Deganawatha (Haudenosaunee Imperium restart)

Theyanoguin Canassatego

401 GP/Great Peace (1722 A.D.)

The council of the Haudenosaunee met late into the night. The men and women of the council were growing tired, some even sat with eyes shut or resting their heads upon the person next to them. Theyanoguin thundered around the longhouse with the Kanien'gehaga warriors standing at attention along the walls. Deganawatha watched as Canassatego eyed them nervously, they were not elected and had no place in the longhouse. But Theyanoguin would not take the council's "no". The light of the sacred fired reflected off their tomahawks, some were taken from the Great Canoe, others were dirtier, almost of a red or brown colour and reflected the light much less. The Kanien'gehaga had done... something.

Deganawatha thought back to the Great Canoe. It had been badly burned and chard in parts. But thankfully nothing important had been harmed. The wooden carving of the Woman now stood in the centre of the Great Longhouse, her face chard and darkened from the flames, her round eyes set into an impossibly round face looking down upon the Haudenosaunee as though she were the Great Spirit itself. "We must act!" Theyanoguin said suddenly, startling a few to wake and drawing Canassatego's eyes from the tomahawks. "The Algonquin attempted to destroy a gift from the creator! They killed our warriors on holy ground!"

This grabbed Deganawatha's attention. The ground was not Holy... no one had ever even hinted at that thought. It seemed to resonate with many of the council who were now all sitting at attention. Deganawhatha thought back, his mind walking around the Great Canoe as Theyanoguin spoke to the assembly. There had been something wrong, something he couldn't but his finger on. His mind traced the beach and up the side of the chard canoe. His eyes looking over the line of the dead, from all of the Five Nations. From the Five Nations... That was -

"....DECIMATE THEM!" The yells took drew him back into the real world. Many of the council were cheering as Theyanoguin stood in the centrer of the crowd one arm raised. His warriors along the walls brandishing their tomahawks crying out in war chants. "We will decimate them! And take the lands we left too them in the last war! A mistake brought on too us by the weak peace loving Chiefs of the past. Too weak to do what must be done! Too weak for the Haudenosaunee! Too weak for their ways! It must be war! It must be victory for the Haudenosaunee! Victory in the name of the Great Spirt! Victory!" The Kanien'gehaga's war calls filled the longhouse, but only for a short time as the chant of "Victory! Victory! Victory!" Came up from all nations.

Deganawatha's head hung low. Only at that time did he see Canassatego. His head pressed to his chest. Tears streaming down the old man's face. It had been his work in his youth, his life's mission for peace. And now in the end, he had failed.
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401 GP/Great Peace (1722 A.D.)

Fall was beginning to set in. Nature's cold touch would sweep though the air and wind. Deganawatha found it refreshing, this was his favourite of the thirteen moons. At least it had been in the past. Now he stood alone in the woodlands, his only partners a tomahawk from the Great Canoe, his bow and arrows. He took an arrow from its quiver examining the head. It was made of the same red-brown material as the tomahawks the Kanien'gehaga had at the last council. "Skin-stone" they were calling it, for its colour and strength.

Deganawtha had been to Kickenapawling the Kanien'gehaga leading village. There had been earth mounds made outside the town similar too the pits used for cooking. But the Kanien'gehaga kept them hotter and were using them to melt some stones they had traded from the Algonquin. The Skin-stone was flawed not nearly as strong as Water-stone, that was the name now given too material from the Great Canoe. Deganawtha placed one of the arrows into his bow letting it fly into a tree. It was far better than the bone or stone arrow heads used in the past.

His armour was stronger too. A weaving leather with Skin-stone replacing bone or wood that was still the norm with most Haudenosaunee. Deganawtha was given this armour because of his rank. He felt ill at the very thought. Their society was based on all people being equal, no one standing above any other. He could not take part in the raising of his daughter. "For it is our way" Deganawtha mouthed. But their other ways seemed to be changing. Slowly, by the hands of Theyanoguin. Theyanoguin the warmonger. Theyanoguin who tried every moon to be named as undisputed chief of his people and his clan.

A sound from behind.

Deganawtha placed a second arrow in his bow rolling his back along the tree he rounded on the direction of the disturbance. An Algonquin stone arrow flew through the air striking one of the exposed sections of Skin-stone on his chest. If it were the old armour Deganawtha would be his prisoner, or worse. He released his arrow feeling the feathers glide between his fingers as the Skin-stone head cut through the air, then the leather wood armour of the Algonquin as though it was water, penetrating through his shoulder. With a scream the man gripped the arrow attempting to pull it from his body but with no luck.

Deganwatha approached to take him. With his remaining arm the man flung an old tomahawk past Deganawtha missing him but leaving its mark on a cheek. With that in an instinctive single move another arrow flew from Deganawatha's bow and through the throat of his Algonquin adversary. The man struggled from a moment with his fingers around the arrow, his hands covered with blood until the life and fear left his eyes.

"It is better this way." Deganawtha thought. Nothing is worse than being captured alive. He prayed over the man, "Brother, forgive me." It was not the first life he had taken. Running though the forest he searched of his war party. They were no where near the Algonquin home land along the Great North River. But here in the lower settlements or the higher settlements depending what view you took, villages of the Haudenosaunee and Algonquin dotted the land everywhere. Scouts would soon report to the Algonquin lead village, and thing will very soon, get very bad.
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401 GP/Great Peace (1722 A.D.)

Waking with a cold sweat in the middle of the night Deganawatha jolted up right. His breathing was heavy as though he had returned from a long run. Glancing around in the dark he could make out the shadows of other sleeping warriors, there were other shadows moving in the distance, patrol keeping watch. His dream, he looked around for Theyanoguin's shadow. He dreamed that Theyanoguin had been named as an Unquestionable Chief of the Haudenosaunee. Deganawatha slid one hand along the handle of his Tomahawk. He glanced around again before returning to sleep. He would not have to worry about standing guard. That was for the lower ranks to do.

"Damn it Theyanoguin." He muttered as sleep returned too him.

A foot on his back shook him awake. His eyes opened before having to be shut again saving himself from the early morning sun. He didn't want to wake, he felt a genuine affection for the patch of earth and grass he had found for himself the night before. He turned too see Kateri a fellow Onondaga standing over him.

"Come, we must talk." Deganawatha stood and slowly walked along side. Kateri was a few years younger than he, but they were from the same village and had known one another for years, if hardly ever speaking. "Watch for the Kanien'gehaga." Kateri said looking ahead of him. Keeping an eye for the Kanien'gehaga Deganawatha turned too Kateri.

"What is this about?" He asked.

"Keep your voice down Deganawatha." Kateri snapped. "We were both at the Great Canoe, Deganawatha. What did you see?"

Deganawatha thought again. "I saw the canoe was burned. And I saw the dead."

"What dead?" Kateri asked watching him from the corner of his eye.

"The Haudenosaunee and the Algonquin warriors." Deganawatha stated coldly. He knew what he had seen. But he had not thought about it since the last council.

"The Algonquin?" Kateri said. Deganawatha had expected him to leave it at that but he went on. "There we're no Algonquin. I saw them not. Nor did you. No one did. People from all five nations know this. Even some of the bastard Kanien'gehaga speak of it. But they go quiet when some others come near."

Deganawatha said nothing. He looked forward not looking for anyone anymore. Kateri's words running across his mind.

"This war is the doing of one man." He went on. "The Haudenosaunee must not stand for this. You are a good man Deganawatha. When it comes to it you will do what is right for our people. First you must be honest with yourself about what you know." With that Kateri went to rejoin the lower ranks. Deganawatha watched him go, his mind racing in the past.
Was the POD already in the Late Middle Ages ? I'm just curious, because I want to add it to the chronological list of ongoing TLs.
401 GP/Great Peace (1722 A.D.)

Thunk, thunk, thunk! The sound of Algonquin stone arrows hitting a tree brought a smile to Daganawatha's face. They were panicking. The weapons and armour the Haudenosaunee used allowed them to cut swaths up the Algonquin lands. The full force of Algonquin warriors were upon them now and they fell like leaves before the snow. A Haudenosaunee covered so it looked as he were made of Water-Stone ran forward, the sun reflecting off his armour blinding all around. Deganawatha watched as arrow after arrow bounced off the Water-Stone as the man swung a long handled wood and Water-Stone mallet.

With only a matter of moments he cleared the way for the following Haudenosaunee. Deganawatha approached in time too hear the cracking of ribs as the armour clad man brought the mallet down onto the chest of an Algonquin.

"What are that?" He asked as he reached the man, shading his eyes from the reflecting light.

"I am really not sure." The man said with a laugh. Deganawatha recognised his voice as one of the Kanien'gehaga close too Theyanoguin. "But it is one of my favourite things in the world." He laughed loudly, the armour amplifying its power. He walked over to Deganawtha placing a armour clad hand on his shoulder. "Move quickly Onondag, we will be on the banks of the Great North River by the next moon!" He then turned pushing north again with the others.

Deganawtha could not believe they would be in the home land of the Algonquin with in such a time. Their resistance was getting stronger, even if it remained useless. They would surely fight harder the further north they pushed. But what then? What if Algonquina fell? Theyanoguin wanted to keep it. Was that possible? If so, then what would that make of the Haudenosaunee?

What would they become?
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401 GP/Great Peace (1722 A.D.)

The forces of the Haudenosaunee stood together, gazing upon a sight few of their people had beheld in the past. The Great Northern River lay before them, the Algonquin retreating to the northern banks the previous night under cover of the clouded moon. Their forces now stood on the distant shores looking past the burned remains of their canoes on to the Haudenosaunee, thinking them stranded on the south bank.

As one the Haudenosaunee warriors broke into a war cry and whoops. Raising their weapons in the air or pounding their armour with fists or weapons. The sight and sound must have inspired terror in their foes, many breaking lines to flee. The lights of the sun reflecting of the skin-stone and water-stone must have looked as though a massive glowing creature of fire rested across the waters. Some men fruitlessly fired arrows at the Algonquin, non were harmed but many more broke away to join their fleeing companions.

Once the sun had set the warriors made camp near the fresh waters of the river. Men walked up from the waters with nets filled with fish taken form the waters, jugs of water were brought with them. Others came from the woods with corn, fruit and meats taken from the Algonquin towns taken in the war. The spoils of war shared by all as equals. This was their way. But it was not.

They ate Algonquin foods, drinking Algonquin water, on Algonquin land, their weapons and armour stained with Algonquin blood. Things were indeed changing.

The sounds of axes hitting trees broke Deganawtha's attention from his meal. But as he stood Theyanoguin took a place next to him. Placing a hand on his shoulder he spoke. "Come Onondaga sit and eat with me." Felling as he had no choice Deganawatha dropped back to the sands he sat upon. Theyanoguin had a kindness to his voice that Deganawatha had never heard in the past. He wanted something.

"Yes Chief Theyanoguin." He said flatly.

"You, Degnawatha. Reports have reached my ears of you this war. You have proven yourself a capable warrior. And many of the Onondaga speak favourably of you. You may not yet see it but you are a leader among them." Theyanoguin then stopped stripping meat from a fish with his fingers and running it though mashed corn before consuming it.

"Thank you Chief." Deganawatha retorted. "There are no leaders among the Haudenosaunee we are all as one." He flatly said as he too tore at his fish.

Theyanoguin coldly looked at Deganawtha before a smile, like that of a predator took its place. "Words Deganawtha, only words. Deganawida, Hiawatha there have always been leaders for our people. And there always shall be. You, and I are leaders." With his open palm he hit Deganawatha on his back and began to leave. "We should always be sure to be on the same side. It is... good. To have unity among us." With that he walked to join another fire, that one with mostly Seneca. None of the Onondaga spoke too Deganawatha after that, if they did he could not hear them. Deganawtha simply poked at his fish and corn, not even the water seemed tempting. Deganawtha simply put his food down and lay on the sand, hoping sleep would come and clear his mind.
401 GP/Great Peace (1722 A.D.)

Weeks after the taking of the south bank of the Great North River, Haudenosaunee warriors approached from the woods carrying wooden canoes over their heads. They were ruff and sloppy and did not looks as fast or capable as the leather canoes used normally. But they would allow the Haudenosaunee to cross the river for the first time in their history. Cross and strike at the heart of the Algonquin.

The warriors turned the canoes over placing them in the waters of the river. Deganawatha was handed a ruff carved wooden paddle. Finally they were ready to move again. As Deganawatha moved towards the canoes he looked around at his fellow warriors. Many of the men who had come out of the woods looked down sadly at their weapons. Even from this distance Deganawatha could tell they were horribly dulled and chipped. The weapons may prove to be more or less useless in the coming battles.

Theyanoguin, and the armour clad Kanien'gehaga sat in a canoe and with other warriors stated to paddle north. Deganawatha took a canoe along with other Onondaga and Seneca. Slowly and shrinkingly the canoe made its uneasy way north. Suddenly Deganawatha heard screams from behind, he turned to see a canoe of tip throwing it occupiers into the waters of the river, few of them even surfaced, even less were able to scramble back onto the canoe. Looking down at his armour Deganawatha felt great fear rising in him. The deep dark waters of the river now seemed to no longer be a wall blocking their expansion north. But rather raging pit of death, or an animal hungry to consume any careless or unlucky warrior.

Looking forward keeping his eyes on the north bank Deganawatha nearly kissed the sand after the crossing. Looking around he knew many others felt the same. The was no sign of the Algonquin, their scouts would have run to tell their chiefs that they had crossed the river and were now on the north bank.

"Paddlers go back to fetch other warriors." Two or three warriors for each canoe returned to the south bank. The remaining forces began to set up defences if the Algonquin were to attack. With in a day, if not hours they would be ready again to move on. The shortest war, and final battles with the Algonquin, were nearly at an end.
Is the Northern river the Hudson?

I am enjoying this timeline. I am wondering if the Northern river is the Hudson?

I believe I said my most recent opinion over our PM. You're doing a fine job with this and I'm looking forward to more updates on this.
401 GP/Great Peace (1722 A.D.)

It was getting cold. Deganawatha wrapped himself in thick leather clothing over his armour. The air was crisp and cold in his chest. Before the sun would rise thin frost sat on the grass, stones, trees and the warriors sleeping far from the camp fires. The warriors who's whole bodies were clad in water-stone shook in the cold, many abandoning their casings for the lighter leathers and skin-stone of the lower ranks.

Clasping his leather coverings closed Deganawatha walked across the early morning frost and fell into step with Theyanoguin. Theyanoguin, had asked the Onondaga warriors to name Deganawatha their war leader. To his great disgust they did, now Deganawatha stood as one of Theyanoguin's Lieutenants. Theyanoguin smiled hitting his back as he came up, together they walked towards the lean-to that had been erected.

The four Lieutenants stood around a fire watching as the two approached. The water-skin clad Kanien'gehaga, Deganawtha had learned his name as "Kirit", held his head-covering under his arm. The had a shape drawn into the dirt with several other shapes around it. "Chief Theyanoguin!" He saluted, then turned to face the markings. "This is the Stadacona village. They call it Kanata. We have spoken to their leaders and told them we have no blood feud with the Stadacona people."

"And?" Theyanoguin said tracing his fingers above the markings.

"They stand next to their Algonquin allies. They refuse to lay down their arms." Kirit's voice held a hint of pleasure as he spoke. "They have more honour than the Wyandot." News had reached them that the Wyandot had invaded the western regions of Algonquiana as "friends".

"This is the last strong hold?" Theyanoguin asked.

"Yes chief." The Seneca Lieutenant Kaintwakon spoke. "We have men surrounding the village. Archers, here, here, and here. We can rain fire down on them at your word."

"What of their walls? Defences?" Theyanoguin looked up.

"They have dug a large ditch around the village, and erected walls of earth the hight of two men. We have no ideas on the number of their warriors."

"Burn the village tonight."

"What? They have women and chil-" Deganawtha started, but was silenced with a single look from the three higher ranking officers.

"Burn the village tonight." Theyanoguin said leaving the lean-to.