DBWI: Your favorite episode of the Alternate History TV Series

Mine? I can't choose between the three part "Ministry of Space" ending with Victor Carroon, James Daniels and John Carrington landing Mars Probe 6 on the red planet, or "Squadron", about the Royal Air Force getting the first AH 70K Airwolves.
We can talk how, because of this show, there was an explosion of althist TV series, like Timeline 191 and the "What Madness is This?" series (by the way, it was the TL that have more episodes that the other TLs, with a count of 16 episodes, but everybody who watched the show can tell you that they feel that there were more), but my favorite TV series is "War of Empires" (i will open a thread about it, to discuss its episodes properly), that is still airing. That show was inspired by the episode 10 of season 2 called "Clash of Empires", where shows a war between the Aztec Empire and the Inca Empire, in a world where the Europeans are in a bad shape that they didn't launch expedition forces around the world. Is interesting to see how a war of those superpower could had developed without the European intervention.
Any thoughts on the Destiny Attained episode that featured the aftermath of the 717 Siege of Constantinople and the 732 Battle of Tours going the other way and becoming decisive Islamic victories?
I have an especially soft spot for ‘Patriots & Tyrants’ (You know, that Timeline 191 episode where they showed President of the CSA Gabriel Semmes stamp down on a postwar conspiracy before it became a full-blown coup); It was a fascinating exploration of the curious combination of Constitutional Principle, establishment crookedness and Aristocratic self-confidence that kept the Whigs in power for so long, yet made their downfall almost inevitable (bringing the Confederacy down into the First Circle along with them).

Also, they seriously nailed that cameo by Jake Featherston at the end - one minute he’s just a bit player along with all those other potential heavies for the Sellars Conspiracy, the next minute he’s declaiming like a Mad Prophet and Dixie Hitler reminds us that you can treat the symptoms, but that failing to address the underlying problems just leaves you open to another outbreak …

Seldom has “… and The South will rise again!” sounded so very chilling.
Nobody has given a shoutout to "Decades of Darkness: Restoring Vitality". Daniel Day-Lewis gave a convincing portrayal of Shane Mullins.