DBWI: Superhero comics were more popular

As of late, comic books' popularity has been on the rise. Thousands of thousands of fans all over the world gather to their local comic shop to read about their favorite characters. Of all the genres, noir and historical drama are the most popular.

However, there is one kind of comic that never got popular: superheroes. Although there are some characters with enough readers to justify their existence, like the Spider and the Bat or Fraulein Germany, superhero comics have always been a niche.

Well, I always thought it's a shame, since in my opinion some of those stories are really good. So, my question is: how could superhero comics become more popular?


Have some sort of European (or Western-hemisphere) War happened that took the popular imaginations off the Great Asian War of the 20th century?

Without the gigantic Chinese vs Japanese conflict that color the greater part of the 20th century, or ironically if the very similar kind of war happened in Europe and or North America, there will be fewer stories about Ninja vs Kung-Fu being published, and the resulting boom of Ninja and Kung-Fu comics never happened. Superheroes, for all their greatness, are almost purely western products, mind you.