?
411 GP/Great Peace (1732 A.D.)

The sky was dark as a storm rolled over the Haudenosaunee from off the Great Waters to the East. Cold winds blew across the lands swaying the tall trees around Buckaloon as though they marched along in mourning as the cold night fell. Slowly and first as a murmur, then building into a thunderous roar rain broke through the trees forming small streams that ran across the ground and between the homes of the Onondaga village.

This night people, from all across the confederation braved the storm to come and pay respects too a great Hero of the people. Even the loud and booming Theyanoguin held still his tongue and waited in place among all others. Rain mixed with tears of the mourners as they filled the Long House of the Onondaga Bear Clan where the body of Canassatego lay for his friends and family to say their farewell.

His leadership had been undisputed for many years, the Onondaga had loved him for his kindness, for his love of the people and his dedication to peace. It was these things that came to make him a great leader among all all Haudenosaunee and beyond their lands. So much that even leaders of the Wyandot and Algonquin came through the storm to Buckaloon.

Deganawatha supported his father helping him into the Long House.

"He was my oldest friend. Have I told you that?" Otetiani said weakly to his son. "As he died his great love of life never left him. He talked with his sons and myself all his last days and nights. So many things he remembered I could not." Deganawatha could tell his fateher was fighting back tears. "He was a good man."

"Yes father. A very good man." Deganawatha said as the moved closer to the body. His father was very weak and his breathing was laboured. "You should have stayed at home father."

"You only get to say goodbye once young man. I would not miss this." He looked around in a start. "Where are we?"

"We are in the Long House of the Bear Clan father." This was not what Deganawatha had hopped tonight would be like.

"The Bear Clan? I had a good friend in the Bear Clan. Canassatego his name was." His father turned to him with a smile. "You seem familiar. I have a son about your age." All Deganawatha wanted now was to get to Canassatego's body and get out. "He is a good man. Brilliant. I, I don't think I ever told him I thought that. He is my hope for our people. Not like that damned Theyanoguin, who only things with a Tomahawk. Why... Why can I not remember his face? I can not picture my own son." The look on Otetiani's face as they approuched the body of the Great Chief was one of intense pain that had little to do with his friends death. When finally he noticed where they were Otetiani surged. "He seems to be sleeping. We should come back tomorrow." He said looking back at Deganawatha. "Come help me to find my son. I think you two would like each other. He has a little one now so adorable.........."

As his father talked Deganawatha carried him back to their long house. Hopefully he would soon sleep, and both their pain would end for the night.
411 GP/Great Peace (1732 A.D.)

Deganawatha angrily tossed a binding to the floor. He had been doing that more and more often as time passed. Only he now worked on the bindings. Others said they had given up all their secrets, but Deganawatha knew otherwise. The waving pictures were everywhere, in ever binding, many were filled only with the waving art. Deganawatha had filled many tree barks with the most common of the waves. The "The" was was very important, it was the most common as far as he could tell. Other bindings had other common words "Christ", "Crown", "Witches", "Dog", "Field", "England" all odd common pictures. Some groups of pictures started off with part of the first drawing larger than the rest, others did not. Some were more artistic, others simple lines.

"WHAT DOES IT MEAN? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?" Deganawatha knocked over a table the pottery resting upon it shattering as it hit the ground. Grabbing his tomahawk from another table he dug its head deep into a wooden post several times causing wood chips to fly out hitting his face. Falling to his knees, he breathed deeply dropping the tomahawk and wrapping his hands around the back of his head.

"I. Feel better now." He breathed. He stood to right the table and salvage what pottery he could. As he finished his cleaning and stacking the binding again at his work place, a knock came at the opening to the long house. He turned to see the Clan Mother of Buckaloon. Deganawatha smiled walking over too her. "Clan Mother. What can I do for you?"

She cleared her throat. "The votes have been cast Deganawatha. And the Clan Mothers have spoken. It is now confirmed."

"Oh creator no." Deganawatha thought to himself.

"You have been chosen by your people to take the place of Canassatego. You Deganawatha have been given the great honour and named Chief of the Onondaga people."

"I... I am honoured Clan Mother." He said slowly.

"Tomorrow you leave for the Great Longhouse. Tonight You will be named before the people." Deganawatha nodded as she left him wit his bindings. He may never finish his work now.
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411 GP/Great Peace (1732 A.D.)

Deganawatha sat in the front of a wooden cart pulled along by, a horned creature the Inuit called a "tuttu", it had a rope tide around its neck with two mean on its sides guiding her along. A third man sat up next to him with a long stick dangling maise over its head guiding the beast along. Deganawatha looked up from his the binding he held on his lap, others as well as more of his belongings rested in the back. The Tuttu Guider as he was called noticed his glances.

"It is ok Chief Deganawatha." The Kanien'gehaga man said with a smile. "She is our best behaved tuttu. We have been training her since she arrived too us twenty eight seasons ago. We let the Algonquin train the others." The man laughed deeply.

"So, she has never run wiled? No one has been hurt?" Deganawatha asked closing his binding.

"Not.... Not exactly." He said quietly then muttered something. Looking back at the tuttu, Deganawatha put a hand under his seat reopening the binding for study. He was uncomfortable doing this the carts may move slower than walking, but they could carry far far more than one man's back. After a day and a half the village of Onondaga finally came into view. To hi great happiness no one had been hurt on the trip. Getting his things out of the rear of the cart Deganawatha waved and thanked his guides. He walked off to the Longhouse he would be staying in until the next Moon came. As he organised the bindings, a voice called out behind him.

"Deganawatha." Kirit's voice called out. Turing to see the imposing Kanien'gehaga towering over him. "Chief Theyanoguin wishes too meet with you in private. To... congratulate you on your ascension above your fellow Onondaga."

Raising an eyebrow Deganawatha pushed past the man heading for the door. "No Haudenosaunee is above another Haudenosaunee. It is not our way."

"We will see Deganawatha. Our ways are changing. Our ways are Changing." With the chilled voice of Kirit hanging in the air, Deganawatha made his way to the Longhouse of the Kanien'gehaga near the East End of the village.
(I'm bored and can not sleep. So, here is some more.)

411 GP/Great Peace (1732 A.D.)

Standing in the centre of the Great Longhouse Deganawatha stared into the great fire. Theyanoguin and thrown a small celebration in honour of Deganawatha's election to Chief of the Onondaga. There were others there, and it twisted at Deganawatha's stomach. The new chief of the Seneca, Shenandoah a powerful woman among the Onayotekaono and daughter of the High Priest, she sat very near the lap of the Kanien'gehaga Chief, with them was Ohstahehte another Onayotekaono and a young powerful priest who also seemed to hold the attentions of the woman on Theyanoguin's lap, she rested her feet upon his lap. With them were others from all the Haudenosaunee nations even several powerful chiefs from the lands of the Algonquin.

Together they ate, and smoked. They played drums and sang to thank the creator for his gifts. Then Theyanoguin made a small speech of congratulation to Deganawatha. Then everyone left. It made him every uneasy. It simply was not what he had expected to have happen. After his encounter with Kirit, he had expected, something else. Theyanoguin always had something hidden, something planed, some way of getting his plans into action. Maybe this was it, to distract Deganawatha from other thoughts.

Anger started to take him now. He stood there staring into the flames, so lost in his thoughts he did not notice as people started to fill the Longhouse for the first meeting of this moon. As Deganawatha walked to take the seat he had occupied since his first day on council, a hand landed on his shoulder.

"Come Deganawatha." Theyanoguin said from behind him. Turning Deganawatha saw instead it had been Kirit who stopped him, but then Theyanoguin continued too speak. "Sit with your equals." He motioned to an empty seat near himself, Kirit and the young priest. Not knowing what else too do, Deganawatha took the seat, as Theyanoguin smiled like a wolf.
411 GP/Great Peace (1732 A.D.)

Theyanoguin walked up to Deganawatha early one morning. "Put down your bindings Onondaga." Looking up just in time to catch a bow that was flying towards him, Deganawatha snatched it out of the air. "We're going hunting you and I. Get ready, I will return." Theyanoguin hurried off back to the Kanien'gehaga Longhouse. Deganawatha looked around at his bindings. "I have work." He thought to himself quickly. But ignoring Theyanoguin would have consequences. Reluctantly Deganawatha collected some bone arrows, the skin-stone and water-stone arrows were to be used strictly in times of war.

Later the two of them walked side by side in the forest. Theyanoguin was the first to speak. "What is it you want most Deganawatha?" Such a normal question took him aback.

"To spend more time with my daughter." He said flatly. "And too understand the bindings." Theyanoguin laughed.

"You are a good man Onondaga." He patted Deganawatha on the back in a friendly manner. That made him very uncomfortable. "It is too bad our ways do not allow you to do this thing." He said letting his words hang in the air. "If you assist me. I can change that for you."

"What do you mean? You could change that for me. No one man has that power." Deganawtha stated looking the Kanien'gehaga chief in the eye.

"All I am saying is that when the time comes we can help each other. If I can get what I need, what is do to me though my father's bloodline, I can give you your daughter, and all the resources you need for your bindings."

"And what is it you want most Chief Theyanoguin?" Deganawatha asked.

"Power Onondaga. I want power." The smile that came over theyanoguin's face scared Deganawatha slightly. His mind raced, he wanted to raise his daughter......
Your writing style seems rather fine. It's detailed enough to imagine the characters' appearance and actually conversing with one another but at the same time, it's not detailed enough that you spend countless paragraphs describing everything which is just fine by me. I like Theyanoguin the most so far out of all the characters; he seems to be ready to gather power in the Haudenosaunee all for him. It would certainly change a lot of things but I'm a sucker for those who crave power.

Going to get caught up on this tonight. Just spent all my free time rewriting a post in my own TL to beat the close of the 30 day edit rule. Literary endurance trial.
Going to get caught up on this tonight. Just spent all my free time rewriting a post in my own TL to beat the close of the 30 day edit rule. Literary endurance trial.

You and Prime Minister are making me look awfully lazy when it comes to my own timeline! Heh.